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Amazon's Lovefilm HD shuns Sony fanboys


Sony customers

Hmm Sony customers are really getting screwed on online streaming stuff. No Netflix on pre-2012 devices now an unspecified delay before LoveFilm HD.

Meanwhile I do have a lovely Qrios Streaming or something all over my menus..

Samsung slips on Ice Cream Sandwich

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Re: Hmm...

Have you compiled your own rom for it then? Every currently released SGSII rom has both wifi issues and touch sensitivity issues. It's a joke.

The touch is so bad i'm using an old phone to continue my Draw Something games as it's like using a 5 year old resistive screen!

Thousands of Brits bombarded in caller spoofing riddle

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Yup I got one of these calls around 10:30pm the other night...

T-Mobile hails first 'truly unlimited' smartphone tariff



lol it was only a few months back when t-mobile helpfully 'upgraded' me from my 3GB data package to their new unlimited data package and in just a brief moment my speed dropped from a consistant 2Mbps to a wonderful 512k.. I insisted they switched my package back despite them telling me there was no way there was a cap on the unlimited connection as it was 'truely unlimited'

Well would you believe it I was back up to 2Mbps as soon as they switched it back.

Will wait and see how well this one turns out!

O2 tries to explain its new prudish nature


Nice one O2

Seems to be a pretty hit and miss filter. My dad rang me yesterday wondering why his phone was blocking access to SOME airsoft websites.. ooh er..

Three bumps up mobile broadband contract charge


24 month contracts

Well here's an idea. Get rid of these ever increasing insanely long contracts :-P

SwiftKey offers alternative for Android typists



Used SwiftKey beta for quite a while but the amount of screen area it uses in landscape is just too much. Very fast though.

I don't understand Swype. Supporting a 'plethora' of phones? So they'd rather it carried on as it is then with the MANY people using it already on their unsupported phones without any issues and without handing over any money.

Both htc and motorola make their own keyboards, why would they buy swype?


Tony W - Permissions

As just some examples many apps need to read your phone call state so that they know to mute or hide when there is an incoming call.

Swiftkey needs to read your sms messages so it can learn you sentence structures (it even tells you this and ASKS for the permission)

Internet connection could be for all sorts of things, verifying the beta validity etc, it should probably make this one clearer when used.

Hands on with RIM's BlackBerry Torch 9800


Motorola called

They want their 2004 slider phone back..

The silver paint looks quite awful.

'Unlimited' ads are dumb and misleading, says 3



Glad he's said this and been honest that they had no choice but to advertise inline with other companies and use the 'unlimited' term.

There are bodies that are supposed to regulate this sort of thing who just aren't doing their job.

There needs to be a ban on using the term unlimited so all of these companies can change overnight. They can't afford to not advertise an 'unlimited' package as customers will go elsewhere thinking they are getting a better deal despite being subject to Farce Usage Policies.

Orange claimed they have the most complete 3G network? Don't T-mobile, Three, Virgin and Orange all share the same 3G network?

Although speaking of Orange if you look at their Broadband Comparison on their own website they claim their deal is better than BTs cheapest package because BT only offer 10GB whilst Orange is 'Unlimited' despite Orange having an unofficial 3GB bandwidth cap...

Google outs source code for Android 2.2



So how many more months until htc get their version out? :-(

Google risks OEM wrath for unified Android UI plan

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Possibly in..

Kind of for this.

As a HTC Desire owner it has quickly become annoying that I can't have the latest 2.2 Froyo update because of HTC Sense. That said I do like Sense and its apps, as someone suggested a Market download would be a nice way to go about it..

Skype founders unveil Spotify clone

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Yes please

I'm up for this if they can come up with a Spotify alternative that works in the UK and doesn't cost £10/mo to get it on Android.

Around £5/mo even if it means a restricted total time allowed in one month and I think a lot of people would jump onboard.

