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Adblock overlord to Zuckerberg: Lay down your weapons and surrender


Since 90% of the supposedly friend posts I see on facecrap are junk, blocking them doesn't seem like much of a loss.


Re: yeah, about that

I would love to be able to pay a small subscription to read the site. Of the order of say £10-15 per year to disable all the adverts. I read the site primarily on my work PC and they won't let us install Adblockers (well install anything), so I get all the crappy flash stuff. Horrible horrible things.

Argos changes 150 easily guessed drop-off system passwords


Re: Revokable, frequently refreshed credentials

I love this idea. Only downside is you need some way to keep the QR generation machine secure. If the password on that is just "ArgosStore123" you haven't helped much...

Uber slapped with $7.3m fine for keeping quiet about driver accidents


"Uber was admonished for keeping schtum about its vehicle accessibility information, details regarding accidents its drivers had been involved in, as well failing to disclose geographic information about where rides were requested and accepted – all information required to ensure consumers are not discriminated against because of their localities."

Isn't that the point of Uber, it charges different amounts given the route and current level of demand? Are Uber trying to cover up what they are actually doing?

Idiot thieves walk free after stolen iPad uploads pics of them with loot


Re: The punishment

* Original research *

Keep * Citation needed * tag

So, what exactly defines a 'boffin'? Speak your brains...


A major requirement!

I think we have missed one MAJOR requirement for a boffin. They must be over the age of 40. Boffinry requires experience in the field, preferably longer in the field than any student they are likely to encounter!

WTF is... IEEE 1905.1?



Who actually connects their TV/Media Server/PC to their network with Ethernet and Wifi? And even if you did why would system ever choose Wifi connection over the nice fast gigabit ethernet link?

Hadron Collider switches to heavy ions, tinfoilers wet pants again


That big red button...

I pressed it too :D

US Navy says electric jet-flinger tech looking good


Carrier Capability?

As far as I remember making Eurofighter carrier capable wasn't thought possible due the under-carriage. In any case it would still only be a fighter, not a fighter bomber or attack aircraft.

Man could face prison over six second 'extreme porn' clip


It was highly extreme porn

It was a six second video clip of a guy showing off his massively overclocked liquid nitrogen cooled gaming PC. Extreme nerd porn!

BOFH: The PFY Chronicles part 2


Why so long?

Come on Simon I was dying to know what was happening to the PFY and how the BOFH would get him back? Please don't make us wait so long for the next instalment.

Amazon spreads Kindleware to BlackBerries



Does this article say in Para 6 what I think it says? That if you go overseas the book you are reading on your Kindle could become unavailable because of regional rights restrictions?

US Matrix-style cyberwar firing range goes to Phase II


So they are building an updated version of that classic game...


Superconductor forcefield to shield re-entering spacecraft?


@ Jim

Yes, but this was not for re-entry but as protection from the solar wind. Since around the moon you are outside the earth's protective magnetosphere.

Mantis Reaper-clone drone flies


@ Tom 107

"In terms of whether the UK should buy Mantis, the MOD teams will be analysing the cost vs capability of Mantis and its competitors, and if after due consideration another alternative is better they will surely select it."

You really think that is how government procurement works? I pity you.....

BOFH: The stupidity criticality



No more need be said than <3

Child porn suspect ordered to decrypt own hard drive



Surely the solution to all this is to place the passphrase on a disk inside a safe. You can't be forced to give up the combination to the safe under the 5th and you can't be expected to know a long pass phrase....


Debt collection can be harassment, rules court


Yah for common sense!

Another reason I love our legal system (most of the time)

OCZ Apex 120GB SSD


Odd behaviour?

Could the odd behaviour of the OCZ be down to the internal RAID?

BOFH: Aspie no questions



Long time coming but oh so worth it!

Thanks BOFH

BOFH: A safe bet


Welcome back!

I was beginning to think something had happened to our beloved BOFH. Good to see he hasn't been downsized yet.

BOFH: Unfriendly ghosts


Halon Release Charges?

I just hope the BOFH and PFY remember to charge the company for the cleanup and recharging required after the accidental Halon release caused by the overheated racks igniting some of the unauthorised equipment taken into the server room by the former Head Beancounter.

Ambulance Service not patient enough for Vista


@Anyone else just a little concerned ...

I would assume that individual user's desktops are running XP but the machines are little more than terminals to a nice large server sitting somewhere. So, no, I'm not worried.