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Anonymous vows to attack Federal Reserve

Matthew North


http://www.zug.com/pranks/powerbook/ - still one of my favourite things ever.

Google drops cash on soothsayers

Matthew North

I wonder...

.. if Google will weather the collapse of civilisation and steer mankind's destiny from their hidden complex? Or maybe they'll just come up with really hot tips for the bookies instead..

UK.gov and UK.biz pour £60m into IT skills gap

Matthew North

@Thomas Baker

I think I'm in a good position to comment here seeing as I'm stuck in an awkward spot.. I've just taken my first MCP and passed, and it seemed (to me, anyway) to have some sensible questions in it (70-271, Supporting users & troubleshooting XP.) I'm trying to get into a decent career but wherever I look I see ads for courses that cost a ton and promise the moon on a stick; the exam cost my employer £88! I'm happy where I am, learning to muck around with servers, network infrastructure and all the fun stuff, but I'm looking for meaningful qualifications that will actually count for something, instead of coming across as just another guy who's done an MCSE but doesn't actually know how to configure a TCP/IP connection. Can anyone recommend a good way of doing this? I'm aiming for getting certs as I actually learn about the subject matter by doing hands-on work, but am definitely open to suggestions.

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