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I was authorized to trash my employer's network, sysadmin tells court


ok its all about the timing...when did he resigned and when exactly his resignation was found.

if he had done it before his resignation was found he would not be found guilty if after it was found he would be nailed to the wall.

New EU rules on portability of online content services move closer



funny you mentioned that there are few articles and comments about the very same thing on torrentfreak while back. but most savvy users either use proxies or vpn to get over the restrictions.

general concensus in community is all regional local blocks are worthless and waste of money and resources that could be spent elsewere

Comcast lied and now it must STFU: Its cable broadband is not 'the fastest' in the US


Re: How can they tell?

you got 14mbps!?

wow on good day ill get 1.2 to 1.7 and i am 7 blocks away from their node for the area i live in....

scumcast the choice that gives no choice

they offer 50mbps but i never ever seen it anywhere and i travel a lot

and yes they DO direct you to dummy speed test sites...so does verizon and optimum and what used to be warner cable.

wonder why FCC had not clamped down on that yet

Comcast staffers join walkout over Trump's immigration crackdown


for those outsde usa just sso you know comcast aka scum cast is acable tv and isp provider who is not doing its job properly and it is an understatement.

the real reason they are paying its employees to protest yes pay their employees to protests is because of one tiny thing the company did back in mid 90s. namely they took off with about 2.5 billion dollars for no work done.when internet was being expanded and build in usa FCC and few other agencies gave an incentive to major players to tune of few billion to start laying down fiber optic cables in order to acommodate future traffic and have highest speeds in the world. but hey companies took the money put down only 3 to 5 % of intended network and pocketed the rest while ripping customers off. trump said he wants money back that is why they do not like trump....this is the simplest way of saying what had happened here.

Top cop: Strap Wi-Fi jammers to teen web crims as punishment


ok so if this goes through lets say it does how will it work exactly?

limited range of 1 meter or more? what about people who are going to be affected by this person in say a busy street? what about potential problems with emergency services? will cell signals be excluded? etc etc there is more but hey i am tired...

as i see it kid can go to any public library at least here across the pond from you brits and still have access to the net and his or her scripkiddie tools on a portable memory device...

also state side FCC has some of the most stringen codes regarding signal jamming devices

Busted Oracle finance cloud leaves Rutgers Uni unable to foot bills


funny that ...vendors did not get paid ut the administrators did...wonder why that happened? btw it is not a first time this happens at least 2 to 3 times a year here and very rarely it makes any sort of news


Re: A glorious opportunity for fraud here

lmao you are BEING generous...i live there and i love it so much i would not mind if some one just napalm the whole town and steam rolled the area flat....trust me it would be an improvement and all local mini towns in area residents would throw a party that would last years!

Navy STEALS? US sailors dispute piracy claim


Re: I must be missing something

if you wish try looking it up on torrent freak its a little more detailed

Xbox modder prosecution dropped like white-hot potato



i wish reg would mentioned that people who were witness for the prosecution were also admited criminals.

the person who was a technical advisor employed by MS had admited to modding Xbox consoles while in collage. and the person who video taped the modding procces self admited that he had violated the privicy laws of california. hey it would make for more amusing reading.

but fora change we actuly had a judge who admited that he does not know what the hell they are doing here, mark my words that will be next governor of california. in all consoles as iphones are allowed to be jail broken under federal law passed a little while back so i do not see the point of prossecution to even push this case at all besides to line their pockets with money at eery ones elses expense.

Mechwarrior maker claims Microsoft 'destroyed' studio's culture


mechwarrior series

big bear

been a while since i messed with either board or pc versions but weapons had been scaled down in mek tek regarding range and heat in later versions for the clans after version 2.8 i think( will have to see once i find the back up for it. reasson i seem to remeber this is because my kid bro was complaing about his mad cat weapons especially energy based weapons were adjusted). as for protos fun idea but not entierly worthles its just astep up from powered armor infantry aka toads.

i had played all mechwarrior games on early pc , sega genesis , super nintendo, xbox(original not 360) and online mechwarrior/battletech 3025(made and owned then by EA)

i must say that fasa did good until they sold their product and expertise to MS. most notably was the slip in quality when mechwarrior 4 series came out. wherein mechwarrior 2 and 3 you almost felt as if you were really that high in the cockpit and really had that much fire power under your finger tips with excelent customization of your ride mech 4 series made you feel as if it was scaled down fps with really crappy customization options.

now about battletech/mechwarrior 3025 this was one of the earliest mmopg where you had achoice of factions and you earned points to get better mechs. it was made by EA and was actuly quite fathful to the mechs represented in both TRO and board games( mind you majority of beta players rarely got past 35 to 45 ton mechs before EA pulled the plug) for a game that was started when the best modems where running 56kps modems the graphics were very good and lag was almost none existent. game is not availble now due to some rights fight.

i remebered the news quite well when fasa closed its doors and sold its rights to battletech/mechwarrior to wiz kidz and microsoft. it was a dark day for all the fans of board and pc gamers and to be honest i do not belive that franchise had really recovered.

(btw i cannot wait to see the new reincarnation of the game on pc maybe it will be worth the wait)

Man threatens lawsuit after negative eBay feedback


i wonder...

i just want to know where these idiots come from? is it something in the water or air?

clearly the seller is in the wrong. item was not as advertised it was scratched and chipped right?

buyer returns it asks for refund and gets it and leaves negative feedback.

that is perfectly normal even in real time retail. as in you get something wrong or broken you return it get money back or exchange if you feel mean or oranary exchange few unpleasant words and that is that.

and the seller gets huffy over negative feedback over wrong item?

geez can some one please beat his head into a wall or something? or better yet his parents for not teaching this twit any better

Bastard Gator child dies sudden death


RE:What about an opt-in target ad ISP?

it has been tried back in late 90s and early 2001 as i recall...

the premise was free pc in exchange for letting them bombard you with ads for a year or more.

i forgot which companies done it but their adverts had been floating around for a while at a time.

majority of it was ads scams to get your e mail to deliver spam directly or to steal your ident.

i know of one instance one of my collage buddies signing up and getting a "free pc" and to this day he curses the day he got it.

the kit came bundled with win 98 hardware was so dodgy and outdated that when turned on it would produse a viriety of new and unfamiliar smells as well as noises that would sound like a mack truck with acough.

as for os as soon as you tuned the machine you were praying that it would stay on for more than a 3 min before pop ups from hell would come calling and bringing forth the blue screen of death( the first versions of ms explorer was turning itself on even after you adjusted the settings to shut it off).

he ended up using the damn thing as trap to trip up his roommies at night so they would not steal his bags of snacks at night. couple of nasty bruses later he manged to keep his snacks....