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Judge Dredd smartshell shotguns to hit Iraq in '09

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@Hacker's Challenge

It's not triggered wirelessly. I'm really not sure who started the wirelessly triggered thing, but this one isn't.

Each round has a small microcontroller inside powered by a capacitor. A few milliseconds before firing, the round's capacitor is charged and the microcontroller is given a number to count to before detonation. The microcontroller counts up and then... boom! And, that's about it.

I heard about this from a friend at a microcontroller company some 6 years ago.

Leadtek readies Cell-based video processing card

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Actually, given that it has 128MB RAM onboard, I'm sure it also does 3D tasks decently enough.

What's interesting, is that it's 1x PCIe and barely actively cooled. I bet if they tried they could fit it in an 54mm Expresscard. A slot in GPU for integrated graphics-only laptops?

@Lee Hamer

You'd be absolutely correct if it weren't for the fact that modern GPUs, like CPUs, are now fully programmable (and trust me, this is a very very good thing). The lines between CPUs and GPUs have begun to blur, and in fact Intel is planning on releasing a high performance graphics card based around 32 to 48 in-order x86 processors similar to Atom on a single piece of silicon. Based on the numbers they've given at the last SIGGRAPH conference (a technology conference devoted to graphics) it should actually be able to compete with nVidia and ATi in terms of performance, price and power consumption.

'I can see dinosaurs from my back porch'

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WTF, El Reg...

Beyond the simple fact that she's said many, many times that she's fine with evolution-only and that she's happy with creationism being taught at home, what the HELL are you doing writing about politics now on a fairly regular basis? And with such freaking bias! I have yet to see you run an article about ANY of Obama's many skeletons, yet you keep hammering on Palin's gaffes even when you don't have anything new.

So great one El Reg. Go after Palin, the VP choice of the republican party... while completely ignoring the idiocy of the VP choice of the democrat party. You know, the one that said "you can't go into a convenience store anymore without having a slight indian accent", or that "paying taxes is patriotic", or that he has "three degrees and graduated in the top of his class on a full ride scholarship" when in fact none of his assertions were true.

I mean, Jesus, you'd think you could be a little more "fair" by at least constantly comparing her to Obama like the rest of the press...

Nokia's next-gen Linux-based net tablet to incorporate HSDPA

Jonathan Tate


I purchased by N800 a few months ago. Tethered it to my WiMo phone and suddenly had a decent web browser... and then suddenly a dead WiMo phone. Needless to say, I'd be thrilled if it had built-in 3G.

Did I mention I loath my HTC Apache and it's vomit inducing battery life?

FoxNews commentator Bill O'Reilly's website hacked

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El Reg...

...why don't you stop with the bullshit about McCain not being physically capable of using a damn keyboard already? It isn't funny; it isn't clever. Everyone knows the whole story by now, so just stop it.

And as for the ones that say "I'm missing my arms and I'm writing this comment!"... well good for you, but how many of you are 72 again?

Microsoft dumps hilarious comedy duo

Jonathan Tate
Gates Halo

Aww... it wasn't that bad.

Though the first one was bizarre and kinda boring, I never saw the one in this article on TV. After watching it just now I actually thought it was pretty funny.

US Congress votes for some offshore oil relaxations

Jonathan Tate

Offshore oil relaxation?

Give me a break! 97% of the known offshore reserves are within 50 miles! They're "relaxing" offshore drilling by allowing us to drill in 3% of the known offshore reserves... and by permanently making the rest off limits. How is that relaxation, really?

Furthermore, those punks in congress put out that 480 page bill the night before the planned vote! Nobody has had a chance to fully review it yet to see what sort of crap they packed into the fine print.

I don't have a problem with most democrats. Aside from the infanticide, I don't even have a problem with democratic ideals. But the democratic party is corrupt from the top down.

GM shows off production electric car

Jonathan Tate

Hey Webster...

I'm all for drilling too, but there's nothing wrong with alternative sources of energy. Free market capitalism works best when there's choices. The advantage of electric vehicles is that suddenly the vehicles are decoupled from their energy source. If you want a wind powered car, go for it. Solar, sure. Nuclear, heck yeah!

And, even if you want it to still be gasoline powered it's actually more efficient to use gasoline to power a generator to charge a battery to power an electric motor than to use gasoline to power a gasoline engine.

