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Apple reckons mystery new material will debug butterfly keyboard woes in latest MacBook Pros

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Dear Apple,

Nothing short of a redesign of your shitty keyboard will persuade me to consider coming back to Apple.


An ex Mac user of 22 years.

The curious case of a WordPress plugin, a rival site spammed with traffic, a war of words, and legal threats

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Well, the drop tables thing is a reset of sorts, just a more nuclear one. Also, the fact that they've removed their git repo and replaced it with the sanitised version isn't dodgy at all is it?

Dratted hipster UX designers stole my corporate app

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Re: or an un-improvable legacy interface designed a thousand years ago by a goblin

Because not all laptop screens are the same size and resolution. Because some users may have sight issues such that they zoom their screen.

Finally. The palm-sized Palm phone is back. And it will, er, save you from your real smartphone

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Out of interest, what watch are you using? Asking because currently I'm running a Note 9 with a second SIM that I'd like to promote to my primary phone.

Currently my primary phone is an iPhone SE purely for the pocketability and Apple Watch. The Wear OS watches I've looked at either don't have Google Pay or look like a reject prop from a Borg cosplay at a Star Trek convention.

Hackers seed StatCounter with nasty JavaScript in elaborate Bitcoin cyber-heist caper

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Re: Javascript is a plague

Visitors using screen readers will only have a problem with large header menus if the web developer forgot to include the skip navigation links at key points in the page.

British Airways hack: Infosec experts finger third-party scripts on payment pages

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Re: Only 7 external scripts?

The whole commercial font system is to blame for externally loading fonts (usually via a third party JavaScript file). Font licenses being what they are: pay £1000’s for the license but those help guide PDFs you want to create? That’s one extra license per file. Want to use the font on your website? Then you need to use Adobe’s TypeKit because we won’t let you serve the WOFFs from your own domain.

It's fluffy bottom line time at Adobe. That's a good thing, if you were wondering

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I've been gradually transitioning away from CC over to Affinity Photo and Designer along with Sketch. I appreciate those doing print design may have a harder time but web design is an easier switch. I'm maybe 20/80 Adobe vs. other software, using CC apps only for the stuff that the newer apps don't handle well yet. I object to renting the software but more than anything CC runs dog slow on my computer these days.

Web meltdown: BT feels heat from angry punters

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Re: A small number of our customers MAY be experiencing...

If you're seeing an unstable connection via Plusnet you may be suffering the same thing I've had. It seems IP addresses starting with 51. are seeing packet loss. Go to their addons in your account and add a static IP. They'll add it to your bill but I'm planning on arguing for a refund as they've set a precident in their forums by giving it to someone else for free for the same issue. My IP switched to an 81 and my problems (seem) to have gone away.

A font farewell to Fontdeck as website service closes

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Re: A resourceful web developer

I'd much rather be serving our corporate font (Myriad*) from our own server but the licensing is so strict it's only available via Typekit. I'd love to get rid of our reliance on this Adobe fronted piece of shit but in spite of pointing out that Myriad is not worth the trouble of relying on someone else's uptime.

*Honestly, using Myriad is like changing something from ocean grey to military grey given the amount of sans-serif fonts that we could self host and mitigate the risk.

Wall Street turns off music at Adobe results after-party

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I'm a designer and front-end dev and whilst I have Adobe CC at work I haven't looked at any of those features as:

1. I'll bet it doesnt work for responsive code

2. Auto generated code tends to be crap

They can pry my personal copy of CS6 out of my cold dead hands. I'll never "upgrade" to their Cash Cow. I'd rather run a VM with an older OS to maintain compatibility with CS6.

It's disheartening to see the lack of forward planning of my fellow designers who are all too quick to tie themselves into paying Adobe every month for the rest of their working lives. Whilst they hold your files to ransom.

Ad-blocking super-weapon axed by maker for being TOO effective

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I'll be wanting that refund then

The deciding factor for me buying this app was the name Marco Arment. I've used Instapaper for years so his name lent this app more credibility. Given it's the kind of app that will need updating I will be requesting a refund. Also, his name will now serve as a red flag to be wary of in future app purchases. He might have sold out but at the cost of damaging his standing as an app creator.

