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Sinclair's ZX Spectrum to LIVE AGAIN!

Aaron Jacobs

Re: Why not just buy an old spectrum?

Have a look at http://user.tninet.se/~vjz762w/

USB and Compact Flash interfaces for ZX Spectrum, with ResiDOS in 1MB Ram. put all your games from WoS on a CF or USB stick - loads in a few seconds.

PARIS in cheeky GPS chip slip

Aaron Jacobs


Isn't that around mach 1.5 ?

No problem there then.

ID cards poster girl laments her £30

Aaron Jacobs

A fool and her money

are easily parted

UK.gov issues death warrant for ID cards

Aaron Jacobs
Big Brother


I was dead against the idea, still am.

But now they're being scrapped, I want one, to hang on my wall.

3-million-km-long comet plunges into Sun

Aaron Jacobs

That's no comet

It's Disaster Area's stunt ship.

That means I must have missed the gig - bugger

Austrian takes pickaxe to Street View spymobile

Aaron Jacobs

Geography and reading skills are lacking

That's Austrian not Austrailian.

Airport scanners face double exposure

Aaron Jacobs

Racist by design

Agreed onionman, the 'random' selection process can not be any but racist. They could do something like selecting every 7th person. But then that 'obviously dodgy nervous looking Asian guy' is number 6...

Or scan everyone - you'll have to turn up 6 hours before your flight leaves though.

Who thought this was a good idea again? ... Retard!

I'll be stripping down to my birthday suit if I ever get selected.

El Reg launches 'Comment of the Week'

Aaron Jacobs

Where can I get these???

I want some.

Just to see peoples faces when left in the staff canteen!

Small biz told to sort TV licences for PCs

Aaron Jacobs

... and we thought

they just matched a UK household database with their payment database.

Oh really...

I've got a TV licence, have done since I moved to current address 2 1/2 years ago. Every couple of months I get another 'Final Demand' style letter from the BBC. Yet no-one's come knocking on my door! I'm tempted not to renew the licence next time round.

Yorkshire boozer establishes 'smoking research centre'

Aaron Jacobs


Good idea,

Give a script out to everyone who enters:

ROLE: You are a pub goer before the smoking ban

Scene One:


Interstellar Bebo spamgasm targeted at 'water world'

Aaron Jacobs

I for one...

Welcome our jellyfish overlords

Lads from Lagos crack cabinet minister's webmail account

Aaron Jacobs
Thumb Down

confidentiality indeed

"no evidence that confidentiality of constituents was affected"

Except that their email address are now being spread around spammer groups!

Dawkins' atheist ad campaign hits fundraising target

Aaron Jacobs


How about a banner that reads

"Touched by His Noodley Appendage"


Adobe cites bad blood for closed Flash

Aaron Jacobs

Switch to a open source alternative

Swfdec or Gnash. Only option for Flash playback in 64bit browsers.


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