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Yorkshire start-up aims to shake up telecoms security

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unlikely base in Skipton, North Yorkshire

What's unlikely about that? It's also the home of the Flagcrackers of Craven Morris side and Copper Dragon beer and they're much more unlikeley

Dole bludger fined for BNP leak

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that is why the statue on the top of the law courts has . . .

. . . that is why the statue on the top of the law courts has the scales of justice in one hand and the sword in the other, but she is blindfolded

No she ain't blindfolded, you know. Look again.

Pudsey Bear refused UK passport

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The passport service themselves link to:


. . . which says it all. Including a clause which says that you MUST stop using your previous name.

F*ckwits all of them.

Child porn suspect ordered to decrypt own hard drive

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What do we do in countries without a constitution?

. . . what we're told.

(ID card and self surveilance camera/tracking device in coat pocket)

Miliband refuses to release torture documents

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Anonymous? Not me!

I agree - I don't want to hide my opinions. Nothing to hide nothing to fear. The whole affair stinks. We know this govt and the US govt is complicit in acts of torture and will do anything to cover it up. Probably including silencing its criics . . . oh . . . what am I saying!

Anyway - come out of the closet. Speak the truth and shame the devil!

BH just like the one hovering overhead right now . . .

Story withdrawn

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I can't believe . . . .

. . . you didn't include "grrrrirt"

iPhone users to get get-out call

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Phoney calls

Isn't it time phones came with a selection of background fx - station/office/traffic etc? Anybody tried this?

Now - did I leave my phone in my coat?

Lords demand DNA database deletions

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Buying fags?

Jimbo - a heinous crime like "going to an all-night garage for some fags" is sure to get you permanently on the swines' database.

Speaking clock gets Disneyfied

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Paris Hilton

. . .at the third stroke . . .

Many years ago as a rookie techie at Broadcasting House, during a time when TIM was reportedly giving some trouble, I was given the task of monitoring it _all night_ on a pair of headphones. How I survived even the "dulcet tones" without going completely mad I'll never know. Maybe I did go completely mad. Pat Simmons never dropped a millisecond, but I learnt to recite TIM off line with astonishing accuracy.

Tinker Bell? What have we come to . . . .?

Paris 'cos she's got the time for anyone.

Speed cams ditched in Wiltshire

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Dave . . .smoking?

" . . . 300 people a day die from smoking . . ". Name the source of your information. Smoking never appears on detah certificates, so how do you know?

Mine's the one with the pipe and tobabcco in th pocket.

Top prosecutor warns against growing state power

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"We just don't have enough police state icons"

Your "watching you" image at the head of the story would cover everything.

UK in 80% emissions slash pledge

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Let there be no panic . . .

. . . once we get all those nasty filiament lighbulbs banned, and those lovely polluting emetic Toc H "energy saving" bulbs rammed down people's throats - or wherever - all will be well. Trust us. It'll be especially good for you if you're a bulb/light fittng/spectacle manufacturer.

Poison sign for landfill mercury residues in ESLs

Melamine, poisons and the misappliance of science

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Parmesan Cheese

I once read that a bloke got jailed for selling "Parmesan Cheese" which turned out to be grated umbrella handles. I guessed the stuff was actually casein.

(cheesey grin)