UK to get Diet Facebook


3 data

3 have just in the past 2 weeks drastically reduced the data allowance on new packages actually..

could be useful for those outside of 3G/HSDPA areas too :-)

Vodafone confirms Google Nexus One availability, pricing



Bringing this to the table 4 months too late and at £5 more than the Desire, what is the point?

Yet to find any Nexus apps that won't run on the Desire.

Strange we're getting the N1 just as Americans are awaiting delivery of their Incredibles :-D

BBC might pay for Tory broadband promises

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>At lunchtime today, the Tories promised the UK would be "the first country in Europe to extend >superfast 100 mbps broadband across most of the population".

Was this before or after they promised flying pigs?

We are just not even close to achieving this, what a desperate load of nonsense.

YouTube's IE6 support dies on March 13



Not a great loss. Most IE6 users will be from large businesses who probably have little use for Youtube anyway..

Besides, like Google, it will still work just new features might break.

Facebook goes lighter than Lite

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Good idea.

Can we use the plugin for Firefox to trick Facebook into letting us use the lite version?

Would be a good way to skip the adverts and apps nonsense :-)

iPhone must-have crowd inflates UK gadget insurance claims


@ AC Sales Technique

Yep i've heard that one in Dixons before too. Friend was looking to buy a £2000 Plasma TV and the sales guy tried to sell him the extended cover for it which covered accidents etc.

"The plasma will start to wear out by 4-5 years so at three years have it fall off the wall and get a replacement"

Brits take iTablet moniker for 12in iPad rival

Jobs Halo


"But the iTablet runs a full-scale, multi-tasking OS: Windows 7."

Pic shows Windows XP ;-)

I'm sure this was probably said for mobile phones and laptops in previous years but why is everyone so keen on a built in camera for the tablet? Just seems to me an extra feature that many will have little use for.

Bluetooth capability so you could send photos from a phone if required would probably suffice.

I just can't imagine walking around taking photos with a 12" tablet..

I would guess this won't have the nice touch interface the iPad will have though :-(

Windows 7 RC 'buy a copy' shut downs start next month


Shutdowns eh...

As has been posted already with it being so easy to circumvent this built in shutdown wotsit I doubt many will be shutting down at all...

Which reminds me I really should install my retail version!

Most consumers reuse banking passwords on other sites

Paris Hilton

Not surprising

I like to think I use strong passwords but when my bank alone requires 4 passwords it's hard to start remembering even more passwords for various other sites...

Unless of course you get into the much safer practise of writing your passwords down ;-)

Abcd1234 never fails me.

Doubt Paris could remember them either.

Cardiff tops UK plastic fraud list



Had my card cloned at an ATM around 2 years ago :in Cardiff -(

Luckily the bank caught it as there was a strange charge attempted against the 'Russian Federation' or something.. so they cancelled it for me. Unfortunately it was days before Christmas.

O2 and Be Broadband speeds dip


'No Cap'

For the record there is a cap on BTs highest package. Apparently set at 100GB/mo usage (up and download)

I hit it two months in a row and got throttled which is why I moved to O2.



So that's a large number of comments from people happy with their LLU service.

Good for you, I wish I could join you.

Everyone else on IPStream however has had speeds plummet from their up to 8Mbps (in my case 7.2Mbps) down to 384-512k some have even reported under 100k. This went on throughout September and October.

To help bring the speeds and ping back up O2 have effectively blocked any P2P 24/7. At least I can get 1-2Mbps on average now during the day and up to 5Mbps at night.

Their website and emails say it is blocked during peak congested times however the O2 Support Forums say otherwise as every user posting has been throttled to 5KB/s on any P2P 24/7!

Research suggests Wii Fit is no flab fighter


Wii Fit in barely working up a sweat and not losing weight shocker

"The families used Wii Fit for an average of 22 minutes each day during the first six weeks of it entering their homes, but for less than four minutes per day by the end of the three-month period."