Cray, Intel, and Microsoft birth baby supercomputer

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I'll only buy one...

...if it has chrome trim and neon blue undercarriage lighting.

Reg readers rage at comment icon outrage

Jonathan Tate
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More like someone didn't let you see the comments that used the black helicopter icon...

Obama: McCain can't email, remembers Rubik's Cubes

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I hate it. For one-on-one communication, what can you do with email that you can't do with a cell phone and voice mail?

Email became popular in a world that only had pagers and 56k modems.

Ten of the Best... iPod rivals

Jonathan Tate

All I have to add is...

I loathed my Sansa e200r. I love my Zune 8gb w/ Zune Pass subscription.

T-Mobile Googlephone to land 'within weeks'

Jonathan Tate


...noun adverb verb adverb adjective. Conjunction noun auxiliary verb verb adjective.

What? I'm just following the same formula as you guys!

3,400 votes vanish from Florida election

Jonathan Tate

@Anonymous Coward

"Regardless of the Florida debacle in 2000, the overall election result was:

Bush 50,456,002 votes (47.9%)

Gore 50,999,897 votes (48.4%)

Result? Bush wins! That's the greatest democracy on earth for you. The entire electoral process is a crock."

John F. Kennedy won in the same way. Except unlike Gore, Nixon didn't challenge it in the courts even though he legally could have.

In both elections, the winner carried the electoral vote majority, which is all that matters in the American presidential election. Read up on our electoral process before blasting it, will ya?

MSI touts 'first' mobo for Intel Core i7

Jonathan Tate
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Big numbers!

1x 6-core 4GHz Nehalem, 3x 48-core 2.5GHz Larrabee cards. 150 cores in a single box collectively executing a peak of 816 billion x86 instructions each second.

I sure hope the supercomputing clusters of these things decide they like us puny humans...

Jeery Jerry loves Vista, y'know

Jonathan Tate

Vista is fine.

It's funny how some 10 years after MS were accused of spreading baseless fear uncertainty and doubt about their competitors, now idiots world-wide are spreading FUD of their own about MS's first well-written software product, Vista.

Seriously, though, Vista is fine if you'd give it a freakin' chance... and I don't mean installing it, running it for 2 days and then deciding XP is superior because you couldn't find the damn "add-remove programs" control panel menu item.

I've been using it exclusively for a year after I got my laptop and I swear, for every damn complaint you folks have about Vista I have 3 with XP. The /only/ thing you like more is that you know what issues to expect with XP.

Intel lets slip first dual-core Atom

Jonathan Tate

AMD? ARM? Nope.

With 4 logical cores I imagine it'd work fine for video decoding/encoding. Just don't picture this thing on your desktop -- imagine it in a small plastic case about the size of the Wii underneath your TV.

Now to the AMD folks, that Athlon 64 2000+ is 3x the die space of the Atom they compared it to. As such the Atom should cost significantly less per chip. Given Intel's choice of such a chipset, price is probably a higher priority than performance /or/ power consumption. Nevertheless, AMD should be applauded for the 2000+. If they can produce it cheaply and still make a profit they might be able to compete with the Atom with it in some of the same markets.

As for the comment about ARM, I don't think they're who they're targeting. ARM doesn't sell processors, they license intellectual property that other manufacturers can integrate into their own chip designs. Obviously that puts Intel's Atom in an entirely different category, at least until they start integrating full wireless chipsets or selling Atoms custom ordered with areas that folks like Qualcomm can fit their own IP into.

No, Atom was designed to be a cheap x86 from the ground up, with power as a close second in terms of priority. It isn't meant to compete with ARM or AMD, but with VIA.

Googlephone is coming soon

Jonathan Tate

Can't wait...

...to replace my damn HTC Apache!

Apple tops customer satisfaction poll as rivals' ratings slide

Jonathan Tate


The only thing I'm dissatisfied about with my Dell Inspiron 1420 is the fscking Nvidia 8400m time bomb garbage. Other than that, the customer service has been spot on every time I've called or used the service chat service.

Though, I paid for the best service plan they had available which makes me wonder this: how many of the PC users paid for an extended service plan compared to the Apple users? I'd be willing to bet that played some (possibly minor?) part in the overall satisfaction score as Apple users seem to be more willing to shell out for the add-ons.