Bendgate backlash: Apple claims warped iPhone 6 Plus damage is 'extremely rare'

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In other news water is wet

Since 1998 I've had 15 mobile phones (includes both Androids and iThings). One of them (a Sony flip phone) broke when it slid off a bed onto a carpet. All the others were replaced because I wanted new features. At worst they had no more wear and tear than some minor scratches (none of those were on the screens). None of them were ever kept in cases.

Maybe people just need to take better care of their possessions.

Adobe Creative Cloud 2014: Progress and pain in the usual places

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Re: I used to be a customer

I don't buy the idea that pro users = users who upgrade every version. I'm a pro user but I'd be happy designing things in CS3. The software is just a dumb tool, it's the person that operates it that makes the difference.

Adobe CC is a colossal waste of cash, how often does anyone really need ALL of their apps? As a web designer I couldn't care less about Flash, After Effects, Premier, etc but there's no option to just pay for the software you need (even if I was interested in tying myself to CC). Adobe have become so user hostile it would be almost laughable if I wasn't so reliant on Photoshop / Illustrator. Unfortunately there's nothing really in the same league at present, Sketch is good but not cross-platform.

Still, I'm actively looking for alternatives. Two years ago that wasn't ever a thought I'd entertained. I long for the day that someone does to Adobe what they did to Quark.

Xenon: Bitmap Brothers' (mega)blast from the past

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Xenon 2 was the first game I remember completing. Xenon 1 & 2 and The Chaos Engine were some of the most enjoyable games I've ever played. I've got the Chaos Engine running on a Wii, it's actually still quite playable.

Don't crack that Mac: Almost NOTHING in new Retina MacBook Pros can be replaced

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Re: How to fix a MacBook


I have an MBA. I love it but I know it would be massive pain in the end if anything went wrong with it. Assuming I could wave it at a genius (and I use the term in its loosest possible meaning here) they are not simply gonna replace it as it's a BTO model. There was a brief moment in the early 2000's when buying Apple didn't mean locking yourself out of DIY repairs, that day is long gone now though.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it ... Win Phone 8? No, it's APPLE'S iOS 7

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Apple have obviously "borrowed" extensively from other OSes and spaffed a load of electronic paint over all the things. I wish they'd have actually copied some useful features though; persistent notifications, the ability to reply to a text message without quitting out of the current app, or maybe being able to open files in whatever app I please rather than the bloody awful "Open In..." crap.

Adding to the annoyance is seeing some pretty popular apps release their updates one nanosecond after Apple and now those apps are iOS7 only. Evernote is the most obvious one I've noticed.

I'll probably update to iOS7, one there's a jailbreak. If my iPhone has a catastrophe before that point... the Nexus 4 looks quite nice.

You thought slinging Photoshop into the cloud would fail? Look who's laughing NOW

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I'm a "creative type" and it's definitely put me off. I bought CS6 Design Standard (full license, not an upgrade) last year. The only Adobe applications I use are Photoshop and Illustrator. I moved on from Dreamweaver over a decade ago and there's no way I'm going back.

When working on projects requiring interaction with other designers I'll use the Adobe stuff, if I am the entirety of the design team on a job though I've been using Sketch for interface design. I don't envisage being able to move completely away from Adobe in the short term but neither am I prepared to pay for Cash Cow for the long term (or in fact one single day).

We made the iPhones, now we want OUR 'UNPAID' WAGES – student Pegatron toilers

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Dear Apple,

You make a shit-tonne of money every year, pay these people the money they're owed.


An Apple user (not a fan, you pull too much stupid for that)

Boffin's claim: I have found how to get girls into tech

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Getting women into technical things needs to start when they're kids, if you're leaving it till post A-level age you've already missed the boat. I remember playing with computers at primary school age, typing game code into a ZX or later fiddling around with Stos Basic. It got me hooked, and because I enjoyed mucking around with techy things I came to the conclusion that: tech > bullshit stereotype. It was enough for me not to give a crap about being the only girl in my high school year to take computer studies.

When we're little girls, if you must buy us that pink my little pony make sure and include some lego. when we're grown up just treat us like people, it's really that easy.

Adobe CEO admits need to 'tweak' Creative Suite's cloud-only policy

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"While we will still continue to offer CS6 on a perpetual basis, the feedback from our community is important, and we are evaluating additional options that will help them with the transition,"

See that there is the problem for me; I don't want to "transition" to their cloudy crap. I've been an Adobe user for 17 years but CS6 is where I get off. It's not so bad, I've been moving away anyway, there are better options than Dreamweaver for front-end dev work and Photoshop is no longer my immediate starting point when designing site layouts.

