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Final Hubble spacewalk done and dusted


@Tom Cooke

Oh come on Tom, all of the Judaic religions (and the vast majority of the others) exist in tiny, petty universes ruled over by tiny, petty personalities they call gods. The abilities of actual humans, whether agnostic, Catholic, Bhuddist, Baptist, Jain or whatever, has no bearing whatsoever on the veracity of religious scriptures and teachings.

I'm not sure what to make of the nonsense on evidence - we actually do have a pretty good idea as to how the brain interprets data from our senses, and our knowledge in this arena grows by the day. How this " remains a valid critique of reductionism" is beyond me! It just isn't!

What part of 'Causality' don't you get? A photon hits a receptor in the eye - which causes a chemical reaction, which triggers a pulse of activity in the optic nerve, which fires a cascade of neurons in the visual cortex, which... which... which... There is no reason, nor any need, to suppose any woo-woo supernatural intervention in the process of cognition.

You may not like it, for whatever reason, but the world really is just exactly what we would expect it to be, if the supernatural, gods, devils, spirits, ghosts, jinns, angels etc actually don't exist - and never have.

Ultimately, all we really know of the world has come from rational, evidential observation. The supernatural aspects of religion have contributed exactly squat to the sum of our knowledge of the world.

That's just the way it is....

Anyway, the ST has been released, and hopefully will soon be back in action! Hooray!!! :-)


@Tom Cooke

I'm sorry Tom, but John's comment is perfectly justified with your opening line

"The truth about the universe is far more extraordinary even than the remarkable things we are discovering about it through science"

What evidence do you have to support this assertion?

Yes, that embarrasing word "Evidence"!!

How can you define truth if not through evidence? Divine revelation? Voices in your head? Someone said so?


Oh, and Tom, John was referring to Religion - not writers - why the skew, I wonder?

On topic, I'm hoping the ST will last much longer than 5 years, and will provide even greater insights into the Universe than we have had up to now!

NASA's CO2-scan sat set to launch


It has launched! - alas, unsuccessfully :-(

The rocket blasted-off OK, but the fairing failed to detach correctly, NASA "http://www.nasaspaceflight.com/2009/02/orbitals-taurus-xl-launch-orbiting-carbon-observatory/" says:

"However, the mission was deemed as a failure during or slightly after third stage flight, after it was noted the fairing failed to separate as required."

NASA goes for Hubble back-up boot-up


Final servicing date?

El Reg says

"... the space shuttle Atlantis mission STS-125 - the final servicing trip to Hubble - has already been knocked back to next year."

Really? Has it?

Not according to NASA!



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