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AT&T jettisons the last of its Usenet


Another politico moron

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is a headline grabbing moron of the highest quality. Like getting rid of the groups are going to get rid of those posting. All he’s done is to drive them into hiding and make the actual job of catching these perverts more difficult. But then when have we heard of any Ags doing anything these days that doesn’t generate them big headlines so they can further their political careers.

FTC to referee net neut 'Dystopian nightmare' feud

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Easy going for the FTC

Sounds like they're dealing with it right now for what it truly is, false advertising on the part of ISP's.

Aussie internet-net will be drawn wider


Another NAZI state

Conservative Christians creating themselves another NAZI state. They may have changed their target but the desired outcome is still the same, totalitarian rule with them deciding what is considered proper thinking, all for the betterment of the country.

US Dept of Agriculture rubbishes Amish anti-RFID push


USDA putting food supply in danger

Been following this issue for a while since I live in the Midwest of the US and have family that raise cattle. One thing this article doesn't talk about is the fact that much of the genetic diversity in the cattle market is due to the Amish and other like them. The keep meticulous records on the breeding of their stock to insure its genetic health. They don't feed their livestock animal protein which means they don't have mad cow problems which is one of the reasons they claim the tags are needed.

One thing they have stated is that they won't go along with the tagging and that they would rather sell/destroy their herds that go along with the tagging. Scientists have warned that if they do that it could put the entire US beef industry in peril of being wiped out due to the large beef producers lack of genetic diversity.

Taliban extends mobile shutdown order


Cell tower balloons

The US army should be floating cell phone antennas attached to stationary balloons (tethered with troops at the bottom) in the areas where the Taliban operate. Create a guarded grid that causes them to expose their positions then blast them out of existence. In this case the troops protecting the floating cell towers would be able to be on the high ground. Since they're wanting the cell phone operators to switch their towers off we'd know exactly where the insurgent transmitters and phones are located. By being attached to balloons they could easily be moved to help triangulate the positions.

New Jersey flying deer floors Hippo


Stupid animals

At the begining of the year I was leaving the parking lot at work when I was ambushed by a herd of deer causing me to slam on the brakes to keep from hitting one. Unfortunately that didn't prevent one of the stupid animals from running into the side of my pickup smashing the front fender and jamming the passenger door. When I told the guys at work the next day they kept questioning the fact that the deer hit me and I didn't hit the deer. I told them it was easy to see since the only damage was on the side of my truck and none on the front which there would have been if I had hit it. In this area of the ciiy the deer have gotten so thick that they allowed bow hunting of the deer in the city. The combination of forest lined streams connecting multiple parks allows for the movement throughout the adjacent cities. I'll often see small herds grazing on my way to work and there are probably a dozen signs along the way warning of deer crossings.


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