It's a shame really, some of their new apps for web dev (Reflow) looked interesting but I'm not prepared to open the can of worms that is paying Adobe every month till I retire by even bothering to play with the betas anymore.

Adobe kills Creative Suite – all future features online only

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Bye bye Adobe

When I went freelance last year I looked at CS vs. CC. I use two Adobe applications: Photoshop and Illustrator (grudgingly, I'll always prefer Freehand, RIP).

1. I don't need access to all of Adobe's stuff

2. I don't want to pay for something I'm never going to use

3. I don't want my files held to ransom

4. I don't want to tie myself into an ever-spiralling monthly cost*

*I give it two years before Adobe double their prices, just long enough for users to build up a reasonable back-catalogue of files.

Ofcom to UK: Really - you're using the same password for everything?

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I used to have graded passwords, ranging from throwaway level to secure for online shops and such. I got caught in the Gawker hack from a few years ago. The problem with signing up with those throwaway passwords as account will only have one comment is that over the years you build up more comments, at some point the account goes from being throwaway to actually having a value. After the tedious slog through all my accounts and updating passwords I now use different passwords for every login. I then use a password manager to store them all.

PEAK APPLE: Fondleslab giant no longer world's biggest biz

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I've currently got an iPhone 4S and an iPad Mini, both jailbroken on IOS 6. If someone had asked me a year ago if I was tempted by Android I would have said no. These days I find myself lusting slightly over the S-pen on the Galaxy Note, dampened somewhat by the stupidly large size of the phone.

Given Apple's new mania for forcing restored devices up to the latest IOS I'm getting nervous about how precarious my jailbreaks are. For me nothing beats IOS jailbroken: better quality apps (at the moment) and the freedom of a file system. But long-term I can see myself moving across to Android though because of Apple's unwillingness to give users control of their hardware.

I'm keeping a list of the apps I use on my iDevices and their Android equivalents when I find them. There are some notable gaps ATM but hopefully they'll be filled in the not too distant future.

Apple fixes iOS passcode-bypass hack with 6.1.3 update

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Re: Jailbreaking

I jailbreak, have done since buying the first gen. iPhone. Since then I've bought a 3GS and a 4S (my current phone). I've got a lot of software on my phone that's useful to me. If I wasn't already invested in the platform I might consider switching to Android, but the upheaval of finding replacement apps is just too time consuming and annoying.

No, I don't see jailbreaking as all that different to rooting and installing CyanogenMod. Both have me crossing my fingers and praying to the gods of no-bricking. (And yes, before anyone assumes otherwise, I do have an Android device).

Don't buy a Google car: They might stop it while you're driving

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Re: CalDAV

Pretty sure there're moving it to some sort of whitelist system. Sorry, that's not good enough, either offer it or don't, because if it's down to some half-arsed who's a flavour of the month partner I'm not trusting that.

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Whilst the shutdown of Reader affects me more, I'm more concerned with Google getting rid of CalDAV. This is what's prompting me to finally move all my stuff away from Google; email, docs, etc. They are effectively cutting off anyone not using their web interface or Android (I'm guessing that Android will have Google's Calendar API built in). I would not be surprised if in the future I read something along the lines of, "To better help our users we're shutting down IMAP, this will help them focus better on their ads ^h^h^h email."

Reader slain? 'Even the Google apologists on G+ are p****d off'

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Re: Oh right, it's an RSS reader

I've installed Fever (feedafever.com). My server, my rules. Screw this free-because-I'm-the-product lark, I'm reclaiming my data (or at least everything generated from now on).

Mozilla to Apple: we don't care about iOS

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I look at the time spent jailbreaking as an investment, once payed I don't get annoyed EVERY. SINGLE. TIME a link opens in Safari rather than my prefered AtomicWeb browser. That I can then enable the Nitro JS engine so the aforementioned browser isn't being run deliberately piss-slow.

Don't be so quick to run an update every time Apple forgot to test something, half the time you might find it won't affect you anyway.

