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Porn breath tests for PCs heralds 'stop and scan'

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Our company has all machines set to not boot from CD. The BIOS is password protected and employees (other than IT Security) do not know the password. When the machine is running the employees also only have access to their own user space. USB is also disabled. Would these employees through their inability to co-operate with Border Security automatically be labelled as terrorists and given the full once over?

Google frees Android from code of secrecy



I think Dick Emery needs to appreciate what the vast majority of people want a phone for and that is to make phone calls and send texts! Features such as PC syncing and Exchange support are only needed by a tiny minority of people. So a phone that makes phone calls is 'pretty much useless'!

Surely the other point is that this is only the first release of a device using the open Android platform. Other manufacturers can release a phone (and I'm sure they will) that contains all of these features and more. Would you judge all Windows Mobile phones by the very first device released?

Microsoft seeds second comms server release

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re: Who wants this crap

In answer to who wants this crap a large number of CIO's unfortunately! It seems that Microsoft always have a queue of willing victims who will pony up large amounts of cash for the latest dross released from Redmond regardless of whether their business needs or will benefit from its new "features". The usual rules of cost benefit analysis etc just don't seem to apply when firms purchase software from Microsoft. The fact that almost everything that Microsoft sells can be done with cheaper and in most cases better alternatives never seems to be considered.


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