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Hijacking iPhones and other smart devices using SMS

Mark Townsend

Symbian Pre-existing condition

I suspect machines running Symbian may be immune to this particular problem. There was a similar problem to this one for the Symbian S60 system back in December last year, the so called S60 Curse of Silence. A specially crafted SMS would be sent to the phone and would occupy space in the mail box while not presenting itself in the message list. It soaked up space until the phone could no-longer receive SMS messages. I suspect Symbian was patched to handle that and this new 'sploit uses a similar technique.

US boffins: Laptops will be as hot as the Sun by 2030

Mark Townsend

Maxwell's Demon was beaten ages ago

I'm guessing these guys don't read Make! Magazine. They published an article that showed you how to conduct the Maxwell's Demon experiment in real life and get an, apparently impossible, result. Maxwell's Demon supposedly lets you create a temperature differential from a constant temperature source by using a friendly demon. However by using a cyclonic concentric air-stream you can produce hot and cold air from a room temperature feed.

Does no-one look outside their field any more?


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