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Aussie net filtering goes into reverse

Paul C. Dickie

Just curious...

Would a search for "girl on horseback" bring up images or a video of a horse on girl-back?

UK's visa fingerprint system fails

Paul C. Dickie

The road to madness

How long will it be before some authoritarian berk decides that the biometric passport / ID card scam^W scheme won't work and that the only way to ensure the country is "secure" would be to require people to be injected in the neck with a microchip?

How the government uses dirty data to legislate morality

Paul C. Dickie

Ban water - NOW!

Everyone who has committed murder, rape or another serious rime has, at some time, drunk water.

Thus, according to the same statistical criteria used by our present kakistocracy, there is a 100% correlation between drinking water and committing serious crime. According to the way they evaluate "evidence", that must prove that drinking water causes criminal behaviour.

So why haven't they banned the sale and distribution of water?

Paul C. Dickie

Martin Salter's honour?

I object to the suggestion that the odious and serially disingenuous Martin Salter should be given an "honourable mention", since he appears unable to understand the concept of honour.

A "dishonourable mention" would be more apt.

Windows 7 'upgrade' doesn't mark XP spot

Paul C. Dickie

Suitable launch date

The only appropriate launch date would be April 1st.

If XP users will have such trouble "upgrading", why should they bother?

Government finally names the day for porn ban

Paul C. Dickie

How can you tell when a Labour politician is lying?

The answer, of course, is simple: his/her lips move.

Some weeks ago (22/10/08) I sent an email to Martin Salter MP, in which I asked him what he had done with the evidence he had of snuff films having been made or of such material being put on servers in Guatemala, as he claimed in Parliament during the debate on the Criminal "Justice" and Immigration Act:

'It has come to my notice that, on 8 October 2007, during the second

reading of the Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill, you stated to

Parliament that there is a commercial web site, run solely for private

profit, "whose server may be based in Guatemala" containing images

of "young women being captured, raped live on camera and

sometimes killed".


He neither replied not acknowledged the receipt of the email.

A little over a week later (02/11/08) I sent him a copy stating that there must have been some technical problem but, this time, I copied the email to an email-to-fax service for both his Parliamentary and constituency fax numbers. The receipts for the faxes came in first and then - wonder of wonders - I got a MDN receipt for the email.

He has seen the email, but he still has not bothered to reply; personally, I very much doubt that he ever will.

This foolish and wholly unnecessary law was bounced through Parliament on the basis of such twaddle, which only serves to shew that the present kakistocracy is just unfit to govern.

Daughter cremates mom on improvised barbecue

Paul C. Dickie

Stuff for Klingons

The cream is for piles, Shirley?

Use a bidet for getting rid of Klingons and/or sootikins.


How the fate of the US economy rests on a Dell workstation

Paul C. Dickie

The UK version...

The UK version probably "runs" on a Sinclair ZX 80.

'I can see dinosaurs from my back porch'

Paul C. Dickie

Does she support all of God's creation?

If the silly woman really believes that the Almighty created the world, would she reintroduce the smallpox virus as that has presently been eliminated, thereby impairing the Divine Plan for mankind?

How an Italian judge made the internet illegal

Paul C. Dickie
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Severe action is needed

As those stupid laws clearly contravene the European Convention on Human Rights, the only sensible course of action must be to suspend Italy from the EU and also suspend all the agricultural subsidies paid to the Mafia <Ctl-backspace><Ctl-backspace> her hard-working peasant farmers.

Kentucky commandeers world's most popular gambling sites

Paul C. Dickie

American judges

First there was Administrative Judge Roy L. Pearson Jr., who infamously sued a dry cleaning firm for $67,000,000 over a missing pair of pants; he lost his case and subsequently his job, but he intends to appeal against the verdict. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pearson_v._Chung

Then there is this Kentuckian who seems to think that the world will kow-tow to his demands. It won't and the damage he has caused to the net will be short-lived as the owners of the gambling sites will just get other domains that cannot be grabbed by any American court.

Neither judge has enhanced the reputation of the American legal system.

Neither judge, in my considered opinion, should be trusted with any decision weightier than judging vegetable marrows or other produce at a county fair.

Cambridge tech boss rips gov over innovation cash

Paul C. Dickie


Woad you believe it?

Net Suicide Bill would breathe life into government censorship

Paul C. Dickie

Wouldn't it be amusing if...

Whilst I would not condone and will not encourage any criminal act(s), would it not be most amusing if *.gov.uk were to be added to the Cleanfeed list of blocked sites, thereby blocking access to all government sites via the same system that Herr Vernon Croaker demanded be used?


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