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America 'will ban carry-on laptops on flights from UK, Europe to US'

Mark Talbot

What I don't understand is why would it be any safer to have a bomb go off in the hold compared to the cabin? Surely it's not beyond the religious nutjobs to make a passive detonator.

TalkTalk attack: 'No legal obligation to encrypt customer bank details', says chief

Mark Talbot

As far as i was aware you were not allowed to handle any banking transactions without being pcidss compliant and whilst quite loose that does state that at rest data must be strong encrypted and that the keys mustn't be known to anybody with access to the source to decode it. So this sounds like the usual clueless executive who doesn't actually understand the regulations that their supposed to implement.

Facebook phone app attempts to seize ALL YOUR MAIL

Mark Talbot


I've killed my facebook account now. Its been building up for a while to the point where I have no faith that facebook wouldn't do anything if they could make a buck out of it and I just don't trust them with any of my data any more. The only reason they get away with s**t like this is because most people just take it rather than stopping using a service and company they don't like. Apathy is the cause of many a problem these days

OpenSolaris axed by Ellison

Mark Talbot

Are Oracle deliberately trying to turn themselves in the evil tech company

I know oracle have always been a bit evil but with what there doing with Sun's IP are they trying to make themselves more hated in the tech community than Microsoft

Sky bags UK HBO exclusive

Mark Talbot


As I will never give any money to the nut job aussie so I'll just have to find another outlet.

Hulu scraps UK plans

Mark Talbot

Except For Yank TV

I have no idea why hulu was trying to get support from British broadcasters, what they needed to do was get British ad revenue and put up the same stuff as they have in the states. If they refuse to deploy similar services in this country at a similar release schedule then I'll keep bit torrenting away until they let me pay either by scrambling my brain with ads or with my own hard cold cash.

Scots unleash world's strongest beer

Mark Talbot


Isn't that called whiskey

Spain warned on filesharing cut-offs

Mark Talbot

Err You Are Kidding Me

So she has nor problems with Darth Mandy's draconian plans but the Spaniard's are well out of line for proposing a similar program.

Ofcom talks to spook firm on filesharing snoop plan

Mark Talbot


Quite how is this supposed to cope with a fully encrypted bit torrent client running of a dht tracker?

Lily Allen exits Twitter, bins BlackBerry

Mark Talbot


So we don't have to listen to the boring drivel that comes out of her speaking orifice .

Nokia plotting Symbian laptops

Mark Talbot

Nokia are a confused bunch

Nokia already started to do this with the Internet Tablet range but have now seemed to have dropped the idea of a arm based Linux and switch to symbian. They seem to just be buying up mobile GUI and OS developers and then changing their mind about what is was they where doing.

Microsoft releases Vista virtualization

Mark Talbot
Jobs Halo


This was apples solution for running macos9 apps on mac osx years ago. Nice that Microsoft are finally catching up with other company's.

Google spews desktop ads onto Satan, Jesus Phones

Mark Talbot


All this is that adds in google searches point at the desktop landing page rather than needing to be a special mobile one. Big deal, no need for the massive hissy fit just cos you don't like google.

Billy Bragg: Why should songwriters starve so others get rich?

Mark Talbot

Well you make money from myspace and the rest

You make money from the fair share proportion of myspace's advert revenue (which is what last.fm now actually do), gigging, selling of music, donations, film/tv scores and anywhere somebody wants to make money from it.

The part that really pisses me off, is all these ageing artists who expect there recordings the did 30 years ago. Now i'm a programmer, i create software hence i'm a creative. But i don't expect the software i get paid for to write yesterday to pay me tomorrow. What people like Billy Brag and Cliff Richard are asking for is to have an easy life because there musically talented. Well you should do like the rest off us do and put aside some of the money you make today to cover when you too old to work. If you were to greedy and drugged up to do that the well take a state pension and do like the rest off us have too.

Now i am a so called freetard yet i probably spend more money on music and gigging (about £500 in the last year) than anybody i know. now if there where 60 - 100 people paying out that money each that covers one artist so it doesn't really take a genius to work out that you can support a rather large number of artists of off only a relatively small proportion of the population. Copyright was instigated to protect artists and creative's so that they could make a living but so that it would enrich us as a whole. With the current costs of production that happens in a much shorter period of time.

Mark Talbot

There is a simple answer to his concerns

Just release his material under one of the CC Non commercial licences and a full blown one to anybody else. Make you money from other people making money and allow viral sharing to create you a market.

On the other hand what does he consider making a living because i'm fairly sure he is making far more than what the rest of the country calls a living.

Dark mutterings on killer Wi-Fi in schools help no one

Mark Talbot

Spoiled Brats

There are some very good reasons why adhd and the likes have become more wide spread in the last 10 years.

1. It's actually recognised as a illness and diagnosed by most doctors.

2. More and more kids are being brought up in an instant society and expect to be continuously entertained and not have to work at anything.


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