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Google says it can predict movie box office with 94% accuracy


@starbaby Posted Thursday 6th June 2013 20:34 GMT

I think you are absolutely right. Marketing did it's job and now I know about a movie. Next I am doing a search for reviews. I read them then I decide if I want to see it or not. I think that this explains the big gaps in the graph shown in the article.

Microsoft parades Windows 8.1, the version you may actually want


Re: we don't need a start menu/screen that takes up a whole screen

@JDX Posted Wednesday 5th June 2013 15:49 GMT

Why not use the whole screen? Because of efficiency. I can very nicely setup the programs in my Start Menu so that by only moving the mouse a bit I can reach all of the programs that I use mostly, without a need to see the shortcuts on the desktop.

Microsoft offers free keyboard covers for Surface RT


Hey Microsoft

Forget the keyboard, sell me the tablet only for less than $250 and you'll have a customer.

Former Microsoft Windows chief: I was right to kill the Start button


No, I only said that the title sucks.


Learning by shipping

I did not read his blog, but the title is so amateurish... Who in their right mind in the software industry is using learning by shipping as something to be proud of? You do focus groups, you do use cases. Of course you will learn something from production, but man, to put that as a motto is terrible.

Kettle 'which looks like HITLER' brews up sturm in a teacup


Re: People are stupid as a whole.

@pPPPP Posted Thursday 30th May 2013 18:22 GMT

I don't live in US, but here in Canada we use the same 120 V. I have at home (in my basement) no less than 6 rackmount servers and they all run happy, even when SWIMBO cooks in the electric oven and the central AC humms outside, and the house is wired for only 100 Amps. I never blew a fuse.

I prefer gas to electric when it comes to heating, it is much cheaper, as already noted, so the boiler, stove and furnace are on gas.

And yes, there are dedicated circuits for the oven and the AC unit.

Reports: New Xbox could DOOM second-hand games market


Re: @Greg J Preece

@Aoyagi Aichou Posted Friday 24th May 2013 22:18 GMT

YOU don't seem to understand. Why would the publishers make money from second hand sales?

I will make a little analogy for you: let's say you want to buy a car. You cannot afford a new car and are looking at an old one. But suddenly there is a new rule that says that if you want to buy an old car, you have to pay 80% of the car's price when it was new to the car manufacturer. Would you be happy with it? Would you afford it?

Or let's put it this way: you bought a car and realized after 10,000 km/mi/whatever that you don't want or need it anymore or you need the money. You want to sell it, but no one would buy it because it's only a few thousands more to buy a new one, and who would pick used over new for about the same price? Would you be happy with it?

On a personal note, your comments about American kids having to learn patience and you being from a "poor" country. Maybe they need to, maybe they don't. What does it have to do with second hand games? It just makes you look like an a**hole. It's like me saying that your country is poor, so it is populated by lazy people: you should work more so you can be all rich. You like it? You get it now?

I don't live in US ) myself, just saying. I suppose that's what you mean by America, otherwise you bunch together mexicans, canadians, brazilians and so on.

It's all gone to Schmitt: New OCZ boss rips 'n' replaces execs


@dcaxax Re: Smells like a flop to me

Maybe so, but please enlighten me how the following:

4.New Director of Quality

5.New Senior Manager Quality Systems

6.New Director of Product Engineering

7.New Director of Software Engineering

8.New Manager Test Engineering

9.New Manager Product Compliance

you think were responsible for messed financials?

It seems to me, as the first poster said, the CEO just fired everyone and will try to sort it out later.

I also believe, quality wise, OCZ was doing what many companies seem to be doing now: don't test too many products on the line, it's expensive. Let the end user test them, and if they are bad, change them.

Review: BlackBerry Q10


Sliding keyboard

Hey BB, why don't you make a phone with a sliding keyboard? Big touchscreen for browsing and a nice keyboard for my fat fingers.

So long, Hotmail: Remaining users migrated to Outlook.com


I have a Hotmail address from before they were bought by MS

Is there something wrong with that?

T-mobile US in invisible handset handcuff contract smackdown


Re: first step, transparency

Exactly. Maybe then we will have a real phone market. I cannot believe that many phones these days are costing more than tablets, but they are certainly sold for more. E.g. latest iPhone or Samsung are $700. The problem is that the networks have an interest in maintaining these prices high so that they can charge a lot in monthly fees and explain that they have to do it to offset the cost of the phone.

