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Demon Internet goes TITSUP: Outage borks ancient ISP



My first ISP was Demon, and that was in 1994, when you could phone Cliff to resolve any tech issues (or to sign up in the first place). I was demonised for many years, some say I still am. I think I need a beer.

El Reg reanimates Cash'n'Carrion merchandising tentacle


Broken html

Err ... here's the source from the FAQ page, spot the error

The Register’s privacy policy can be found <a href="http://www.theregister.co.uk/about/company/privacy/">here</a>

Visa and MasterCard warn of credit card data breach



My UK Visa debit card was replaced in early Feb due to an unspecified "security threat". I was in the midst of moving home at the time. Despite many requests the bank could not give me any direct example of my account having been inappropriately accessed . Visa, who has supplied the original intel, wouldn't pass on the details it seemed.

Hackers declare war on international forensics tool


Obvious answer?

Now I know why I don't run Windows. .


ContactPoint goes live despite security fears


Oh .....

Think about the children ....

I was subjected to an unsubstantiated allegation last year. Despite being cleared by Social Services, the police and the family court, will this allegation still be there, accessible to all & sundry?


In the ditch with DAB radio


At home

I own one DAB radio and stuff it with 4 fresh NiMH AA's every week despite the relative high usage of 4hrs a day. Of course the problem here on the East coast is that any transmitter is inland, so usually only one within range. Coverage indoors is patchy, depends which side of the home you are .... and other factors such as metallic fittings.

So, when it works it is good. The info screen _can_ be useful. The battery life may vary, depending on the model etc. But, the technology works and should be promoted.

Of course, if WiMAX (or similar) took off, we'd all stream the stations to the garden or car.


Hand me my jacket - I'm on my way out the door

BOFH: The paperless cafeteria



OMG I am in creases. what an episode.

I vaguely remember the bog-roll trick from my early days in IT.


Did I leave my coat here?

Virgin rejects $1m space sex offer

Paris Hilton

Equity card?

Doesn't look like I'll get that call for an audition now. At least I won't need an Equity Card though.

Paris, as if she wouldn't.