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Pure Digital Evoke-2S DAB and FM radio


dear oh dear

Oh my goodness. What a lot of party poopers. You lot sound as sad as the climate change deniers. Do you all hang out on bulletin boards and conspiracy theory sites? Get lives people- it's a radio with 30 WRMS - that makes it rather unusual at least.

New Scientist goes innumerate in 'save the planet' special


Who's ignoring the real world here????

In the “messy and complex human interaction part of the world”, which you imply scientists ignore, growth certainly DOES mean using more resources. Look at the evidence of damaged, degraded spaces, depleted natural resources, and plummeting bio-diversity the world over. That’s what science does- it looks at the evidence.

So, umm, well, Mr snidey, sarcastic, rather unpleasant and angry sounding economist- it seems it is YOU who is ignoring real-world complexity. I suggest you return to studying your “core discoveries of the subject” (which, by the way, have helped precious little recently). And try to devise an economic model which proves your point. Or would that involve getting too messy and complex…?

EU battery rule may zap iPhone, blow away MacBook Air


Do it.

The sooner manufacturers are forced to make these products 'sustainable' i.e. maintainable, the better. I REFUSE to buy Apple for this very reason- and I know many agree with me. They are losing customers- why can't they see that? They can charge a fortune for 'consumables' such as batteries :) The phone makers do it.

But OK- if they refuse, then use force.



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