I believe that they pressure the manufacturers of the phones to keep the prices high, or not sell under a specific value. The phone makers are happy to oblige, since they make more money this way. Sounds like collusion to me.

Apple slips Antennagate victims $15 each. The lawyers get $16m


Re: Corrections @Lord Elpuss

You forgot on what site you are. I would stop reading The Reg (the pure facts you can get in many places) if not for the "personal touch" in their articles and for the great community.

German watchdog whacks Google with PIDDLING FINE over Street View slurp


Re: Moral of the story... @Longrod_von_Hugendong

Do you believe Google and others like it bring money to Germany? Think again...

Samsung: Posting of fake HTC hate was 'unfortunate'


Re: Ouch! @EddieD

It would have been nice to happen to all HTC phones. I bought an Amaze 4G in December 2011. It came, of course, locked. I was able, using HTC's site, to get a code to unlock the bootloader so I can install new ROMs, but I did not get S-OFF.

S-OFF came relatively late, probably 6 months (which means ages in mobile) in the life of the phone, and it implies a wire trick, not only messing around with software. See for yourself http://unlimited.io/juopunutbear.htm

I am not even sure if there are more complicated procedures to get S-OFF on any other Android phone.

The fact that it is hard to S-OFF and the method came late made a lot of developers leave the Amaze 4G, and as a consequence the ROM variety is not that great, which is a factor for me when choosing a phone.

The phone hardware is nice, but HTC would have to be light years ahead of everyone next time I will buy a phone to be even considered in my choice. Before I had an HTC/Tmobile G2, which was easier to S-OFF.

I never owned a Samsung, so I can't comment on that.

Malware-flinging Winnti crew has been RIPPING OFF gaming firms for YEARS



"The Winnti group turned a dishonest profit through its activities by EITHER looting in-game currencies and selling it for real money." English is not my first language, but I believe an OR should be around there somewhere?

Torvalds asks 'Why do PC manufacturers even bother any more?'


Re: What the hell is with 6 downvotes on streaky's post?

I think you need to check again, there are already some refutes. Streaky will do fine with a 10 x 6 pixels display, it seems. You and him do not understand the interpolation method and other ways of making the image sharper. Someone has explained it already.

MWC 2013: The Chinese are coming - and you ain't seen nothing yet


Re: Trend and intellectual honesty

Not true. Dell had 5" phone (Streak) way before Samsung. I loved the size, but unfortunately it was not working on the network I am using.

As for 7" tablets, I think the first one of importance is the Blackberry one, but I may be wrong here.

'We are screwed!' Fonts eat a bullet in Microsoft security patch


Re: @ t.est The Real Story here...

Right JDX. I was doing pro DTP in the mid '90s and Quark was THE software to use. A true WYSIWYG, application, and was exporting to PS. Plus everything could be done by hotkeys. The best editor ever. I was using it instead of Word, it was that good. I looked for a bit at Illustrator, but it looked like I would be less productive with it, so Quark XPress it was.

Seagate slips out super-silent 2.5in video hard drive


The most important...

thing about this drive is missing: price. All other features are surpassed by SSDs. Quiet? An SSD is completely silent. Fast? (SSDs should be 5 times as fast during sustained transfer mode, like when writing... video streams). Low power? An SSD uses less power, maybe not a lot less, but less.

So what's left? Price. Show me the price! Otherwise I don't care about the platter industry, since they gouged us during last year's flood.

Is this the sleek new BlackBerry mobe that will save RIM jobs?


Re: A proper keyboard? @ted frater Posted Thursday 13th December 2012 04:06 GMT

No, I don't understand. You keep going on and on about what you want, but you don't say WHAT you want. How would a "proper" keyboard look in your mind? The only thing I've got is that you've got big hands (I do as well) so the keys have to be big. Again, I had a BB where the keyboard was smaller than the one in the T-Mobile G2 (as seen here http://www.engadget.com/2010/10/06/t-mobile-g2-review/) but still easier to type on.

You want 3 rows or 4 rows of keys? Responsiveness? Material?

If you tried the Dell Streak, have you also tried the Samsung Note or Note 2? Way better screen.


Re: A proper keyboard? @ted frater

What is your definition of a proper keyboard? I also like phones with physical keyboards, and I was OK with BlackBerries, then I had an HTC/Tmobile G2, where the keyboard was not as good as the BBs, but still better than the virtual ones.

