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Allowlist, not whitelist. Blocklist, not blacklist. Goodbye, wtf. Microsoft scans Chromium code, lops off offensive words


man pages!!

man pages -- > triggered!!!! grrrrr

lscpu --> this CPU is "littleEndian"!!!! Outrage

Photon scattering puts a shine on CERN ATLAS boffins' day


Ruddy hell. I went to the CERN Open Day a few years ago, promised that I would brush upon my physics and I still don't understand much of this apart from...

* the universe is big, very big.

* made up of stuff that is small, very small

* and it's moving fast (i think)

Cloud eye for the sysadmin guy: Get tooled up proper, like


Re: Hands on?

This. And pluralsight or Linux Academy. Even youtube ;-)

Plus AWS and GCE normally have a free period of a year in which you can play around in.

Linux Academy even have "AWS Labs", in which you use short-lived AWS instances. A couple of hours to practice what you learnt in the courses.

BAN SMUT, rage MEPs: Purpose of internet must be EXTERMINATED


What about Victorian furniture leg p0rn? All those tales and chairs. *shudder*

Intel's new TV box to point creepy spy camera at YOUR FACE


Re: Oh, Intel!

Call it the BigBruva v

Life after Cisco: I've got 99 problems but a switch ain't one


Re: The best headline...

I just love these headlines.

India gets paranoid about foreign tech


Re: Half the country's populace lives in abject poverty...

Wow! That's harsh.

Wanna really insult someone? Log off and yell it in the street - gov


Re: How about posting a video of someone standing in a street and dishing out insults?

your mum. In the nicest possible way.

UK.gov biz department wonders if Twitter is worth the effort

Thumb Down


"..or at least, middle class, white ones that pay their taxes..." Since when does colour or class come into this?

Symbian aims to baffle embrace community


Has any one tried the Ovi store?

Don't bother. Got an iPhone via work last week and it's just too easy to find and install apps. Ovi store doesn't come close. Plus, web browsing on my phone is just too sloooooooooow Zzzzz

Google stalks your social circle


thing that gets me is...

...we are social animals and nothing beats real life, RL, meatspace or what ever you want to call it. Deep down inside we must all know this. Nothing beats talking to a friend face to face, even though it may be raining and the bus is taking ages to get home because you are stuck in traffic.

When was the last time you ever said to a friend "that was a great tweet, blog post, yada yada"?

Why are we so fascinated with on-line ghosts?

Notorious phone phreaker gets 11 years for swatting


Was right to a phree call waived?

Police: "you are under arrest! Anything you say, blah, blah".

Hacker : "I want to call my lawyer"

Police: "What, on a phone? PMSL. LOLZ"

Twitter would have stopped Rwandan genocide, claims PM



What planet is he on? Oh yeah, Wesministeria. Nothing to do with planet Earth.

- Iran has oil (hurrah) + nukes (scary) .

-Rwanda has mineral resources (hurrah) and loads of Africans (meh).

Engineers are troublesome 'expert loners', says prof


who cares?

So techies are loners? What are they supposed to do - hangout on face book? Wanna know why my "friends" are on irc and I hang out with them? 'cos no one in Real Life knows/cares what I am thinking about or will appreciate the hurdles I jump to get stuff __done__.

Some techies smell, others fear sunlight but most are normal people that have (shudder) social lives, friends and families.

If this guy is a Prof then I am a CEO of a major start-up.

Russian porn starlet brands DD jubs


just look at her

/* slurp */ anyway 500k is a good deal for a p09n star. I wonder what happens when she's "acting" in adult movies? Would the logos be blurred out?

make -j5 love

Fedora 11 leaps into filesystem unknown


ruby still at 1.8.x

stable version is supposed to be 1.9x. Apart from that . meh.

Yahoo! shuts! failed! social! networking! site!!


Who? What?

Oh yeah, Yahoo. Them. Uh...

Police vet live music, DJs for 'terror risk'


Big bruva massive

Hear me nowwwwwww! Brat-brat-tat-tat-tat in a CCTV, bogus authority, big bruvvaaa stylleeeeeee!!

What's next for the artist? Submitting DNA before you write or sing your next song, "just in case Al-kayaeeeeda could use your rhymes for terrorist progaganda"?

I mean FFS. I used to take the piss out of Eastern Block Nations with authorities this silly but in the UK?

Big Daddy MC Lyrical Black Geeza and the Crew, Terrorists?

This really can't be true. If it -is- then the law and all that make it are asses.

Yeah, yah get me innit,

check the rhyme - Jihhad innit?

'cos I'm MC Al-Kayeeeda

and I'm the one the ladies neeeeda!

Mandelson's dept mulls UK internet power grab


Does Lord Mandy approved this article?

* user hits send

Thank you. Your coment has been read and approved by Her Majesty's Government. You will now be asked to provide your National Insurance Number and tax code. This is in order to allow us to post the comment that you have made to the approproate third party.

* user sends email

It looks as if you are trying to send an email to a third party without it being vetted by the Govt. This is to ensure that your email will not be hijacked by terrorists or does not contain material which may be considered to be offensive by the Govt.

Wacky Jacqui's yoof ID site goes silent


I wonder what the answer machine sounds like

... at the Home Office...

"please leave a message. you can say what you like cos no one will listen!"

Das überdatabase: Inside Wacky Jacqui's motherbrain


the good news

- If this is based on MS SQL then the jihadi massive have nothing to fear as the system won't work

- If the system(s) are reliant on using under-paid, poorly trained, over worked staff and agency staff then the jihadi massive ... won't work

- If anything has to go in the post...won't work

- call centers won't have to "record your call for training purposes" cos some one else will

- the entire population of <insert large Muslim community here> will melt the system every time it's Muhammad's birthday

But seriously I can see the future;

- no doubt that the yanks will bully the gov't for the data and the UK yield to the yanks. special relationship, uk bends over <insert major crisis around the corner>

- the yanks will probably demand that all eu nations have a silly system like this

- the next step will be an integrated, international system

- the next step will be a simple way to search for relevant information