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Thai insurgents move to keyless-entry bombs

malle herbert


In case anyone has forgotten, in the good old days the "bad guys" used a TIMER to set their bombs off...

(And yes, there's one in allmost every modern mobile phone... but a simple kitchen timer would be a lot easier...)

Program Names govern admin rights in Vista

malle herbert

Windows + Security = B*ll*cks !

Since any user will soon be sick and tired of Vista asking for their admin credentials that UAC will probably be disabled by many of them, I don't see how this will inprove security.

This entire "looking for words like install and setup" thing is nothing more than an attempt to achieve at least some backwards-compatibility with all those different installers out there.

This feature has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with blocking spyware, adware or other nasty stuff.

All those spyware writers would have to do is simply create an installer that actually runs without requiring admin privileges, then let that program create a login-screen that looks exactly like the UAC login screen and capture the

(l)users admin-password... it's as simple as that !

'Kryptonite' discovered in Serbia

malle herbert

Was it the green or the red version ?

I was just wondering if it also had a trace amount (0.0001%) of an unknown substance in it, just like the real deal ?


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