Google Maps becomes Apple's most popular app


What, you did not know?...

Google Maps is the best.

True dat.

Double true.

Is 'activestor' Icahn circling sickly HP?


Re: I loved the HP quality...

That's what I was saying. My wife's laptop is only 2 years old, but makes noise like a turbojet engine and exhausts about that much heat. The screen is working, I guess we are lucky, but the keys are faded.


I loved the HP quality...

But I will not forget how my first personal color printer was $5K. I have replaced it after 12 years with a $350 color printer, also from HP, which seems to be working well after 4 years, even if I don't print that much.

What I can't stand is their computers. Inexpensive, but poor quality.

Chips in spaaaaace: old tech is in


I have read the exact same thing

At least 10 years ago, in a German magazine, either CT or CHIP.

Industry in 'denial' as demand for pricey PCs plunges


@AC Posted Tuesday 13th November 2012 16:50 GMT

They keep predicting that all the computation will be done on the web/server since 1998. At least that's when I heard it for the first time, it may be even sooner.

Move over Silicon Valley, the Chinese are coming


Re: Do you remember...

I would have preferred a better example, TVs are actually a domain that is stagnant. After the flat panel "revolution" that took place 5 years ago, there's really nothing new. 3D? No one seems to want that, or what is passed as 3D these days. Even than, I would argue that 98% of the TVs on the market these days are actually Chinese products, just try to find one that says "Made in Japan". Out of the total cost (for the manufacturer) of the product, the vast majority is spent in components and labor.

I think that the forefront of technology is the software. And this is where US has the lead, even if it looks like they try to kill that too by farming it overseas.


Do you remember...

The books from the '80s that were saying that in 10 years Japan will pass America as the leader in technology? How that happened... I am very skeptical regarding these "reports"... No one knows the future. Will there be change? Yes. What that change will be? No one knows, including these "analysts". If they had any ideas, they would be implementing them, not running statistics...

Windows 8 versions will confuse the punters, say OEMs


There's not going to be any confusion

Because no one will buy Windows 8, right? :)

Facebook IPOcalypse cases: One lawsuit to end them All



Good one, have a beer!

40 Foxconn staff hospitalised after CAMPUS RIOT


@keithpeter Posted Monday 24th September 2012 10:55 GMT

Apple should do that, they are guiltier that the rest of the companies because they make a lot of money out of each product.

If a phone costs $200 to make in China and $300 in US, the companies that are selling phones for $250 won't be able to make them in US, but Apple could afford that.

Win8 tablets may cost MORE than iPads – AND LAPTOPS


Re: I smell fail @JDX Posted Tuesday 18th September 2012 20:56 GMT JDX

I know, but in my experience won't happen immediately after launch. I have a feeling I WILL get a Windows 8 tablet, just not this year. I missed the Touchpad firesale, but I just got a BlackBerry Playbook 32GB for $120. I would not have paid full price on it, but at that price I found it very attractive.


I smell fail

I was waiting for Windows 8 to see if the tablet prices will go down, and maybe contemplating a Windows 8 (RT) tablet. Oh noes, I won't pay more for Windows though. It seems that the Transformer Infinity will be my next tablet, if no one comes with a 12" tablet reasonably priced.

Microsoft should understand that if they want to compete in tablets, they are the underdog, and they have nothing that would entice me to switch from Android except price.

Acer Iconia Tab A700 32GB HD Android tablet review


Not enough price differentiation for this tablet. I am watching the tablet market looking for a replacement for my original Transformer (my wife gets it :) ). I like the Transformer Infinity, which here in Canada is $500. The Acer A700 is $450. So basically for $50 more (10%) you get a nicer screen and the ability to add a keyboard later. If I would be to spend that much, I might as well get the Asus.

Apple's first batch of iPhone 5 preorders sold out in an hour


One hour? That's a long time...

You should see how fast the Playbooks sold here in Canada today... Walmart has a sale: PB 16 GB for $99, 32 GB for $118. The stores are opening at 7:00 AM. I make a huge effort to get out of bed by 7:00 AM, and I am in front of the store at 7:15 AM (I live really close). They were sold out, it seems some people queued up and got the 50 or so they had in stock. All sold within 5 minutes. No headlines in the news though.

Western Digital cuts revenue forecast, cites 'muted demand'

Thumb Up


Plus the fact that now the SSD are actually pretty affordable. A 128 GB drive for less than $90 is not bad.

