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Virgin cuts broadband to a fiver


Once Virgin has opened your behind they will rape you

with Phorm.

Top aero boffin: Green planes will be noisy planes


Have they lost thier minds?

Nuke powered planes? With the amount of planes that go down in a year the planet will be covered by nuclear waste if these idiots get their way. I just hope any sort of plans are allowed to go through public scrutiny before any of it gets made.

BT pays compensation to MoD for faking performance figures


Yet more lies

by BT. When are people going to stop giving this company their money. I left because of teh Phorm bull. You people have to vote with your feet and your money. What point is it to keep rewarding these multi billion dollar companies with you money when all they do is lie, cheat, steal, stall for time, bully people into staying, pay off officials? STOP giving them money is the wway to get them to behave nicely. Phuck Phorn and Phuck BT.

Orange ditches Phorm

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Well done Orange

for pulling out yet i still do not trust them to do the right thing. With these large corporations the ONLY thing that matters is the bottom line and they will screw their own grandmothers to get a better deal or to rip us off. Orange is not different. I still applaud them for not going anywhere near phorm after looking at the potential problems that could arise, I.E customers leaving in the thousands. I left BT so BT can stuff it and i am not surprised at all that they ripped off the MOD, who will not punish them at all for these breaches, with their call centre scams. PHUCK PHORM and PHUCK BT

Brussels bounces BT-Phorm quiz back to UK.gov


phuck off phorm

Share price in a free fall and i am loving it. I think phorm was down to less than 200p yesterday.

Good to hear that the EU is not letting up on old Gordy and his evil minions. Who elected Gordon Brown anyway? Did we elect him? Sack him and his evil cronies....for allowing this fiasco to continue and for all the Data Security breaches that have been happening on his watch. Gordie clearly has no idea how to protect data at all. If i was a terrorist i would come here and have a wet dream just thinking about all the places i could get info. Let me see....already there is info on nearly all police officers out there, lots and lots of RAF and regulars. Heck....dont like the mossad...no problem ...come to GB and get info on them here.......SACK HIM!

BT's third Phorm trial starts tomorrow

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now that BT are going forward with this that we will read within a week that Talk Talk and Virgin are to follow suit with its trials. How can they refuse such a cashcow when BT are making money off of it and the city of london police have sold us out claiming that nothing illegal was done hence its ok to SCREW your customers.

I am lucky. I paid my BT bill to the wrong account, i have both phone and DSL with them, and got an agreement to defer payment for 30 days in written PHORM. They still disconnected me after having paid the bill as well as having an agreement to defer payment. So now that i am free to go, just in time as well, i have asked for my MAC code two days ago. Talk about good timing.


How on earth is that notice

telling you anything about your privacy being snooped on unless you dig deeper. This should be upfront and clear otherwise it is obvious you are trying to hide something buried deep in the terms of the agreement. If i were to take that front page as it is now i would suspect that i am getting something good. BT is really going down the wrong path and i have asked for my MAC code already.

Another London BT exchange hit by thieves


Bt security....what a joke

I don't think they really meant to have committed an offense. They were just testing security at the facility and since BT did not really secure the facility they consented to this act. The police need not investigate this issue as it is far to complicated and we are to dumb to understand the details anyway.

This just goes to show how SECURE their Phorm servers really are. Phuck OFF Phorm

BT's secret Phorm trials: UK.gov responds

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I have.....

now asked for my MAC code. Phorm, the government and BT have now gone too far. I am taking my money someplace else.

I think it is really time to start voting for a different party as well. They have had enough time to mess things up and as far as i know Gordon Brown was not even elected so how the Phuck did he get to be in power in the first place? This government is a joke and any 12 year old with half-way decent computer skillz knows more about computer security and how to keep data safe then the idiots that are now in charge. Heck, one or two occasions of data loss i can deal with but this is beginning to be a weekly affair now. And those useless inquiries are just that. Nobody seems to learn a thing from their past mistakes and yet they order more inquiries into how things happen. These things happen because the government at the top is in LALA land.

BT withdraws Wi-Fi access to The Cloud


Your partner did not want to be inphormed?

I have sent letters to OTELO and BT itself demanding why my cancellation notice is not being honored. JUST IN TIME AS WELL. Looks like the Phorm issue is being backed by somebody high up in government or the city of london police are really as stupid as they sound.

Police drop BT-Phorm probe

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insane donut eating lazy and incompetent cops

Have the police lost their mind? What the heck is going on with this country?

Lets all intercept the governments communications and then we cant be prosecuted since no illegal intent was intended. Child pornography is now legal since they did not mean to do anything illegal. All they wanted to do was watch little girls. I was sure that they were going to charge BT at least with some offenses but to completely give them a clean slate is beyond me.

Where can i donate money to a legal fund as this has gone to far and i want to help the cause with the only way i can at the moment. THis really infuriates me! I am in a bitter dispute with BT right now with them disputing that i even called to cancel the account before it became active even though i am quoting the very time, place, telephone number and fake, made up, reference number i was given by a supervisor in India. I dont trust BT as far as i can throw them.