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US condom rules 'will cause nasty RED RINGS on porn stars' todgers'

Duncan Jeffery

<<British studs, on the other hand, can readily obtain protection suitably sized for their impressive engorgements, but it's illegal to import these into the US.>>

..and if the day comes when they are legal, I hope that our manufacturers mark them as 'medium'.

UK.gov slams Facebook over Moat fan clubs

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ah yes

the Doug and Dinsdale Piranha defence - nice

BBC clambers onto iPhone bandwagon

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Customer ? What's that ?

"Apparently the BBC now devides its viewers into four categories: Mobile First (aged 30-40), Social Animals (18-30), Mobile Lifestyle (25-40) and the Addicted (30-40). The more-observant reader will have noticed that those groups don't include those over 40 - if you're in to your fifth decade then the BBC isn't really interested in you."

Of course this latter demographic will contain the largest number of license payers - and who cares about them ?

Hoping for a Tory victory to clip the BBC's wings

'CRU cherrypicked Russian climate data', says Russian

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greenies just won't listen

... and why would they? they accuse any sceptic opinion as coming from oil-funded vested interests, but what bigger vested interest than to be an IPCC 'scientis' or an NGO or any other of the myriad of wasteful eaters gathered at Copenhagen. We are all 'deniers', 'morins' or even - as I heard quoted today - 'neanderthals'. Some chance of reasoned debate.

BTW, a new expression in the ever changing lexicon of the greenies - after global warming then climate change, and heard today by the BBC correspondent 'climate risk' - you heard it here first.

Tories may cut Met Office funding

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Civil Servants boys - not soldiers

Dr Fox was opining on the number of pen-pushers in the MOD, not the frontline staff - I beleive the current ratio is something approaching 1:1 - no war was ever won by a detachment of the Queen's Own Bureaucrats (although I did once work with a South African who did his national servies in the tax office !)

EU to shout at media player makers over noise levels

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"The mandate’s specific details haven’t been disclosed yet, but it’s reasonable to assume that it will push for manufacturers of such devices to take greater steps to protect consumer hearing"

... that would be the volume control then

Microsoft! and! Yahoo! finally! sign! search! deal!

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Everyone seems to think this is a bad idea/a union between two losers. So what is the problem ? Just sit back and watch them fail.

As so often on these pages I am not sure what everyone's problem is

Apple bars Google's Voice from iPhone

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Re @Mr Ian @AC @Mectron # - again

Of course, the diehard Apple fan club did not address the issue under discussion, but raher went for the jugular on an irrelevance.

All rather sad really - so the iphone doesn't do everything - move on - get over it - grow up

Want Gmail? Best have your mobile handy

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there are plenty of other email providers, so why don't the whingers just go an join them ? Is there some kind of law tht means that Google have to please you ?

As someone implied above, you are not paying for the service so don't come alll 'customer is right' about it - fgo somewhere else.

Windfarm Britain means (very) expensive electricity

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moving goalposts

You can see what is happening here. The arguments are constantly changing to send us down the greenies chosen hairshirt path. There is even a comment above along the lines of nuclear power stations cannot be built quickly enough to address our power shortages. Well, they can be built a bit quicker than the infrastructure needed to distribute windpower and store enrgy to cover baseload shortages. EDF reckon they can complete them by 2012. And the only rreason for the urgency was greenie bleating about how unsafe nuclear is - rather contradicted by the French experience and the fact that many other 'sensible' scandinavian countries are going down this route (Finland for instance). And what is the timetable to doom ? this seems to change regularly to scare us a little more - and all this from yet unconvincing science and forecasts. Its all b0llox I tell you

Worst of recession is past but tech jobs harder to find

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IR35 anyone ?

<My employer has just taken on a load more Big Blue Indian Contractors, presumably because they can't find qualified staff from this country and not because they are paid half of the UK going rate. After all, that would be illegal.>

But I thought with IR35 the argument was that all the IT pros would leave the country - instead it seems like they are staying here to bitch.

