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OpenSUSE 11.3 delivers spit, polish and niggles

Jeff F.

Thanks for that

I appreciate the rundown on alternate O/S. I know it takes some time to load it all up and see what works and what doesnt. Keep us up to date on new reasons to switch. Thanks

Usenet's home shuts down today

Jeff F.

This like a Usenet topic!

With full color flash ads on half the screen.

I love reading comments. Its like following a topic, and mostly on course. Thanks Reg.

HTML5 unfit for web TV, says Hulu

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Do not adjust your set

We will control your experience with no further interaction or adjustment on your part. You must use Internet explorer v 11 to fully enjoy this experience.

you must upgrade to the latest windows media player...

I'm sorry you appear to be using a non-supported browser ...

All this bull just to "serve" ads non-stop! I hate it. Fight the Power!

Dell order status website suffers second server meltdown

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Why, Oh, why would you order from them?

I'm certain you saw the news from earlier this fall or so about how fouled up the orders were?

One of my clients told me (with an extreme sense of rectitude) that his computer was broken and he ordered a new Dell which wouldnt be delivered for several weeks.

I, in the mean time was able to obtain a very nice computer for less than $350 and my client still can't answer an email!

That must be some nice computing Dell..

Closeted lesbian sues Netflix for privacy invasion

Jeff F.
Paris Hilton

Something fishy

And why don't we know that there are ways to hit up hotties or cougars, or lesbos in the block reading movie reviews on both Netflix AND Imdb an cross referencing City, or usernames.?

Sounds like a lot of effort to me. I'm happy to say i'm a John Wayne loving, NRA member so don't bother looking up that I watched. Seems like some dumb ass lawyer with too much time on their hands.

El Reg uncovers Tiger Woods tech angle

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Thanks to El Reg

For doing your part to entertain, inform and showing the naughty bits of tech.. I love "The Register".

Where else can your read about the latest super computing chip, and the latest self-destructing chump.

You folks are the best ! Thanks for that.

AT&T to choke your iPhone

Jeff F.

Blame is fully ATT's

They and Apple run the fake ads glamorizing the data features as if they really are instant, never fail, completely perfect to use. ATT sucked the capacity out with their stupid TV streaming apps,(CV video, ATT music, etc.) and Now, they claim to be under charging AND over capacity (in some mkts)! Smells like fraud on consumers to me. Why not turn off the advert machine a bit. and quit pimping services they really don't want to provide at current price levels..

Sputnik, spaghetti and the IBM SPACE machine

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Dont forget the other fun thing

Loading the object deck that made those joke print outs of out of "X"'s and "O"'s that would come crackling out of those printers a line at a time, to reveal.. an image of a naked woman on a bar stool in all the greenbar glory! Those were the days!

WarMouse pushes gamers' buttons with OOMouse

Jeff F.

Late to market as usual

The future of a mouse is one that doesn't need to rest on a surface at all, like the Philips Speechmike. The programmable buttons on mine with the scroll wheel, and controls for zoom, page back, and other stuff make working a computer as easy as watching TV and changing the channel!

Botnet caught red handed stealing from Google

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How do you tell?

If you are in a botnet? F'ning windose is downloading an super important patch, i mean update no its adverts! As well as Adobe screwing with my flash environmen. Then I have some dumbass program that thinks it constantly needs updating or outhorizing. I cant tell good communication from bad, or control it. They deserve what happens.

IT shops rank servers on downtime

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Describes what I see

Nice information. What ever basis you choose. Smarter Techs, Bigger Iron, n-Unit rackscounted as 1 unit. Its a lot more effective to run Unix- Linux and the derivatives than Windows..much less support required.

Now how am I going to get my clients off Windows Server 2003 and prior!

Microsoft pimps bogus Windows 7 'launch parties'

Jeff F.

Order up some

sluts with that part pak, video the dancing or whatever to demonstrate the media center,now you have a paryy Ballmer!

Nokia announces Linux-based smartphone

Jeff F.

