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Jacqui's secret plan to 'Master the Internet'


Budget shortfall? what budget shortfall?

So, at a time when the government is looking at tax rises to fund a £4bn a year gap, nearly 1/10th of that could be accounted for from a project that most of the public would consider sinister, Orwellian and invasive? Sounds like a reason not to vote Labour, not that you need yet another one these days... Gordo had got that almost sewn up...

Bacon sarnies cure hangovers: Official


Bacon does win over vegetarians

I tried vegetarianism (briefly)... it was bacon that got me, too... although now, being rather fond of most meats, I have to conclude that it was definitely just a fad.

Government rejects call to limit insolvency firms' fees


Legal theft

Having seen multiple company liquidations, where myself, a friend or a partner has been owed back pay by the company, it's always seemed obscene that the insolvency companies have then been able to swallow up the entire assets realised from the company as fees, giving nobody anything back, having seemingly managed to chase up precisely no debts in a year, and not even managed to reclaim the deposit on a rented office or the like, and by their own figures only reclaimed under 20% of the book debt each time.

Nice work if you can get it...

Norfolk children get £310,000 of free laptops

Paris Hilton

Expensive laptops

£310K for just 400 laptops? I hope that's a package including full support and extended warranties and so on, otherwise it's another example of government waste, when a perfectly suitable laptop for educational usage is available for £300, or even less in volume.

Demand for consoles, add-ons skyrockets as PC games plunge


Missing details

11m WoW subscribers worldwide, you'd figure there's a fair few in the UK. At £10/month, if there's anywhere near a million subscribers, then that one game alone would be netting UK revenues comparable to PC game sales in UK stores. Then consider EVE and other MMORPGs, Steam and so on, and you have to conclude that the PC game figure is highly skewed.

Yes, PC game sales in stores may be dying out - because of late arrivals, variable playability and useless recommended specs, lack of ability to sell a game you've bought because of DRM, activation issues, etc. But that doesn't mean PC games are dying out - it just means they're being sold in different ways, whether it's to companies like PopCap with casual games, Steam for all kinds of games, or MMORPG subscriptions.

Barclaycard follows Barclays offline


Not news

Morgan Stanley cardholders were told their old card would be cancelled and the Barclaycard be active from 22nd September. Registration proved to be a nightmare in advance of that date as the system kept failing. Even phoning up to get help only got the registration complete, not in a state where you could actually use it yet.

Since the MS customers got moved over, the Barclaycard online services have been down more than they've been up, and having spoken to some in their website team they basically admitted that the problem was affecting most MS customers, that most couldn't even manage to register, and that they were hoping to resolve the problems soon.

Days later, one time I tried to log in it was working OK, but then went down again...