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Apple 24in iMac (March 2009)


Core i7

You can't expect a Core i7 in the iMac. The iMac uses notebook parts and Intel has not released a mobile variant of the i7 but when they do I would think the Core i5 would be the most likely candidate for the iMac, the i7 is more aimed at workstation class machines.

Woman sues over Vista to XP 'downgrade' charge



Shouldn't she be suing Lenovo then? They're the ones who charged her for a downgrade to Windows XP, not Microsoft.

Also, her total loss is < $60 so what does she expect to get out of this? Some people have a serious lack of common sense.

Student charged after alerting principal to server hack

Thumb Down


This is why I never told the teachers about all of the security holes I found in their systems when I was in high school.

This is exactly the opposite action from what they should have done and it really shows a lack of understanding of IT systems that is pervasive in our society. This kid is charged because he was the one to report the security problem when in fact hundreds of others could have accessed the files and doubtless someone else probably did and DID NOT report it.

In this case it truly is the squeaky wheel that gets blown off the cart with a shotgun blast.

Anti-white-space lobby enlists God, Dolly Parton



They can just switch to legal bluetooth-based mics. It's not as if there is no other option for these lawbreakers ;)

The netbook newbie's guide to Linux


Way Beyond Newbie Level

I really don't think that this article really is suitable for newbies, perhaps people who are new to Linux but can program Windows programs in their sleep? I don't think the average user at the moment even understands how command prompts work, let alone all of the complex instructions offered up here. I certainly wouldn't be giving this guide to my father and tell him to go for it.

As much as I like Linux, the entire OSS movement seems to design everything so that a high level of technical knowledge is necessary to even use the software, it seems like with no motivation to make things stupid-proof (I.E. big corporate paychecks) we don't bother.

Also I really can't fathom some of the comments on this, in my experience with Linux I find I need to keep a terminal window open nearly all the time, to say that the GUI tools allow you to do everything is the exact opposite of my experience. I also use Windows and I would say that my incidence of using the terminal in Windows is probably about once a month, far from nearly constantly like in Linux (Fedora 9 right now).