Its the UI that kills it

The Maemo developers are trying to get some useable PIM going on these things, but I haven't seen one that will eliminate duplicate data and needs to synch contacts etc with desktop. I hope they improved that..*ha,ha..(we are still waiting right?).. Get a killer PIM that works across the Nokia brand.

Online betting mogul cops plea, coughs up $43m in gains

Jeff F.

I hate that...

Guy pays probably the highest fine in the world, but customers are still screwed! God Bless the USA!

Microsoft sues John Does for bilking search bribery machine

Jeff F.

Need Better Bean Counters.

kind of a Rookie move in the program internal controls, huh?

Chrome feels the need - the need for speed

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Sick of Ads

While I welcome the improved ability to download Javascript heavy pages better, I wonder to what benefit? Aren't those annoying spinning, dancing, moving , STUPID ADS I WISH I DIDNT SEE, the biggest users of "heavy Javascript" in pages? Wheres that blocker ad-in again..?

Spammers target Twitter

Jeff F.

They got me the same day

as the Reg posted this informative nugget. And I thought for a second it was really a hot babe looking to score.. Drat! Darn Twatters, twammers, what ever.. its a waste.!

Supermicro does micro server for SOHOs

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Thanks for that review

I'm in the market for something like that, but the 2 gig memory slot maximum may be a little light by the time you hook a few users up wouldn't it? I want something to unify all my storage and processing in the area and not need to run 3 systems just in my house to handle the wife, myself and the home entertainment.

Beatle associate can sue over 'charlatan' claim, says High Court

Jeff F.

Justice rocks!

Way to go Mr. Justice Eady! Keep the lawyers from making a mountain out of a molehill.!

He reminds me of what my image of Charles Laughton as justice might be!

EFF seeks shelter for iPhone mobile 'jailbreakers'

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Live free or die

Its every consumers right, to control the devices in their possession and use them as they see fit. NOT as cell phone or computer mfg. see is most beneficial to THEIR illicit motives. I don't understand why this isn't as plain to some people as your own right to freedom, pursuit of happiness and THE RIGHT TO DISCHARGE CO2!

If the major suppliers of hardware and connectivity spent less time and effort DISABLING features and technology to control the customers and spent that effort on bringing forth new and compelling uses for their products and services, we wouldn't be wasting some much effort on trying to jailbreak a crap phone anyway!

P.S. Love the Reg.. keep up the good work. Thanks.

Ohio elections website hacked as vote scuffle gets ugly

Jeff F.
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Well, Thank God!

The Ohio Highway Patrol is on it! No offence intended, but is that the most effective use of man powet? FAIL

The Jesus Phone NDA - No one cares but you

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Well done!

I do care about openness, I think its up to us to try to make the low intellects that make up the base of the consumer base start to care too! More publicity about closed environments would help eliminate this terrible business practice

Google says sorry as Gmail plummets out of the cloud

Jeff F.


I have a premium google email service and only had 1 small inconvenience. I suspected a problem but didn't have any specifics until the El Reg put it up. Thanks for all the good work.

Memo to the hard charging corporates worried about 5- 9's...

Whats the use when the jerks on the receiving end say they never got the email anyway?

Then you look in their inbox ( I have remote access to my users), and its sitting very plainly, unopened- in Trash!

Email down-= Time for a coffee break or dash into the pub for a while in my book!

Lehman Excel snafu could cost Barclays dear

Jeff F.

Perfect case for Google Apps

A"shared" spreadsheet would have solved the version or revision issue.

I hope the poor schmoe they blame this on gets a good severance package


Adobe cites bad blood for closed Flash

Jeff F.

Good work!

If you really want to use PDF for work, you will use open sourceware rsther than Adobe. They think they are heros for giving away "players" . I ask for a compact, cost effective PDF creation package with features!. Lilke Microsorft, they think they are doing us a favor instead of increasing the knowledge base with innovations and opening up the codes for outside development.