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What's in your datacentre?

Andrew Dodd

ahhh thank you

I always wondered what a data centre was... now I can sleep better at night

Optical zoom arrives on 12Mp cameraphone

Andrew Dodd
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I had a Sharp 3G phone back in 2004 that had a optical zoom so there is nothing new here

But does look very cool

'Jaguar' Cray hypercomputer beats 1.3 petaflops

Andrew Dodd
Paris Hilton

A machine that will finally run Vista at the speed that Microsoft designed it for

and Paris because she is just as hot as the CPU coolers

Fujifilm to tempt lovers with smooch-sensing snapper

Andrew Dodd

Other modes include

The Money shot....

Anti hand bluring

Pixalate face to protect your idenity

Horse riding...

Paris mode... to make your ugly girlfriend look 200lbs lighter

China promises censor-free Olympic media

Andrew Dodd
Paris Hilton

Chinese firewall

Well I can't wait for the Chinese firewall to be turned off as if you have get the great chance of working on servers based in China you will know what I am talking about.

Not going to post it all but...

24 580 ms 632 ms 649 ms

25 458 ms 464 ms 491 ms

26 456 ms 462 ms 602 ms

27 451 ms 450 ms 464 ms smtp.263.net []

With these sort of speeds there is no need to time delay the feeds its doing it already....

Paris... China? Isn't thats in South America?

Netgear recalls 82,000 powerline Ethernet adaptors

Andrew Dodd
Paris Hilton

I have one in my bag

I have a pair of these and I thought that did run a little warm. But this morning I saw that one was dead and its in the bag waiting to go back to PC world.

Still not as hot as Paris...

RM readies Linux sub-laptop... for £169

Andrew Dodd
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Forget about the 2/4Gb

Looking for one of these as I am off to the states in November.... check out this. http://www.gadgettastic.com/2007/06/09/asus-eee-specs/ as its now 4/8/16Gb

US men wrangle over three-year-old amputated leg

Andrew Dodd

Oh just priceless

You have made my day....

Didn't have a leg to stand on .... HAHAHA

Aussie stumps $100k for Airbus A380 tickets

Andrew Dodd

Really 100,000AUS

AUS$ or US$ as thats $82,000 US or £41,000 so a snip really

Andrew Dodd

Carbon offset

I wonder what the carbon offset on the ticket would be and if he is going to pay it?

If he has so much money I have a nice credit card bill he could clear...

Apple slashes iPhone prices

Andrew Dodd

Goes to show

Standing out in the cold waiting for the iPhone.... no just wait 68 days and save $200.... just in time for when they sell it in the UK... $399 thats £200+- so the price of a nice Nokia. Oh well thats $200 million for Steve's bonus this year.

I can see all the people selling on eBay shitting themselfs as they are on a loss already...

Buttocks, thongs, and bullsh*t: Street Viewers cop an eyeful

Andrew Dodd

No more hunting for helicopters

Yes we are all doing it now... no more looking for blackhawk helicopters we are looking for the best whale tail on the block

Gatwick gets iris recognition

Andrew Dodd

I love it

I travel around the world alot and always look forward to coming home. You walk upto the empty queue the glass doors open look at the two dots and your away. 30 seconds. Its great your always the first to collect your bags. Never had any troubles with it.

Milton Keynes: world centre of porn and sex

Andrew Dodd

Makes you wonder....

Makes you wonder how they came across this survey or what search fields they was using....

Lets see:

Sex, UK top 10 locations?

Or something you can't search for in your lunch break ;)


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