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Sysadmin admits trying to axe California power grid


It's Folsom, not Fulsom....

Just to correct a typo, since that's my home town :-)

Negroponte slams Intel over OLPC competition


Not an issue

Really, there is no issue here. There is, in fact, a market to be had. If Intel wants to produce a competing PC and sell it cheaply then so be it. If they later try to jack up the price then someone else will make a cheaper offering.

It sounds like sour grapes to me from OLPC's inability to hit their $100/laptop target. Also, I doubt that Intel would sell below cost. Truth is, Intel has been beating AMD on cost for quite some time.


A tribute to Jim Gray


As someone who uses SQL

I knew I owed this man a debt. I did not, however, know it was him I had to thank that SQL was "fixed" in the way it was. :(

Daily Telegraph rattles legal sabre at Google



Google only shows snippets of the news article, then link back to the host site for the full content. How is this different than:

"offering the first 30 secs of a movie, the first few pages of a book" when they are simply offering the first few sentences of the article?



Zero investment eh?

So, I created an account just to respond on this one.

They say Google has zero investment and is making money eh?* Let's see them come up with a overly fault tolerant distributed filesystem and indexing service, that spans the globe, give lightning quick results that are largely on target, and can cater to multiple geos, simply by changing the country code of the site (naturally defaulting to your local IP's country). I think that they are being a bunch of whiney brats on this one.

Google should delist them and see what happens.


*I realize they said content relating to zero investment, but then they have little (zero?) investment in the distribution and marketing of the data on the news feeds. Cuts both ways lads, cuts both ways.


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