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Fedora 11 beta bares chest to all-comers

Dominik Mierzejewski


> Fedora 11 will also have the MiniGW compiler environment, which allows

> C, C++, Fortran, OCaml, Objective C, and Objective C++ applications intended

> to be compiled for Windows operating systems to be done within the confines

> of Windows.

It's called "MinGW".

Windows 7 UAC flaw silently elevates malware access

Dominik Mierzejewski

Why not just make the initial user account unprivileged?

In my limited testing, working as a regular unprivileged user is pretty smooth. When I want to do an administrative task, UAC asks me for Administrator password. I don't understand why that can't be the default.

FSF throws sueball at Cisco

Dominik Mierzejewski
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Copyright infringement it is

Actually, while I don't remember GPL being tested in a US court, another free software license was tested and has so far prevailed. I'm talking about the Robert Jacobsen vs. Kamind Associates case:



I'm sure the SFLC lawyers will be citing the Court of Appeals decision.

Rock-solid Fedora 10 brings salvation to Ubuntu weary

Dominik Mierzejewski

nVidia proprietary drivers

(...) Fedora 10 includes the latest stable version of X.Org, which means no more support for proprietary nVidia drivers.

That's not true. nVidia drivers repackaged by RPMFusion project are reported to work just fine. See http://rpmfusion.org/ for more details.

Fedora 10 debuts with nips, tucks

Dominik Mierzejewski

Great job

This is shaping up to be the best Fedora release so far. A big "thank you" to all contributors.

Zoombak Universal portable A-GPS locator

Dominik Mierzejewski

Zombie locator

I haven't watched any zombie movies lately, but when I first read the title of the article, I thought: "Huh, what? A zombie locator? That's pretty cool."

Mine's the one with a decaying severed hand sticking out of the pocket.

The netbook newbie's guide to Linux

Dominik Mierzejewski

A little nitpick

> sudo yum list | grep man

This can be replaced with a more effective:

sudo yum list man\*

Italy, Poland threaten veto on EU green package

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> Polish Foreign Minister Radek Sikorksi took a similar line, [...]

It's "Sikorski".

We have to get some concessions, because our energy is produced mostly from coal, unlike in any other European country. Yes, it's a consequence of the combination of natural resource (un)availability, fear of nuclear power (hence no nuclear power facilities) and the long years of communist regime. And our idiot president has agreed to the green package earlier, so we have to deal with that somehow.

Black helicopters, because you can't call the president "an idiot" in this country anymore...