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IT grad sues school over failed job hunt

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The only thing a degree proves is the ability to remember information for a short period of time!

Staff get the chop at London's web 2.0 poster child

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Paris Hilton

Didn't I read this as a child...

...isn't this based on the book 'The Emperor's New Clothes'?

PH because of her aversion to clothes which cover her body

MPs (finally) debate cybercrime

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Just before it is made a law...

Some arse will leave the USB drive on the train with all the details and probably the bank account details for the £29m

Undetectable data-stealing trojan nabs 500,000 virtual wallets

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It's true

I know, it's hard to believe but everything they say about this virus is true, undetectable, stealthy and according to Microsoft and Symantec as well as other reliable sources, not only will this steal all your bank details, it will also automatically buy a life times supply of Viagra, send a small deposit to a Nigerian lottery so you can collect your jackpot, it sends the required sum to the State Bank of Iraq so Mr Hussein's vast wealth (which he left without a will) can be deposited into your bank account, allowing you to keep 50% of this sum for your troubles and it is responsible for the current financial crisis facing so many countries....

BBC's TV detector vans to remain a state secret

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Black Helicopters

Th truth

The real reason they didn't release the information is so we wont find out that they can tell when we think about a television program, let alone watch one... Be afraid, be very afraid of what is lurking, deep in the bowels of that 1970's blue ford transit van...

Autopilot blamed for Qantas plunge

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I'm confused, you say it is possible to have 100% test coverage but then 'near as dammit anyway', which is it, 100% or near as dammit??

I hope you don't work in any aircraft manufacturers software department (if you do, please let me know so I can avoid those aircraft).