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NHS IT boss walks out and steps back

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Generous VR Really??

Not sure where your friend works but where I am we were offered MARS (mutually agreed resignation scheme - not VR, no, no cough cough) where the package was 50% of what you would get if you stuck it out and made them make you redundant...... Really doesn't sound like much of a win to me.

You also don't mention as to whether it was with the same organisation, I suspect not. The NHS cannot be considered to be one big company, its made of separate legal entities so getting a job with another trust is akin to getting a job with a different company, you wouldn't want to be restricted from working for two years after being made redundant in the private sector would you?

Glacier boffins rubbish IPCC apocalypse claims

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realclimate spin

errrr nwbailey, you link to the pro-gw spin site realclimate and trust them to explain the "facts and spin"??? Deep, deep fail.......

Greenland ice loss rates 'one-third' of what was thought

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Replying using standard red herring argument

Ah the old 98% of climate scientist agree myth......... Someone's been listening too much to the Big Green spinmeisters perhaps???

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Errr too much Hollywood????


you do know that The Day After Tomorrow was a fictional dont you? Bad fiction but fiction none the less.

I'm going to shatter a couple of other illusions for you, Father Christmas doesnt exist and neither does the tooth fairy.


Researchers: Arctic cooled to pre-industrial levels from 1950-1990

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The funding myth.....

Hi AC,

would this be the big evil Exxon (and big oil) who funded a claimed £1 mill to 4 dastardly machiavellian "skeptical" US thinktanks? Whilst on the other hand funding Stanford $100 mill to research energy sources to fight global warming? Or lets mention the evil BP funding similar research $500 mill? And bringing it back home shall we mention the £4 mill spent by the UK gov spinning AGW indoctrination? Kinda puts it in perspective doesnt it? The AGW spin and research industry is worth a heinous amount of money.

And who do we find funding CRU? Errr BP, Shell, Sultinate of Oman


Let put that old "evil deniarrr industry" chestnut back in its box shall we?

Hector K

Health records riddled with errors

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So docs dont trust the summary care records because they contain errors...... Having actually had to do work based on patient records I can suggest it is perhaps because certain doctors arent filling in certain aspects of the records or filling them in correctly????

BT's giant new faster broadband boxes blocked

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Ah yes we have a lesser spotted Brighton nimby on here

To the AC at 12:53.. So you are the kind of person that was agains the bins and preferred the rotting food, nappies and seagulls troughing on old jam rags on Brighton's streets then, good for you.

Israeli robo-kamikaze selling like hot exploding cakes

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Looks remarkably like a Klingon Bird of Prey.........

Govt powers up electric cars with £5k subsidy

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So..... 35% comes from transport, 58% of that comes from cars, so overall 20% comes from cars - taking into account that most of the energy to charge the batteries comes from coal and the actual number of electric cars will be relatively small for years in proportion to the total number of cars on the road what appreciable difference will this have to manmade CO2 emissions? Genius waste of money.......

Electric car maker in 'urgent financial distress'

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Paris Hilton

Ah the good old grocers apostrophe

Their car's what sucks?

pedant mode off.....

Paris - well she definitely does!

Prof: 'Taser-proof vests put cops in danger'

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New Scientist in sensationalist tosh shocker!

Mind you, makes a change from the usual CLIMATE DOOM stories they usually peddle.... They still have time to crowbar that in though I guess!

Sony to save planet with PS3 firmware overhaul

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Missed by the US playstation blog et al... 2.5 includes Flash 9 support on the browser, finally!


'Podestrian' risk rising for drivers, warns insurer

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Tony Green - perhaps the reason why loads of pedestrians walk in front of you is because, like the majority of cyclists, you are on the pavement? Just a thought....