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Two Corsair SSDs destroyed thanks to faulty PSU from Maplin

Geoffrey Thomas

psu tester?

Easy to be wise after the event, I know, but for a few quid it's worth investing in a plug-in tester for new psu's, even good quality makes. I always check electrolytics in any project before soldering them in. Having said that, there's not much I would buy from Maplin these days, I bought a lot back in the 70's.

Advanced threats and the human factor

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Re: Security lesson

Give her a user a/c ffs.

Phished IT bod opens door to 40,000 finance folks' personal details

Geoffrey Thomas

Perhaps they should change the name

Chartered Institute for Insecurities and Investment

Hardcore creationist finds 60-million-year-old fossils in backyard ... 'No, it hasn’t changed my mind about the Bible'

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Inquiring minds want to know

why Noah didn't take the dinosaurs on the ark, the bastard......

Snowden scandal latest: NSA, GCHQ lingo-spies replaced by unstoppable RHINEHART robots

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Re: "The primary purpose of the software is to pick out keywords in recorded conversations"

Was it Norbert the nark doing the interrogation? He's hot on "tea".

Accused Aussie game hacker flees to Europe ahead of trial

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Re: Plus Ca Change....

Air gaps would be nice for military stuff.

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Plus Ca Change....

"The FBI alleged a group of five hackers based in the US, Canada and Australia had stolen intellectual property worth $100 million-$200m, including unreleased video games, design specifications for Microsoft’s new Xbox console and the US army’s simulation software for the Apache helicopter."

How reassuring, in these insecure times, to see that Microsoft and the us military have their systems bolted down tight against intrusion.

'Just follow the damn Constitution!' FBI, DoJ skewered over demands for crypto backdoors

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Thumb Up

Good that R. Chaffetz got Hess to state publically about mobile phone tracking and not keeping it private.

Here's why the Pentagon is publishing its cyber-warfare rulebook – if China hasn't already hacked in and read it

Geoffrey Thomas

Meanwhile last October at the Kremlin....

Lickspittle : We have done it, we have accessed comrade Obama's email

Putin : Stop there, he is not comrade. He is capitalist running dog or CRD for short.

Lickspittle : Da, we have accessed CRD Obama's email account...

Putin : Good, what is he saying?

Lickspittle : Here is email to Hillary Cleenton, it say forget Vlad he is irrelevant shortarse pretending to be rodeo rider...

Putin : American bastard, send email from Obama to Kim Jong Un for next April 1st, wish him happy birthday....

Lickspittle : Hee-hee.....

Putin : Hee-hee.....

Fukushima nuke plant owner told to upgrade from Windows XP

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Re: Chernobyl fallout

I was merely stating a fact, one consequence of the accident situated far away from ground zero. Why it should attract a downvote is beyong me.

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Chernobyl fallout

It's only fairly recently that Snowdonia's farmers have been allowed to resume selling their sheep for human consumption. Radiation levels were high in the area following the accident due to the high rainfall there.

Hacker catches Apple's Lightning in a jailbroken bottle

Geoffrey Thomas

"I wish I knew how they worked"

Small ic in the mini connector that plugs into the m/c which has different s/w for each iteration. Be interesting to see how long your Belkin cable survives, unless they're paying Apple under some sort of licence.

Hackers break the bank to the tune of $300 MEEELLION

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"Time for the banks to go back to no terminals for dumb staff?

UK Scouts database 'flaws' raise concerns

Geoffrey Thomas

Wrong data

"I selected myself as a Rear Admiral".

Highly suspicious- sea scout freudian slip?

It's 2015 and ATMs don't know when a daughterboard is breaking them

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Contactless crap

HSBC sent my wife a replacement bonk card, immediately phoned up and said we don't want it and cancel the one you're about to send me and send two normal cards, please. Surprisingly easy, new non-bonk cards in the post within a few days. Very rarely am I amazed, these days.....

Hide your Macs, iPhones and iPads: WireLurker nasty 'heralds new era'

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"Bit like buying bootleg DVDs or a hair dryer at the back ot a pub that fell off a lorry"

Big lorry!

Gay hero super-boffin Turing 'may have been murdered by MI5'

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Re: Security Risks

Quite so, and you will notice that the Queen's cousin -a notable queen himself, was a member of the group of 5 in that spying conspiracy. And what did they do to Sir Anthony Blunt? Well, strip him of his knighthood of course ( I bet he enjoyed it). You're the queen's cousin, luv, you'll get away with a smack on the wrist(ooooh!).

At the time, the venerable Peter Cook was appearing on a chat show and recalled a memorable faux-pas of his, he related " I felt a right Sir Anthony".

I rest my case.

Scareware mongers hitch free ride on Microsoft.com and others

Geoffrey Thomas


"When will they ever be caught and dealt with on live TV?"

The XSS Factor?