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US Bank dumps Sharepoint (to spend more time with Lotus)

Dylan Bright

Poor US Bank employees

I feel so sorry for them. I'd rather use a filing cabinet as a collaboration tool than Quickr.

US woman says Ubuntu can't access internet

Dylan Bright

Technical College?

I guess she was studying to be a Windows Admin.

Dylan Bright

Technical College

She was studying to be a Windows Admin.

VMware reach exceeds grasp

Dylan Bright

Picking on VMware

I am a little skeptical of this VDC-OS business, but I am tired of the tech media picking on VMware. Who (besides maybe Microsoft) has a couple thousand production servers running on Hyper-V? Microsoft is about three years behind VMware features wise. VMware stock is threatened by tech journalists covering Hyper-V, but I don't know how much of an impact it will have on VMware's market share. And free or not free for the hypervisor license, all the money is in the support contracts and consulting.

VMware renders multitasking OSes redundant

Dylan Bright

Circle of Servers

"Could we imagine a server world in which apps ran directly under ESX and there was no guest OS at all..."

So we've gone from the big shared hardware resource of the Mainframe to x86 servers to ESX. If ESX decides what it really wants to be was an OS, in another 5 or 10 years we'll need something that consolidates our ESX servers. Virtualization III or Virtual-Virtualization, something like that...