A third of Vista PCs downgraded to XP

Jonathan Tate


As a computer engineering student I find it depressing how many armchair OS kernel designers there are here...

And as for the UI, I have yet to hear an argument that it's "bad" that isn't correctable by way of either UI configuration or "user (re)configuration". Ever heard of the acronym PEBKAC?

NASA to brief on manned spaceship 'concerns'

Jonathan Tate

@humble pie and FUD

What's with all the hate for America and Americans these days?

Intel to brand next-gen CPUs 'Core i7'

Jonathan Tate

@John Sanders

It's called Larrabee, but unfortunately for you it'll be in the same form factor, produce the same amount of heat and consume the same amount of power as the other "insanely hot VGA cards".

As for the 'i' prefix thing, technically they had it before Apple. i386, ia-32, ia-64, etc.

'Carbon neutral' Dell's wind-blowing pays off

Jonathan Tate

A rolling of the eyes are in order

Eugh. If I'd known Michael Dell was pushing this crap I might not have purchased an Inspiron 1420 last year. I'm all for less pollution, but this greentard bandwagon has got to stop.

Flame because I, as a conservative, obviously want the planet to burn.

Suprise at spelling snafu sanctions

Jonathan Tate

Wow. Just wow.

As an American, when the English forget how the language is supposed to work we're all screwed. As absolutely hilarious as this article and following comments are, there is something deeply troubling about it.

This is further proof that I am one of the very few people left that take pride in his written language. I always write properly -- even in instant messages and notes to myself.

Oh, and I (and perhaps most Americans) don't pronounce "they're" the same as "there" and "their", rather, a little like a (much less exaggerated) "they-urr".

Flames because my god, that guy needs to feel them.

Micron debuts SSD duo

Jonathan Tate

SSD vs. rotating mass storage

Unless this thing is cheaper, I'd still rather just add another 80MB/sec Raptor to my array.

Mines the one with the dollah billz falling out of the pockets (not really).

AMD's Fusion details break from containment

Jonathan Tate

Larrabee. Larrabee! *LARRABEE!!!*

Seeing as I'm turning out to be the resident Larrabee fanboy I just figured it'd be appropriate.

Exclamation point because LARRABEE!! LARRABEEEE!!!

Nvidia waves goodbye to chipsets?

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Nvidia already worked out a deal to license SLi for Intel's higher-end Nehalem boards.

I say good riddance. Now Intel can do whatever crazy changes they like to the processor-chipset path (hopefully outright removing it) without anyone calling foul and starting lawsuits.

EA preps video game PCs

Jonathan Tate

@David Webb

Wow. That game defines simultaneously defined new levels of pain, irritation, and the word "grind".

I played that game for a few months with a bunch of my friends. Worked on my red mage for a while until I unlocked one of the other classes. I can't remember which for sure, but I think it was paladin. Played with it and got to Surabaruta (or whatever that beachy area was with all the goblins). We quit when one of my friends that had unlocked dark knight was asked by the only group we could find to tank.

And that's why I don't play FFXI.

I liked the multilingual servers and the language-independent communication. I LOVED the fighting system with its' chains. I loved the FF-y environment. But I HATED the fact that there was no way to solo and even grey enemies that give no experience could hand your ass to you unless in a group, the crafting system was "for pretend", and everything was literally hours of walking apart with no means of transportation aside from the ludicrously expensive (and yet still slow) chocobos and impossibly expensive airships. At least with real jobs you get paid for the time you waste.

Hell, even Everquest had free boats (unless you started in Luclin, which was why I quit after exactly one week). Anarchy Online (my second generation MMO of choice) one upped all that with instantaneous transporters.

The PSP: what's its future?

Jonathan Tate


I would like to see... PSP2 announced E3 2009 for release in early/mid 2010.

Mobile Larrabee-based CPU/GPU

200-dpi multitouch 4-5" screen

Linux-friendly, Windows for UMPC-friendly

On-the-fly swap between guest OS and game OS

Standard Playstation controls with d-pad, 4 face buttons, two analog nubs, four triggers

PSP emulation

Internal 32/64/128GB flash memory for OS/games

SD card slot

Games available exclusively through digital download

With multi-touch a physical keyboard isn't /really/ necessary. QWERTY still sucks even with multi-touch, though, so it might have to be a different layout that's easier for the software to correct mistakes with.

