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UK IT should 'fire men first', says Kate Craig-Wood

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False economy

since the payout on a sex-discrimination unfair dismissal lawsuit would cost a lot more.

NASA releases moon return globo-projection movie

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Does this mean

we will soon be able to explore Google Moon? Seems like they are trying to map the whole solar system.

Linux to spend eternity in shadow of 'little blue E'

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Totally agree

and it's been something I have said for a long time. The majority of desktop users will go with what they know. And they know what is provided at work.

It's not just the E, W and X. All MS apps are used in preference to any other because they have the same thinking behind them. File, Edit, View etc are the common thread that people will know and cling to. The spelunking trips they take will be in there.

Give them another application, and the different contextual menus will throw them. No exploring, nothing. Whine, cry, hold breath until they turn red etc.

Office 2007 has the ribbon. Different from 2003? Yes, at least in part. Same design across all Office apps? Yes. Full of win.

You linux trolls want to see linux on desktop (outside of your basement hovels)? Skin it to perform all the functions of Windows. Have it run applications including MS Office if the users want it. Make it look and feel exactly like XP. All the menus, buttons, icons.

Once that is done, and accepted by the majority of users, then you can start to slowly modify it to make it BETTER than XP.

Or you could continue to foam at the mouth whilst posting on forums, barking at the moon. Your choice, but only one of these options will change anything.

MPs lost for Word over creaking Microsoft packages

Peter Jones

Why not...

just make the compatibility pack for 2000, 2002 and 2003 an update available through AU? It seems stupid that the first time most people know it exists is when they run into this problem.

PC virus forces three London hospitals into computer shutdown

Peter Jones

Waaaah Linux....Waaaaah

Virus writers will code for the platform with high market penetration. Nobody bothers to steal clown shoes, because there is little market for them.

Until there is a unified, non-tech friendly GUI, Linux will have few non-technical advocates. Nobody wants to have to code their own drivers, unless they are the basement-dwelling furry-toothed zealots such as those above.

If, by some sheer miracle, Linux was widely adopted, then it would be plagued by the same propensity for viruses and malicious attacks. (Success/failure rates would then come down to better/worse coding, rather than market share/attack rates)

Wipe that smug grin off your face, nobody wants your clown shoes. Go make it usable for the majority of the computer-using population of the planet, then we'll talk.

UK confirms e-voting death

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Low voter turnout

Possibly the only way the existing lot can stay in power?

Microsoft rushes out emergency Windows update

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Waaah, Linux

No-one cares about writing exploits for Linux, in the same way that chop shops don't do a brisk trade in unicycle parts. Penguin fans, go get some market share, then you can point all the fingers not currently plugged in your orifices.

Europe gives temps same rights as permanent staff

Peter Jones

Employee, Contractor, Temp.

An employee has a Contract OF Service. That PERSON agrees to work for the company.

Contractors and Temps have Contracts FOR Service. A COMPANY agrees to supply people to do work for the company.

The differences between a Temp and a Contractor are many and varied, but the main difference is being in business for yourself. The whole IR35 debacle aside, the contractors in Umbrella companies are really temps, since they are technically employed by the Umbrella.

So if all the Umbrella companies now have to provide the benefits of their permanent staff (the agents) does this mean that they are going to shut down, moving the contractors to their own Ltd companies?

Hubble transmissions cease as computer fails

Peter Jones

Fail to test the failover?


'You can't use Google' - EU Parliament

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Common Law vs. Roman Law

Sounds much like Blacklist vs. Whitelist.