Opera joins Google/Apple in-crowd with shift to WebKit and Chromium

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Re: @scrote

Just because two browsers use the same rendering engine doesn't mean they'll both render a page the same. I've seen Chrome and Safari render things differently.

Up your wormhole: Star Trek Deep Space 9 turns 20

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Whatever you do don't read the 24th century Star Trek relaunch books. It's some of the most depressing, dark sci-fi I've ever read. It makes Iain M. Banks' Culture books read like comedy gold.

Users grumble after Adobe cancels Acrobat X Suite

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This is par for the course for Adobe. I've just had to buy Creative Standard CS6 (no more "free" versions now I'm properly freelance), reading up on Adobe's T&Cs I see I'm going to have to buy every upgrade whether I want it or not; failure to buy one will mean I'd have to buy a complete license again. I'd love not to be beholden to Adobe but there are no other reasonable alternatives, it's about fitting in with other people's workflow as much as anything. Someone needs to come in and do to Adobe what Adobe did to Quark. Until they have some proper competition there's nothing to stop them acting in this high-handed way.

Apple MacBook Air 13in review

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Re: Missing the point slightly

I've also got an 11 inch Air, one of the 2012 ones. I bought it to be the little, more mobile brother to the too heavy 15 inch 2010 Pro sat on my desk. I'm a web designer and front-end dev so I thought I could use the Air for the dev stuff on the move whilst keeping the Pro for the CS6 stuff. Six weeks into using this machine all I can say is I'm getting rid of the Pro, I was dubious of the claims on various mac forums claiming their Air "smoked my old Pro". Clearly a bit of emperors new clothes I thought. My Air has no problem running CS6, Parallels with Windows 7 and my IDE of choice (Espresso, the one app that keeps me using OSX) all at the same time.

I plug in three cables and I've got it hooked up to all my desk-bound peripherals, monitor and power. For what I do I just don't need anything more powerful, my Air is the best of both worlds for me; really portable, powerful enough to not need anything bigger, I couldn't have been more surprised.

Microsoft takes on tablets with keyboard-equipped Surface

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Re: keyboard

They already do; the Logitech Ultrathin keyboard cover. Admittedly it's a bit thicker than the smart cover but it's a proper keyboard.

Apple 15in MacBook Pro with Retina Display

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As a mac user I won't be buying one

As a professional web designer I have to say I won't be "upgrading" to the retina display laptop. My current setup (2 year old MBP 15 with hi-res display) has a 128gb SSD. I seem to spend my life moving stuff off the internal disk just so Photoshop stops telling me its scratch disk is full (I thought I was done seeing that alert 14 years ago). I don't use iTunes to store music, or iPhoto for images because it'll be too big a hit to the storage. I've got CS3 and Windows 7 running in Parallels; that leaves me with a whopping 9gb of free space. If it gets too painful I'll end up ripping out the SSD and going back to a standard drive, doesn't look like that'd be an option in this new one though.

As for the RAM; I've never not stuck in an upgrade a year or so after the initial purchase. Not impressed with the "just buy the fully specced version" comments. Can I also buy some glasses that'll allow me to see through time too? AppleCare is all well and good but being 1.5 hours away from an Apple store that would turn a quick five minute job of upgrading the RAM into a tedious, previously unneeded trip.

I can see the thunderbolt port being useful, but the lack of included adapters with a high-end system is a disgrace.

The negatives far outweigh the positives for me to consider this. Whilst I'd stomach these things on the Air that machine is clearly meant as a satellite to your main setup, I'm not prepared to accept them on what would likely be my only machine.

Facebook jumps then slumps in first few minutes day's trade

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You should try iCab, it has a built-in ad blocker.

Murdoch muscles BBC out of Formula One driving seat

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Not a massive F1 fan but...

My mum loves the sport and this really annoyed her, she certainly won't be paying for Sky. It's a shame there isn't a way to pay per view online rather than having to deal with Sky, like ESPN's NHL coverage for example. At least there you pay purely for the sport and not numerous other channels of crap.

T-Mobile to tout 'truly unlimited' mobile data plan

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Sounds like you spoke to the same clueless idiot I got when I queried some odd charges I was getting. He tried to tell me that surfing was covered by the internet booster but downloading wasn't. According to this fool viewing an image embedded in a page is downloading, not surfing. If that's the case surfing should be classed as downloading too. Turned out my odd charges were nothing to do with this however, it was some premium rate text I hadn't signed up for.

