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Video iPhone coming in June?



I'm so bored of iphone v.3 rumours... I think its best just to wait for it to arrive, then we'll all know for sure. We shouldn't be caught up in the rumour mill, clearly all sent out by apple themselves anyway.

Hybrid Jaguar XJ en-route?

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I'm so bored of hybrid cars... how long untill we all look back and laugh and the rediculous idea?

Medion tower makes supermarket debut

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i feel abused.

Tesla unwraps Model S

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@Tree hugging

What about the batteries, where do they come from? They have lots of nastybits inside, from all round thr world.

There was a study done to work out which cars have best green credientials over the period of their whole life, from manufacturing to disposal. The best car? Toyota Landcruiser, mostly becuase it goes on FOREVER.

Online retailer offers Sim-free iPhone 3Gs



"Working it out over 18 months...

By Tony Chandler Posted Tuesday 24th March 2009 15:39 GMT

...this would cost you £31 a month. Makes the £3.50 extra you'd pay for 600 minutes, 500 texts and unlimited* data on O2 sound not too shabby. Unless of course you were already in a contract etc.

*yeah, yeah, I know"

I'm under the impression it is actually unlimited on iphones now. it was a fairuse policy of up to 250mb per month (more than enough for most people) but it is now only limited by the hours you can stay awake

Orange adds PAYG BlackBerry


£5 per month

It actually costs £5 per month for all your emails and internet. however, on the first day of launch, it didn't actually work.

Sony Ericsson to make Android phone


open memory cards

"a strong supporter of open operating systems?

Anonymous Coward • Wednesday 10th December 2008 17:04 GMT

But not a strong supporter of open memory cards."

Perhaps not the strongest, but the k850i took both M2 and microSD, and not the X1 takes microSD too.

Gamers voice NXE woes



I've just downloaded it, and i think its really good. Much better than before.

Carphone Warehouse denies mass Linux Webbook recall



Yes, these were all recalled back to the main warehouse last month. Now they come with the windows version. We've also started doing Asus EeePC 701s, but the XP version. Not great on a 7" screen.

I think we should have kept Hardy versions, along with XP versions, people like XP for good reason. Personally i like my Hardy Heron version just fine.

Flip pocket camcorder goes HD

Paris Hilton


Are these popular? We've stocked them at work for over a fortnight, and are yet to sell one, or even have someone ask about them.

Would Paris have one?

Geek gets Blackberry Storm tattoo



Firstly...cool name.

Secondly, at least with a StarTAC there's a chance of it having "retro charm", as perhaps a pacman would?....maybe. There is however NO chance of a blackberry Storm having any lasting charm.

What a looser.

I fancy a new Aston Martin.... off to the Tat studio.

Hitachi touts greenest 500GB laptop hard drive


Re: Re: Re: Green?

I could be massively more interested in my longer lasting battery.

I'd like to know how much power it would save, and how many more polar bears will have homes thanks to this "green" invention.

Samsung Innov8 i8510 eight-megapixel cameraphone


normal people...

I'm fairly certain that the c905 is a better phone. Most people dont use their mobile for making skype calls or for playing old console games. So for usual use, the c905 is better, as far as i am concerned. Most people will use their phone for making calls, sending texts, taking pics/vids, and for sometimes playing games. C905 will do all those things, very well, in the most simple way.

Of course the magic of S60 will definitely win over the "nerds", and i can totally understand why. If i wanted s60 though, i'd go for the Nokia N95-2 (black 8gb model).

I guess it just depends what you are looking for.

BTW i mean "nerds" as a totally endearing term.



"clearance" are returned handsets, either people didn't like them, or they were faulty, now fixed. Should be ok, just cant be sold as "new".

I would choose the C905 though, Similar prices, and i think much better.

Parrot displays near-field photo frame

Paris Hilton

im a nerd.

I'm a nerd, and am unsure of what i could use this photo frame with, how will normal people kmow what to use with it?

Paris, becuase she's as confused as i am

T-Mobile launches 3G broadband sharing station


not just tmob

This is also being offered by 3 soon.

Vodafone launches in-store power pods



Carphone used to advertise doing this for free, and still will.

....another example of vodafone "charging" over the odds. (pun-tastic)

Samsung's second 8Mp phone leaked


Samsung (hearts) LG

want to know what samsung is about to release, just look at what LG is about to release, and the otherway round

This new samsung will be just like the LG KC910 Renoir, but probably much better.

....mine's the Samsung Staff lab jacket with a bunch of tech info from LG's R&D dept in the inside pocket.


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