Anyone who has ever done any sort of exercise will tell you 22 minutes of exercise is pretty much a waste of time. 4 minutes? you'd lose more weight sneezing.

Was a useless bit of research "We got together 8 very lazy and fat families and saw what happened when they didn't use a piece of equipment correctly over a period of 6 weeks"

Watchdog mauls Disney woman's breasts

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So... why can I find this genius ad? :-D

UK e-car trials kick off with mass motor handover



"At last, here's an electric car that doesn't look like a church pew"

Better looking than a church pew perhaps but still looks like a mobility cart. The Tesla is on the right track it's a shame the tech just isn't ready for this sort of thing :-P

Ok so it's not as bad as that stupid G-Wizz...

But as others have said i'm not interested until the range picks up a bit. 150 miles sounds plenty in the city (assuming it uses next to no power in traffic?)

RatemyCouncil site launches, falls over



Think I need a change of career..

I just can't understand how they can begin to justify that cost.

Channel 4 to become Channel 3D tonight


3D Glasses

@ Dale 3

Wow what a waste of time then.. It sounds like these glasses are hard to get hold of, at least some people have the red/blue ones kicking about.

It'll probably be rubbish anyway :-P


3D Glasses

Not managed to go to Sainsburys but I do already have some Hannah Montana 3D glasses in the cupboard which seems appropriate...

Can't wait for a night of overly blue/red shows :-D

Activision leaps into Modern Warfare 2 sales figure fight


@ AC

Make more money? You think the extra development costs involved to make all the changes to keep your small user base happy are free?

Bother to check my facts? lol, Steam version was hacked days ago, possibly even release day actually..

Since when has Steam stopped anyone from pirating?


PC Whinging

@ Paul Murphy

According to So&So Stats Inc the PC version only sold 20 copies so nobody cares ;-)

Why fuss over PC versions when the console version makes more money and sells far far more copies. PC version just gets pirated..

I do kind of feel sorry for the younger teens. They may have played the previous games which carried a lower rating so having a sequel come along with a higher rating does see a little unfair.

@Aortic Aneurysm

All that does is skip the contreversal Airport scene. It does not make the game the equivilent of a lower rating.

Wii to receive dedicated iPlayer feed



Presumably you'll need to update to the latest 4.2 firmware for this to work?

Didn't realise the browser had gone free either..

115,000 nabbed for in-car calling



Nothing to do with the Police not being out there stopping people as often anymore?

I see many drivers on a daily basis flouting the rules as i'm sure others do. If anything I see more now than I did in the first year which followed the higher penalties. It's a rule that seems to have been forgotten by many drivers. LGV drivers are often on the phone after a delivery round here...

Sky Player hits Xbox 360



Hardly a bargain is it!

Compared to the On Demand stuff the US 360 owners get through NetFlix this is a HUGE rip off.

Also unless things have changed you can use TV Catchup on the PS3 browser AND iPlayer, both of which are free.

MS seems to have so many conflicting interests right now. The whole MS only HDD thing, MS want you to download this that and the other at prices which aren't a huge saving if at all and yet still charge far over the top for the various HDD options.

This Sky Player thing is just more useless nonsense. Whatever happened to the BT Vision integration they promised quite some time ago.

Even iPlayer would be a nice addition.

Windows 7 - the Reg reader verdict

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Vista to Win 7

I bought my laptop with Vista on and found it to be quite good, better than XP. But after a few months it did slow down a bit with the many applications and files i'd forced onto it.

I've run the W7 RC for the past few months and tried to ignore the initial 'new OS syndrome' of everything being faster but after months of use it hasn't slowed down at all (unlike Ian Bonham above)

The new taskbar I thought would be a waste of time and I now find much more efficient. The compatibility mode ACTUALLY WORKS! several apps which refused to work under Vista now work again.

Install took around 30 minutes and it found and installed almost all of my hardware.

