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Microsoft breaks IE8 interoperability promise

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It's an Effing Beta, Technophobic Whiners...

It makes perfect sense for Microsoft's BETA to be shipped in custom mode, not standards-worshipping mode, because they're wanting to test their experimental technologies, more than the normal stuff.

If you can't understand that, you're not really competent to be commenting on such arcane things. Leave it to the techies.

Another thing you relative net newbies don't realize is that sticking to standards is inferior. You don't remember that, when Netscape had a similar browser dominance, it was in large part because they did NOT stick to standards, but constantly pushed the envelope.

Standards are established by bureaucrats attempting to GUESS what works best. The only way to KNOW what works best is to throw ideas at the real world and let natural selection run its course.

IE is actually maintaining their own dominance, in part, the same way netscape did...by innovating. The people who whine that Microsoft does NOT really innovate are being quite hypocritical when they turn around and complain that Microsoft does not stick purely to bureaucratic standards.

And no, I'm not a Microsoft lackey...I've not only been a web developer since 1995, when most of you guys were barely aware that some internet-thing existed, but have used Linux since 1993, when the kernel was in beta and there wasn't a window manager for X. I use Chrome as my default browser...but this "Microsoft isn't standards-compliant" whining is just pathetic.

Negroponte slams Intel over OLPC competition


Negroponte: Whiner and Hypocrite

So, in essence, Negroponte is demonstrating that HE doesn't actually care about poor third world kids, not that Intel doesn't.

He is actually complaining that Intel is selling below cost...yet who the hell cares WHY Intel is selling below cost, if they are? That just means their product is that much cheaper.

Negroponte's more concerned with his own profit margin, apparently, than the fact that the "below cost" machines are therefore cheaper for third worlders.

He wants prices HIGHER, so he can make a profit.

Yet everyone else is getting sucked in, mainly because of their petty hatred of successful companies like Intel and MS.

Wipe your arse less, suggests Sheryl Crow


Fight Global Warming: Use MORE Paper

What idiots like Crow don't grasp is that what the world isn't as simple a place as their tiny brains make it out to be.

In this case, wood contains carbon. Using wood products not only locks up the carbon, but encourages the growing of MORE trees on tree farms.

Every time you wipe, or use a napkin, you are REDUCING potential carbon dioxide.

She's stupidly confusing the old "save the forests" myth with the new "humans cause increased greenhouse effect" myth. IF we want to reduce greenhouse gasses, we can help do so by cutting (and therefore growing in their place) MORE TREES, not fewer.

Of course Crow probably has this delusion that we need trees to make O2 out of CO2. But, of course, 90% of all O2 production occurs in the oceans. Trees actually consume O2 and produce CO2 at night...and the bacteria between their roots consume produce so much CO2 that it makes up for what little bit the trees consume during the day. The only way trees do ANYTHING regarding greenhouse gasses is that they lock it up in their wood. So the more wood you grow and discard, the more you "reduce" greenhouse gases.


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