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Windows 7, June 2009 and the technologies of antitrust


Gavins comment (on silverlight) 1 Million computers

Only a million computers in the world? Surely you meant to say something else?


1,400 Yahooligans perish as Yang raids needle cabinet


Microsoft wins?

So Yahoo shares fall drastically, they lay off staff and I imagine face loosing the litigation regarding shareholder value by not taking the money and running, which leaves spot 2 (behind Google) available for the taking. Nice work for not spending 40 billion. Perhaps Microsoft should try to buy Google for not 100 billion and see if they can get to spot 1.

VMware renders multitasking OSes redundant


Virtual machine without the OS

If you take away the guest OS from being in the middle between ESX and the application, aren't you back to where you started i.e. an OS and an App?

In which case, why not improve seperation in the OS and dump ESX??

Of course, you'll have to have the word virtual in front of everything so people will still think it is a good idea.