The change in file structure takes some getting used to but being a little untidy usually with my files it does help me keep things in order better.

Boot time from hibernation is superb :-D

I would hate to go back to XP now.

Revolting postmen force early Windows 7 launch


Nice idea..

Hopefully retailers shipping Forza 3 will do the same as that too is released Friday :-/

I won't hold my breath :-(

PC tune-up software: does it really work?



@ Warren G

Nice idea but I think we can guess how far Ubuntu would have got with the Photoshop CS4, Microsoft Office and Left 4 Dead tests ;-)

O2 Broadband puts brakes on BitTorrent

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Didn't take long

Well it was only a matter of time...

Hopefully that 3 hour period doesn't get bigger or move around and inexchange i'd like a decent ping and the ability to stream videos EVERY day of the week

DVLA pledges investigation over Castrol spy posters

Paris Hilton


@ Jon 84 & AC


Yes you can check any vehicle, and strangely the line about only checking your own vehicle has recently been removed..

It does need the vehicle make though so the system Castrol uses must be better!

No UK Zune HD, says Microsoft


iPod fanboys

Only two comments and both iPod fanboys who've obviously never used a Zune before..

This is a stupid move on Microsofts part. How they think they will make any sort of break into the 'MP3' Player market and limit sales to USA I don't know.

If they want people to buy the thing instead of receiving negative press and nonsense fanboyism they need to make it available!

They also REALLY need to get into the accessories market, just about everything is iPod compatible these days.

EU urges wise-up to combat rampant ATM crime

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Card Details

Knowing how poorly some companies look after our card details it seems almost a waste of time worrying about the odd ATM withdrawal :-(

I've had my card cloned yet again recently and i'm sure it wasn't from an ATM as I completely cover the keypad and check for false fronts.

Just glad the banks are a lot quicker on blocking dodgy transactions even if it does mean sometimes blocking genuine transactions.

Sony reveals slim PS3, drops price

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@ MarkOne

Which US states will be charging $120 tax?

Sure they will be paying tax but not enough to make up for the difference..

PS3 Slim looks like a VW Engine cover.

Dell boxes VGA cable to within an inch of its life



Today I received a couple of hundred quids worth of car audio equipment from a company online. It came in a used box which had been taped closed with packing tape.

The items inside were quite loose with no packign between them, one of which was a full wiring kit which had emptied its contents all over the box by the time it had arrived. The other two, an amp and stereo, were boxed and stacked on top of each other. Bringing the total height of the items to 20mm higher than that of the box.

Obviously the items were a bit squashed..

Orange declares mobile broadband price war


Contract periods

"Subscribers to the contract – which carries an 18 month term"

18 months contract on something ever changing like mobile broadband. I don't think so..

What happened to 12 month contracts being the norm, people seem to have accepted far too many of these 18 month contracts with telephone companies.

AT&T blocks 4chan, home of weird smut



When the users all boast of being through 7 proxies how will this effect them? ;-)

O2 gets into banking business


Prepaid Cards


Why not get a PayPal Prepaid card? As far as I can tell they only charges you'll get are withdrawing money from an ATM. Otherwise it is pretty easy to manage.

On the downside PayPal might close your account without warning and you lose all of your money.

Combining a debit card with your phone credit seems like an odd idea..

I wonder if O2 will make up transaction amounts as it seems to with the data i've used on the internet and subsequently removing random sums of money from my credit!

At least that's how it feels :-(

Microsoft's Bing in travel trouble

Black Helicopters

@ Gareth with Screenshot


Yea that is a bit too similar to just be coincidence..

They could have at least changed some of the colours and redesign the sliders!

MoD halfheartedly blocks Wikileaker 'dissidents'



"A document marked Restricted can be shown to or discussed with one's family; it doesn't have to be shredded when being thrown away; you can copy or reproduce it without any approval or records.*"

Restricted = Shredded after use ;-)

*Provided it's labelled correctly.