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Google Nexus One

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Lack of apps?

To the earlier poster: When's it available in the UK? It is, and has been from day one, you just need to buy it without the true cost hidden in the airtime agreement. I'm in the UK, running it on O2 pay and go.

As for a lack of apps -- I don't understand that. What's missing? It's not how many apps there are in the store, it's what's available that matters. If there _are_ huge gaps in what's available then please let me know as I've been looking (tempted to do some Android development as I have for the Psion platform in the past) -- but I can't find anything missing!


Mark Wheadon

Re: duty to the UK

I bought the UK charger, but still paid no duty -- just the VAT plus the small admin charge. FWIW I wouldn't have bought the UK charger if I'd realised there was a US charger in the box -- the US charger works fine with an adapter (i.e. it can handle 240 volts).


Panasonic says Intel Atom not up to snuff for its PCs

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901 Again

Yes - the comment about battery life phased me as well. My wife's EEEPC 901 seems to go on forever (something like 6 hours running XP).

The other thing that's disconcerting is how snappy it feels (about 25 seconds from a cold boot till you can start working). I guess that's because of the small install with less stuff running all the time, but the end result is a machine which feels strangely quick (and strangely quiet).



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