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Intel has driven a dagger through Microsoft's mobile strategy

Andrew Harding

I have been a fan of Atom/Windows since the beginning since I returned my first, first-gen Suface RT. I returned it for the first gen Asus Transformer and now I have the second gen too.(https://www.asus.com/2-in-1-PCs/ASUS_Transformer_Book_T100HA/)

Both are great and I use it as my main device for work. (VDI, and AWS run fine on both, the second gen gave me Ubuntu Virtual Box. What I liked was the low power, low cost, and the ability to power my laptop with microusb.

Now my new gen also has USB-C. Once everything moves to USB-C, what's the point? Intel can provide small cool cheap x86 chips within their existing pipeline

It just means the standard architecture has caught up to Atoms capabilities (price,size, power)

Good enough IT really is good enough. You don't need new hardware

Andrew Harding

Re: The opposite

Don't ignore perfection just don't prioritize it over all else. In many cases 80% of perfection is achievable with only 20% effort. 80% = C

I've witnessed people giving up on perfection and only producing 80% of "good enough" which equals crap. 60% = F

Cloudy startup drops unified storage array into YOUR data centre

Andrew Harding

Re: 5TB ? Cheaper to buy at about $200

uh, Seagate's performance would be terrible and would wouldn't get TBs of geo-dispersed, cloud-accessible redundancy. PC backup apples versus Enterprise-class Storage-as-a-service oranges

NetApp slims down latest controller, beefs up channel efforts

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Re: NetApp doesn't win every POC

NetApp is a Swiss Army knife. The other two are razor blades. SAN Block is dead.

Andrew Harding

Re: Must Respond

1 ms

Andrew Harding

Must Respond

IMHO OnTap is only a death trap if it stays tied to hardware; I can't wait until they scale up their VM.

Scale-out is still limited.

The performance improvements for AFF are real and that is coming from personal experience. They are the only native NAS in the AFF game. We are seeing consistently under 1.s latency with Oracle NAS.

Feeding the XPoint cuckoo and finding it a place in the storage nest

Andrew Harding

There is a lot of F.U.D. with TLC overwrites and that limits the uses cases. It's hard not to think Xpoint can't take advantage of it.

A very high limit of overwrites on a 1TB DIMM with a server with 96 slots would be attractive on hyperconverged if they can get the proper erasure coding, inline dedupe/compression and ECC equivalent.

And we thought 10Gb/s NICs would be enough :p

World smartphone sales: Apple closes on RIM...

Andrew Harding


RIM moved to Atlanta, GA.

IBM blades and racks get all-you-can-eat VMs

Andrew Harding
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Window's cheaper than Linux

With Datacenter, Hyper-V and multi-core, I've cut my Windows costs by 90% in 1 year. I don't even need blades. 3850's crammed with memory do just fine and simplify support with scalable I/O, standard drivers, fantastic cooling, and big proc cache. Don't forget hex-core.

This is by far the easiest and best kept secret. You can even just purchase Datacenter for a VMware host, then all the Window's VM's on that ESX box are free.


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