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Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet

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Re: Call this a Thinkpad?

At least it's some excuse when I'm found screen-licking.....

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Paris Hilton

I bought one and....

...wish to marginally justify the decision.

I got the 32gb/ 3G version (pen included) for £450from the usual online store suspect. The motivation was to have a repository for lots of pdfs, be able to annotate them avec le pen and not shrink in horror every time my 2 year old bashed the screen playing Monkey Preschool Lunchbox. So large+plastic = durable was over simplistic but worth a punt.

- Having had it for a few weeks, there are a variety of apps that work with the pen (pdf annotations, note takers and drawing packages) which still gets used.

- Battery life is OK with airport mode on & wifi enabled

- The Lenovo 'hack' for quitting applications on the fly is useful because android seems a leeetle flakey with lots of open applications.

- Screen good, lonely wimpy audio speaker rather bad. Microphone is fine.

So I'm happy enough on the whole.

Paris, for the ultimate orifice.

Apple MacBook Pro 15in June 2009 release

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Jobs Halo

What about the previous 2.93 Ghz CPU model...

...surely that is faster- and hotter (35W)? I picked up one of these as a refurb for less than the current 'medium' iteration. Nowhere near the same battery life but decent grunt and 512Mb VRAM in case Snow Leopard actually does manage to divy out work to the graphics processor.

I suppose I could get a spare battery...

Mazda takes RX-8 for a spin on 'hydrogen highway'

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Power = (work done)/time, so kW and bhp both qualify- it's what you do, not the way that you do it. The song was wrong.....

1kw is equivalent to 1.34 imperial bhp.


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