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Siemens shows slim, sexy solar-powered cordless concept



"To be fair, this isn't a mobile, but one of Siemens' Dect cordless boys, and the vendor reckons it'll get enough exposure sat in its cradle to keep the batteries full."

Did you spot the clever bit there?

If it needs to sit iin the cradle to get enough exposure, why not have the cradle connected to the mains - so that the battery could be .... er ..... charged?

New mobe operator slash Wi-Fi hotspotter launches in UK


Psst ...

Anyone want a Rabbit base station and handset?

I think they were technically 'CT1' technology (the predecessor to CT2 - DECT - which we use for home cordless phones now). I've got one in a cupboard somewhere if the price is right.

BT 'security upgrade' causes email headaches


BT email

My ISP is BT and I have a @btinternet.com email address.

However, I only use that email address with one company - BT.

Everything else is gmail or hotmail.

Vodafone, Orange to share UK mast sites


Announce, re-announce, then announce again

They appear to have adopted the Nu Labour strategy - announce, re-announce and then announce again.

But don't DO anything!

UK military faces spectrum sell off


MOD spectrum

Reminds me of the trouble we had getting a few megs back for a government-sponsored use (Airwave).

Watchdogs probe Sky dominance on pay-TV



How on earth are the F.A. going to be able to continue paying foreigners stupid amounts of money to 'manage' the English soccer (non)team losing matches without the billions Sky pays 'em?

Ofcom grabs reins on premium rate scams



Ofcom are as much use as a chocolate fireguard - AND ALWAYS HAVE BEEN.

BT Vision misses customer targets (by a shedload)



I was considering getting BT Vision (a fee PVR is not to be sniffed at) but was worried about having to change my brand new router for a BT Home Hub (about which, we've all heard horror stories).

So I asked BT and was told, "No, you cannot use a BT Voyager 2500V, you have to have a Home Hub."

I couldn't understand why that would be necessary so I asked the same question on a forum and, of course, there were people there using BT Vision via a BT Voyager 2500V without any difficulty.

That's how to lose orders BT!

Egg.com server cracks


EGG not shoting loud enough!

So, those 'who shouted loud enough' are reconnected - but Egg is still down.

Methinks I'll be changing credit cards.

EU monitors roaming compliance



Well, well, well. Virgin Mobile - NO RESPONSE.

What a surprise!


Patientline results prompt share meltdown


Patientline workaround

Because cellphones are tiny these days, it's easy to conceal one within the hand whilst appearing to make a call using the Patientline handset!

Try it!

TalkTalk slams slamming charges


Ah, that's all right then...........

"We did/do it, but we did/don't do it deliberately, we did/do it because we/our staff are sometimes inept."

I wonder whether Charles Dunstone himself approved that response!

Google is Europe's most visited site


Google it!

So, Europe is a 'region' now is it?

I always thought it was a continent!

Silly me.

Tiscali locks down contracts after email disaster


Tiscali e-mail - don't bither

I am astonished that any Tiscali subscriber should have been caught out by their e-mail failure - surely nobody uses their ISP's e-mail as their main e-mail address any more?

googlemail.com offers so much more - and for nothing. Free POP3, free forwarding, free 2.8Gb storage (never delete another e-mail), superb spam filtering.

Premium-rate scams prompt licensing proposal



BT bar access to all 09 numbers free.

Carphone Warehouse mounts US invasion


The Yanks won't put up with it!

With any luck Dunstone and crew will find out the hard way the level of customer service they should be providing for their customers in the UK when the Yanks give them a lesson in how things are done over there.