OpenOffice 3.1 ready to lick Microsoft's suite?

Duncan Jeffery

OO Way behind

The functionality you mention is typically the functionality that occasional users of Office applications are impressed by - woooooo graphs ! Sadly OO calc is woefully behind Office on more fundamental functions, in particualr pivot tables which are the mainstay of a lot of analysis, and which in OO are practically steam-driven. Sorry

Teens reject Microsoft's Zune

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Re - Interesting

<<Interesting, but there are plenty of MS fanboys around here. But even them seem not to have the guts to defend the Zune... I don't even know if the thing is good or not; have never met anyone who has one so I could take a look. But the lack of fanboy enthusiasm does not bode well, that is for very sure.>>

Which just about sums up the average Mac user's attitude. You find it hard to understand why non-MAC users would not defend a product to the death when it is not very good - whilst you will die before admitting that there could possibly be any flaws in a Jobs product. I guess we could call that jobjectivity.

Apple eyes new-age iPhone answering machine

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Re:Does Apple patent other peoples ideas on purpose ?

I think the main innovation Apple delivers is the 'i' they put before every product name. Very important that

Brown pledges to make Britain's drivers greener

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free lunch?

Have there been any studies on what the impact will be of 'harvesting' wind power? I would have thought with the slightly chaotic nature of the climate there maybe some unforeseen outcomes of reducing this natural resource. Guess the greenies will drop that one on us later once we have burnt all our other bridges - that is if they don't admit what a load of boll0x they are talking already

Data Centers get 'black box' flight data recorder

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missing the point ?

I think some contributors missied the mention of an antenna and a cellular capability - maybe you don't need to recover it fully

Apple says sorry for Mac Perl breakage

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wot no comments

surprised there could not be some informed comments on this incidenct - either pro or con

National Express to 'ban' trainspotting

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Profit a dirty word?

So often in these types of forums profit is seen as an obscenity. I do wonder where people get theri income from then, or how they intend to retire. They can't work for stste organisations as they would be benefitting from taxes levied on profit. And they obviously are never going to draw pension as that would be funded by profits from investments. Must be great to live on fresh air

Watchdog mauls billboard sex ads

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that ship sailed a long time ago

"Someone in my area summed it up neatly by spraypainting the corner of one of these gigantic billboard ads with the phrase "our kids can read you know"."

In the week where we have the story of the potential 13 year old father I think this is rather irrelevant now - besides with the UK education policies of the last 10 years it is also rather inaccurate!

Brits find accommodation a little uncomfortable

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The irony is that as English becomes the dominant world language, we may find that non-native users become more proficient than our current 'scholars'. Thus, our youth will have thrown away the one potential advantage they had in the world marketplace.

Thames windfarm execs: We need more subsidy

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we could do what just about every other Euro country is doing and burn a large proportion of our rubbish - but that is apparently less fun than washing it and grading it and wearing your dungarees

Sarah Palin's words get data mined

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Has anyone doen some analysis on Obama's utterings to detect if he is actuially saying anything meaningful, or if it just a complete synthesis of warm-fuzzy-buzzy-electoral words ?

Abu Dhabi emir rescues Thames Estuary mega-windfarm

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nice day today

Lovely sunny but cold day in London today - with hardly a breath of wind - as are many winter days. So b*ggered if I know how wind farms are supposed to be the answer. Get the nukes built asap otherwise we are doomed!

Darling launches £50bn relube of bunged-up UK banks

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It is incredible the amount of ignorance displayed whenever you read comments on this subject. For example the majority view seems to be that if all the banks fail this won't affect me - seemingly believing that their biscuit tin of fivers is safe.

A goodly amount of comments obviously come from the public sector workers (or benefit scroungers as I like to call them). Again they seem to think that tax income is as safe as, er well as safe as the Bank of England, seeing no connection between economic activity and taxation.

I find such ignorance almost as depressing as the situation itself