Might need the Playstation controls to be smaller than have been in the past so that the screen is accessible by thumbs.

The FDRs of Green explain the gentle art of planet saving

Jonathan Tate

@Jim Coe

Economics is not a zero-sum game.

Western Digital shrinks VelociRaptors for enterprise duty

Jonathan Tate

Just like to mention...

...thank you for that chart. Made my day.

Texas Memory Systems makes mighty big RAM SSD

Jonathan Tate
IT Angle

"Half as much"?

Is that proper British English for saying "50% more"? I'm American so I'm not actually sure -- on our side of the pond we'd interpret it to be the same as "50% less" or just "half".

Brits more hooked on mobile tech than Yanks are

Jonathan Tate

View from a yank

1. We don't get free incoming calls without spending over $100/month per line. That is most definitely considered a premium feature and is generally only advertised towards the business folk.

2. When I lived in Arizona (our 8th largest state), local calling was the entire 245,000 square kilometer region. We could call anywhere in it for as long as we wanted with our $20/month phone lines. (if you round the numbers, the UK is the same in terms of area)

3. My EvDO handset beats out most other HSDPA phones I've seen when tethered to a PC. I don't expect that trend to continue, however, but it's worth noting.

4. When you aren't talking about international travel, there is no clear advantage to either GSM and derivatives or CDMA and derivatives, other than the phone offerings and mobile operators. I personally will probably end up getting a 3G GSM phone when T-Mobile (Deutsche Telecom) finally finishes the 3G rollout as I'd like to be able to travel.

5. I'm curious about who it is they were talking to. I've yet to meet anyone at university that doesn't have a cell phone, or know how to text.

6. Also, I find text messaging to be abhorrent. Why waste the money texting when instead we can just talk via IM for free? Most decent phones have that capability now, after all. (granted, I don't have a text messaging plan, so it costs $0.35/message to send AND receive)

7. As for the TV thing, remember that we have always received our local stuff for free. Quality varies based on where you are of course but many areas get some really nice channels. Some places even get local 24hr news channels, and I imagine that'll become more prevalent with the additional bandwidth available due to the off-air digital broadcast switchover.

What's the transistors-on-a-chip record?

Jonathan Tate

Yeah, that seems to be about it.

I was going to mention the nVidia 280GTX or Intel's quad core Penryn, but they're only ~1 billion and ~0.9 billion (when you count both die within the package) respectively.

What's scary about it is that those 2 billion transistors are fabbed with the 65nm process, not 45nm. That chip has got to be HUGE! It probably wouldn't be able to fit in a LGA socket even if they tried.

Nvidia concedes SLI for Nehalem chips

Jonathan Tate

Matrix RAID and SLI... yayyy.

This makes me happy. Intel RAID and Nvidia SLI for all! Now if only I had the money to upgrade this fall/winter...

Smiley, 'cos I couldn't think of anything funny to say about Paris.

iPhone 3G to lure pre-payers to contracts - survey

Jonathan Tate

I thought competition was supposed to work in our favor...

Come on, Microsoft. Where's Aero Mobile? Windows CE 5 is proven and more than capable. Just give us a graphics accelerated thumb friendly front end and a web browser that shames Safari already.

I swear, I miss when companies went overkill to outdo their competition. I'm just so sick of this "the least we can do" approach that most are taking now (see Nintendo and their slightly-faster-Gamecube-with-accelerometers).

Mine's the depressed looking one saddened by the lack of willingness to compete.

Pioneer proudly pitches 400GB Blu-ray optical disc

Jonathan Tate
Paris Hilton

Cheap storage medium for 10KB Word files?

No dirt cheap medium? Here in the states I can run down to the Staples across the street and buy a 1GB USB stick for $5 or less (£2.53, according to Google). Are you telling me you guys in the UK can't do the same?

Paris, 'cause both she and I really don't know about the pricing of flash memory internationally.

Gamers love in-game ads, ad industry-sponsored survey reveals

Jonathan Tate
Paris Hilton

(untitled) (take that, title-requiring-comment-system!)