HP throws an extra 2,000 staff onto chopping block

Thumb Down

Re: Dell Killer

HP's online store is terrible. I just ordered another server from Dell because they have the configurator in there and I don't have to wait for sales reps to get me quotes and stuff like that. When HP's online store will work I will consider them. It still blows my mind how a company with HPs resources cannot get together such a (relatively) simple task like creating an online store that works.

Sharp's slim screen factory 'flogged to death' by Apple


Re: am I feeding the troll if the troll wrote the article?

Overall I agree with your post, but you knew how to use the iPod because you had similar devices before or you have seen other people using it. Even Apple's interface is something that has to be learn. Is it easier to learn that other UIs? Sure. But it's not something that you don't need to get familiar with.


Re: "Cupertino idiot-tax giant"

So correct. Same for hard drives in Dell servers. The garden variety of 500 GB, 7200 rpm SATA drive can be had for $70 everywhere, except when it's added to a Dell server, where it's $250. Hey Reg, when can I see an article about the Dell tax?

I could not care less, but 1) you cannot order a Dell server without a hard drive, and 2) to get any hard RAID controller, you have to buy at least 2 drives. Thank $deity that Dell does not know that I want to use 8 drives in that machine, otherwise I would have paid double for an entry level server.

Text-and-drive teens ratted on by AT&T mobe tech


Re: Insurance with 'computer monitored driving'

@AC 21:05 GMT

How many accidents did grannies cause because they are driving too slow for the flow of traffic and other drivers have to change lanes to go around them? Or when they go on the opposite lanes on a highway because they are confused? No one counts that. It's always speed that is the problem, never the ability of the driver. Sheeple...

Amazon exploited by hacker in scribe's epic Apple iCloud pwn


Re: I've faced this dilemma myself

PCI-DSS allows you to store the first 4 and last 4 digits of the card number. Asking for the first 4 makes more sense, as most of the receipts printed by point of sales are showing the last 4.

Chip and PIN keypads 'easily fooled' with counterfeit cards


@AC Posted Friday 27th July 2012 17:08 GMT

You have no idea. If the person is filing for a chargeback, the bank will bill the merchant. The banks don't pay. Period.

It costs $450 in marketing to make someone buy a $49 Nokia Lumia


Re: How to lose the trust of your current customers @Adrian 4

It's not exactly the same thing with Android. Yes, most older and cheaper phones will not see ICS from either the phone manufacturer or the network, but if sold in enough numbers may be of interest to third party developers, see xda-developers.com and ICS on HTC Desire Z, a really old phone by now. If the user is not technical enough to root and upgrade themselves, many people can do it for them for a few bucks.

Compare this to upgrading WP7 to WP8. It will never be possible, for love or money.

Europe's prang-phone-in-every-car to cost €5m per life saved


Re: Airbags @TeeCee

Technically it's not a CANbus problem, more like bad programming on the car manufacturer's part. We use CANbus in a non-automobile application and find it just fine.

HTC bags UK win in patent war with Apple


The only good thing Apple really did with the iPhone

was to smash the carrier control over the phone software, ending the days of the feature phones. Apple liberated the phone. The UI gimmicks, "slide to unlock" and so on, big deal.

Nokia after the purge: It's so unfair


Did you not read the article? That market is unimportant because no one makes money out of it and next year it will be owned by Chinese manufacturers.

World+dog discovers hi-res aerial maps, thanks to Google and Apple


Re: hypocrisy?

There is one thing to use Google or Bing Maps like an old fashioned map, and a completely different one to take pictures of each home or building.

Apple juggernaut cranks out big, big numbers


1,700: New APIs in OS X Mountain Lion

Did they add by mistake a couple of zeros? If not, I pity their devs.

Volkswagen Up!


<<Despite the piddly little motor, the Up can get quite a move on. The 0-62mph sprint is dispatched in 13.2 seconds>>

0 to 100 km/h in 13.2 is truck territory. Where's the fun when all other cars are passing you by, even if that wiper motor that passes as an engine in this car is screaming (whining?) at full speed.

VW makes a really economical car that is actually useful: Passat Diesel.

Acer touts Tegra 3 tablet


@Neil Barnes Re: Given that the killer application on these things is surely Skype[1]

Why would it not work on the Acer, it works fine on my Transformer, so it can't be ICS. If it's a crazy driver or something then ask Acer to fix it.