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HP ScanJet 3C takes lead on Bohemian Rhapsody



Made my day! Fantastic!

Nokia, HTC and RIM dragged into patent dispute

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A joke

The American patent system is joke, but a lucrative joke for lawyers.

By the way, why are there only non-US companies being accused?

Scots vote out ID cards


I never understood ...

... this UK fear and panic concerning ID cards. I've lived and worked in countries were ID cards are a natural part of life (France, Sweden, Finland), something very useful and practical. But I suppose since it's "on the continent" it cannot be good enough for the Good Ole Island.

Employees sue for unpaid Windows Vista overtime

Paris Hilton

DOS wouls still be adequate

@Sceptical Bastard,

actually DOS would be quite adequate in hundreds of applications and environments, where the graphich bloat with bells & whistles add no value whatsoever. Of course, people who cannot read nor write need icons and mouse.

Paris, because I received an email today: "Stay with Hilton this Christmas from just £39 per room!"

Finally launched: Nokia's iPhone beater

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Re: OS and Dev kit

@Bruno Girin: see for example http://www.forum.nokia.com/devices/5800_XpressMusic


Crippled Nokia?

Nokia has not crippled VOIP in any phone. It's the operators. Stuff it to them.

Microsoft delivers four critical updates


household-appointed admin

This household-appointed admin made a "C:>dir gdiplus.dll /s" on a XP Pro laptop and found out that there are 23 files with this name, with different sizes and date stamps. The one in Windows\system32 is *not* the newest. I wonder what the update updated.

Apple's MobileMe plays into hands of spammers


... but ...

@Andy: whatever the iDisk address is, in my view it should not be possible to conclude the account name or email address from that. If I want friends and relatives to navigate to my shared folders, I will send them a link. And I want to decide who is allowed in. Is iDisk open to the world by default?

Note: I'm not a .mac user, and now I'm not sure I would want to be.

Dell hits all the wrong keys – again


Swedish keyboard is the best in Europe

It has $ £ and €, all the Nordic characters of course, and all accents for French as silent keys (except c-cedille).

Microsoft buys travel search site



I had never heard of this site either, so now I had to test. Farecast.com has some very nice features and their search seems fast. And they even cover non-US airports very well.

Germany to Nokia: Give us back our subsidies



BMW has announced it will cut 8100 jobs, Siemens will cut 3800 jobs...

But I have not seen any news about Germans boycotting their products.

ID cards delayed until 2012


What's the big deal, anyway?

Since you in the UK already have passports, driving licenses, credit cards, etc.. why is there such a big fuss about ID cards?

Torvalds weighs in on Microsoft's patent dance


Yes indeed, what if ....

"The thing is though, what if Linus is right and Windows is full of code that draws inspiration from others' efforts?"

I'm convinced that this is the case: Windows and other MS products are full of copied/borrowed/stolen stuff. Considering the history, it's IBM, Apple, Sun, and many others, that would easily find their code in Microsoft products were they given the source to examine.

IBM will erase 100,000 workers - man with one name


Something's wrong with my math?

"The BIG PLAN is to continue until at least half of Global Services, or about 150,000 workers, have been cut from the U.S. division."

well, as far as I can tell from the 2006 Annual Report, the US total of IBM's 355,000 population is 127,000 people.

How do you cut 150,000 from that?

Poisonous spiders invade Britain


Publicity gimmick?

I think this all just a publicity gimmick for the new Spiderman movie?

How to enjoy media in any region



I have never seen a French DVD coded in SECAM. They have all been PAL. Players sold in France, both DVD and VHS, have always been dual PAL/SECAM or triple PAL/SECAM/NTSC.

And now with the digital broadcasting in France, SECAM has almost disappeared totally.

Shipping cost may be prohibiting using amazon.com for buying region 1 DVDs, but try dvdboxoffice.com. It's Canadian, so their DVDs even have French subtitles most of the times, and worldwide shipping is included in their prices.

French politicians vote non to voting machines


It's amazing

It's amazing that in these times of ever higher technology, there is still a place where a simple pencil and paper are the only tools which are secure, reliable, sustainable, environmentally sound and non-disputed. If it ain't broken, don't fix it; however ambitious the engineers are :-)