I can see ads in GTA. I can see ads in racing games. I can see ads in a game that takes place 200 years in the future, as long as those ads look like they're 200 years old.

Here's an idea, how about putting the ads on... loading screens! I doubt that things like "This multiplayer server has been brought to you by... Intel. The power to do more! Enjoy!" would bother people that much as long as they're completely unobtrusive to gameplay.

The thing that pissed me off was when I played Crackdown last year in single player and saw advertisements for freaking Dodge SUVs. I don't think it'd irritate me quite so much if they were futuristic looking SUVs but they weren't. Or if the police SUV were Dodge branded, that'd be fine too (in fact, I'd probably drive around saying "I'M THE JUGGERNAUT").

Paris, for thinking for a moment that SUVs have a future.

Mole uncovers Toshiba's DVD upscaling plans

Jonathan Tate
Paris Hilton

What a shame.

They could have done something much more interesting with dirt cheap 9GB dual layer DVDs and H.264.

Paris because I'd never want to see her in real high definition.

Toshiba demos Cell-equipped HDTV

Jonathan Tate

>so old hat

Old hat? Previous years tech used standard definition stuff at an order of magnitude lower bandwidth. It's still kind of a big thing, though admittedly not as much as it was.

NXP (the semiconductor spin off of Philips) just showed off a new processor at CES 2008 called the PNX5100. Each PNX5100 has 3 Trimedia 5-way 32-bit VLIW processor cores running at 350MHz. Assuming that it has 5 independent floating point multiply-accumulators inside, that's 3.5 GFLOPS peak (2 operations x 350MHz x 5-way VLIW).

For comparison, each SPE in a Cell runs at 3.2GHz and performs 4-way SIMD floating point operations. What that means is that every single cycle it can execute 8 floating point operations. That's 25.6 GFLOPS peak (2 operations x 3.2GHz x 4-way SIMD).

In short, a single SPE has just over 7x the performance of a single Trimedia processor core, and a single Cell has 8 of them.

In truth, Cell is totally overkill for this and they're probably only using it out of convenience since they just purchased Sony's Cell fabrication department. In the long run, Toshiba will likely end up using their SpursEngine with only 3 to 4 SPEs operating at somewhere between 1.5 and 2GHz, which at the low end will still be just about 4 times more floating point performance compared to the next generation NXP media processors.

Xbox 360 wrests US sales lead from Wii

Jonathan Tate

Selling at a loss?

I was under the impression that each premium 360 made somewhere around US$200 for Microsoft.

Apple sells one in six US laptops

Jonathan Tate

It totally is FUD.

@Anonymous: You can disable the application cache and Aero. If you think it looks ugly and makes your computer circa 1999 run poorly, turn them off.

@Paul: Okay, well Safari is insecure. There, I made a barely substantiated statement. Happy?

@Matthew: Blaming Microsoft for including the protected video path in Vista simply isn't fair. It's not like they had any other choice if users wanted to watch Bluray or HD-DVD movies legally, something that Linux and OS X users will be missing out on.


@David Austin: Your Dell account manager is a total moron. The only snag here is the processor, which if you really feel is absolutely necessary, you can select the cheapest processor and then purchase the 2.4GHz processor from a third party and have an official Dell technician install it for you (though if you're intelligent, you can install it yourself because as long as you don't botch it, it doesn't violate your warranty).

Here's the specs of a similar machine I just picked out for you:

2.2GHz Core 2 Duo

Same amount of memory

Same hard disk

Same optical drive capabilities

Same size display, with a 2 megapixel webcam

Same graphics chipset

Microsoft Windows Vista Business edition

Microsoft Office Professional 2007

Dell Wireless-N card

- and -

3 year warranty with accidental damage protection. Yes, you can intentionally drop this thing on concrete from 4 feet and Dell will fully cover it for 3 years from the shipping date.

Guess how much it cost? $2493. For reference, with only a 90 day support and 1 year warranty, your 2.4GHz Macbook Pro costs $2649. For a more direct comparison, a 2.2GHz Macbook Pro with the extended warranty costs $2573, but doesn't cover accidental damage.

