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Samsung says Apple lifted iPad from Kubrick's 2001

Craig Matthews

Why 2001?

No need to look as far back as 1968 for "2001:A Space Odyssey". I would have selected Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987-1994) as the source of inspiration for the iPad.

Even the name (PADD) is similar.

Ares I manned rocket section explodes in testing

Craig Matthews

Apollo vs. Ares

I know that everyone likes "new and improved" things, but we know Apollo/Saturn worked, and worked very well.

Instead of trying to rush forward and get this new vehicle human-rated, what is wrong with resurrecting the Apollo/Saturn technology?

VMware renders multitasking OSes redundant

Craig Matthews


We had this back in the mid 70's on an NCR mainframe. A multitasking operating system called B3, under which you could run up to 9 partitions, each running B1, which was a single task operating system. Each B1 partition would run as if it were alone on the hardware with B3 managing the overall system resources.

How is this any different? Simply change B3 to ESX and B1 to Windows and all of this remains the same.

Maybe I have been in this business too long, and have seen everything old become new again.