Apple bans iPhone 3G patch omission talk from forum

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This is surprising how?

I've got a 3GS but I haven't bothered to update it, I'm sticking with 4.2.1 and my jailbreak. There weren't any compelling features for me in 4.3. Apple: I love the products but the company is composed of utter wankers, once you understand that nothing they do surprises you.

Microsoft rallies IE6 death squads

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I should have been clearer, it's not malware, just some basic perfectly valid JavaScript that IE6 can't handle, that's the point :)

Psycho Flump

MS should grow a pair and...

... include some of the many JavaScript methods of crashing IE6. It's really quite cathartic, I include one on my personal site. Gives me a warm glow when I think of the occasional lazy fuckwit who won't upgrade that happens to wander my way.

Apple 'greed' tax spreads beyond music, movies, magazines

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I'm an iPhone 3GS owner who was thinking about upgrading to the next iPhone version later in the year. I know I'd have more freedom if I went down the Android route but for me the iPhone was a better fit. Since Apple's latest restrictive practice I'm reconsidering upgrading. My big three apps with subscriptions that I'm concerned about are Remember the Milk, Dropbox and Spotify. If Spotify disappears I'll be annoyed but if either of the other two go then I'll be off too. I've spent some time looking into Android versions of all the apps I have on my main iPhone page and I've been pleasantly surprised by how easy it's been to find alternatives. I'll be sad to give up my iPhone because ATM it works for me but if the apps I use disappear I'll have no choice but to follow.

HTML5 kicked into 2014

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I couldn't agree more with this. In the real world of building web sites (i.e. not Youtube, Google, Facebook) I have to support IE6, this is ball ache enough using the XHTML standard, no way am I going to switch the HTML5 suggestion (I dont see it as a spec until it's finished). Whilst I may run to using a few CSS3 tweaks in my sites knowing that they will degrade gracefully I'm not about to start pissing around with the underlying page code by using something that's going to be a beta for four years.

O2 shocks customers by slashing iPad data allowance

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HACKED Three Mifi and wifi iPad. That way you can have a bunch of sims and swap and change as per the telcos level of annoyance at any given time :)

Apple iOS 4 update frustrates iPhone 3G owners

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The lack of background images on the 3G is a repeat of the lack of MMS on the original iPhone. It seems completely arbitrary. I used to run a jailbroken first gen iPhone with a wallpaper on it with no noticeable problems. I'd say stick with OS3 and jailbreak, it's a piece of piss to do and will give you more new bits to play with than you'll get with the official upgrade.

Apple iOS4 upgrade adds multitasking, folders... and pain

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Paying beta testers?

It always amazes me the sheer eagerness that I observe in my fellow iPhone owners. The millisecond Apple release an upgrade it's downloaded and installed. As for a safety net, I thought that once Apple shipped an OS update they stopped signing the old one, so no going back to OS3. I'm gonna leave it a week to see what 'undocumented features' appear before I even think about running the update.

Inevitable Mac OS X 10.6.4 update problems surface

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Beta testing?

These stories are exactly why I always wait a month before upgrading to the latest update. Apple don't seem to bother beta testing anything these days, then again why should they when they have paying customers willing to do it. I double the waiting time for updating my iPhone due to the retarded practice of not being able to downgrade the OS if there's a problem.

Still the early adopters are good for a laugh.

Apple's HTML5 'standards' hype debunked

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Not standards yet

I won't be using HTML5 until it's a finalised standard, same goes for CSS3. As for Video embedded with Flash, I will be continuing to use that too. I remember the days before Flash video when the choices were; Quicktime (supported on Apple's and a few Windows based users who installed QT), WMV (Windows only) or Real video (just crap all round).

Advertisers set iPad pester-standards

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The iPhone/iPad iCab browser has a built in adblocker...

UK Palm Pré carrier confirmed

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@Del Morpha

I really don't get this priced out crap. An iPhone 16gb costs £440 on pay and go. Back in the day I spent £400 on an original 20gb iPod and that _only_ played music.

All I hear is "Waa, waaa... I want an <insert shiny thing here>".

If you want one save up and buy one, if you think they're too expensive then don't buy it. Or buy an older one and hack it, that's what I did for 6 months until I realised that the weak point was the crap data offerings that Orange have.