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Top cop's 'stop stopping snappers' memo: Too little too late?

Jaimie Harris

Google Ads

Love the google ads at the bottom of the Daily Mail piece. You may have to refresh a few times but I saw "Firearm Replicas" and "Best 9mm For Self-Defence"!

Amazon and Apple stunting UK e-book market

Jaimie Harris

More Books Might Be The Answer

As an owner of a Sony eReader, I would suggest that the high costs of the readers and ebooks along with a limited range of ebooks would be a more likely cause of the stunted market. The last two books i tried to get in epub format weren't available (the new Chris Brookmyre and AC Grayling's Liberty In The Age Of Terror). Also, the pricing is ridiculous; £19 for an old Dick Francis? Anyone would think that the publishers didn't want ebooks to succeed!

Steve Jobs 'heart attack' citizen hack wasn't a short seller

Jaimie Harris

Cracking Up

My Dictionary of Hiberno-English by Terry Dolan states it is of Middle English origin, "crak" meaning loud conversation. Craic is just the pretentious (my opinion, not Prof. Dolan's) version of the modern english "crack". If "crack" is good enough for Brian Friel and Roddy Doyle then it should be good enough for anyone.

I'll get me coat.

Sky told to hand over footy and film rights

Jaimie Harris
IT Angle

It's About Carriers Not Content

The issue is not that Sky cannot charge for their product, it is that Sky Networks should not be able to unfairly promote their satellite service over other delivery methods such as cable or DTT.

You have to distinguish between Transmission Networks and Content Providers.

Imagine if Microsoft used their dominance of the OS market to leverage their applications......


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