And if you do what I suggested as far as buying the 2.4GHz separately, it'd be around $2770 with the processor from Newegg.com -- still a great deal if you consider that your 2.4GHz Macbook Pro with the extended warranty costs $2998 and doesn't cover accidental damage. Don't believe me on that? Directly from the fine print:

"b. Limitations The Plan does not cover: ... (ii) Damage to the Covered Equipment caused by accident, abuse, neglect, misuse"

Oh yeah, and you can install XP or Linux on it, or if you're adventurous, you could probably even install OS X, but why on earth would you want to do that?


Macs are more secure: official

Jonathan Tate

I would love to do see skit with a really brawny midget.

"Hi, I'm a Mac."

"And I'm an HTPC."

"Uhh, HTPC?"

"Yeah, you know, a Home Theater PC."

"You mean like Apple TV?"

"...No. More like a water cooled and overclocked quad core monster with the latest graphics card in a case that occupies less than 2 cubic feet and cost about as much as your friend, the 20-inch iMac."

"Well... we have Apple TV."

And for the record, my PCs have never had a single virus or worm on them. Know why? I'm not a frickin' moron, that's why! I keep Windows updated, use Firefox, and refuse all emails with executable attachments! If you can't do even that, you'll probably also end up being tricked by some "nigerian refugee with 50 million in a safe deposit box".

PC or not PC? Ten desktops on test

Jonathan Tate

I don't play with my food, nor will I tolerate working with it.

Wait, wait, you're suggesting people actually use OSX as a server operating system? That seems... awkward. Given their long running ad campaign I would have thought that it was utilized solely by the hip and youthful intent on doing nothing productive except making photo albums, flower arrangements and home videos.

And I agree -- mice with a minimal number of buttons are idiotic for the simple fact that I don't have a minimal number of fingers.

Five things Sony needs to do save the PS3

Jonathan Tate

Nintendosoft Threesixwii

What I don't get, is why people keep pointing to the Wii's success and make the claim that the 360 is failing like the PS3. The 360 has a specific audience, while the Wii has a much broader audience. I mean, I really don't believe there are too many people who would have purchased a 360 but opted for a Wii instead, especially with how cheap the Wii is.

Additionally, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the 360 the ONLY console on the market that *doesn't* sell the system at a loss? Unlike Nintendo or Sony, Microsoft are making a profit when a system sells, when a game sells, and when a licensed accessory sells (of which there are many). Given that one fact, I would think that they're the ones "winning" and likely will be until Nintendo start making money off the Wii itself. There aren't many must-have accessories for the Wii, and I'm cynically betting that third party developers will quickly get bored of trying to keep up with the quality of the few first party releases, as is usual for recent Nintendo systems. This especially with the relatively low game sales for the system due to the budget-minded target audience.

Apple patches more than a dozen holes in OS X

Jonathan Tate

Simple rules

Life has a few simple rules you have to follow if you don't want to be taken advantage of. You know the ones: don't drink from opened bottles, don't pull out your wallet while talking to someone you don't know on the street, etc.

Like life, there are a few simple rules to having a secure Windows box:

1) Don't run Internet Explorer.

2) Don't run Outlook.

3) Always keep Windows up to date.

4) Don't run stuff you don't trust.

I'm sure you *NIX savvy folks could come up with a list of dos and don'ts, too.

But as for MacOS, can you name anything that a common user (barely able to send an email) could have done to negate the threats described in this article? Security through obscurity only works as long as MacOS itself is obscure. Just be glad that these holes were found by someone with morals.

Honestly, if you think Windows users are ignorant and susceptible, just you see what will happen to Grandma when that "Apple computer credit card confirmation request" window pops up while she's watching a short video of her grandkids on her brand new "friendly and secure" iMac. At least with a "notoriously insecure" PC she might have called up a more knowledgable family member before completely filling out the form...

Fujitsu claims 'world's smallest Vista PC' title

Jonathan Tate

I miss my Psion!

I guess I'm a bit of a rarity -- I'm from the US and I went through 6 of my 12 years of government-sponsored education with either a Psion Series 3c or a Psion Series 5 in hand. I loved that little machine, so amen to that, Arnold. I would love to have a color S5 capable of running Vista and Office (and finally giving me a real word processor to use that killer keyboard with)!

AMD's 'R600' benchmarked on web

Jonathan Tate

Two things.

1) 320-bit bus for the nVidia card.

2) I, for one, would like to know what the Half-life 2 results were, however "unexpected" they were.