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And THIS is how you do it, Apple: Huawei shames Cupertino with under-glass sensor


Re: Priority P1 Severity S1 - yep, that's a bug Jim


av...@google.com <av...@google.com> #335 May 16, 2018 12:41AM

In collaboration with Huawei, Google engineers have identified the root cause of this issue as an unexpected change to the filesystem permissions. The issue can impact any Android app on a Huawei device which renders a Google map. Our engineers are preparing a new version of Google Play Services which should resolve the problem. It will be targeted to devices running Android 7.0 Nougat, or higher. We will post another update with the status of the rollout.

Thanks for your patience.


Priority P1 Severity S1 - yep, that's a bug Jim

Yes, because "update just fine, and install new apps from the store just fine" is the same as Google Play *Services* update breaking apps that rely on Google's mapping framework. Google Maps works just fine, but that framework in any other app - including Android Auto simple map on the handset - is broken for many different Huawei handsets worldwide. Read the link in post 1 to the issue: https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/79405933

Clearing your Play Services cache fixes the issue - until the next reboot.

And that's a pain, because you have to reauthorise cards in G Pay etc.

Don't ask me how I know this <sigh>

P9 Plus, A7.0

That was fast... unlike old iPhones: Apple sued for slowing down mobes


Lack of transparency

Engineering and user experience wise, this is a neat idea IMO.

What's gripping people's shit is the lack of notification the throttling is occurring.

As for the lawsuit, well, if there's a possibility of filing, one would be incompetent NOT to eh...

Startup remotely 'bricks' grumpy bloke's IoT car garage door – then hits reverse gear


Re: 6 points on your license

Technically, if you're on your drive it's private land, no 6 points. But I don't believe the Police are in the habit of lurking outside your house hoping to catch you using a door app on your phone... :)

Latest Androids have 'god mode' hack hole, thanks to Qualcomm


Huawei/Kirin for the win

For now, at least :)

Huawei P9 Plus: Leica-toting flagship gets a big brother


EMUI Schemui

I have just bought one of these.

Google launcher is your friend - or Nova premium.

Huawei released Android N rom out for beta test, splendid.

Did I mention it's a fantastic bit of kit?

Truly crap exhibition dumped on Isle of Wight


The Isle Of Shite

Quite literally, this time.

Apple files patent for long-rumoured iRing-type bling



Profanisaurus awaits you

Apple: Samsung ripped off our phone patent! USPTO: What patent?

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Re: It wasn't just a theoretical design patent...

Ah, a Cmoy in an Altoids tin.

Now, THAT'S prior art.

Windows 10: Buy cheap, buy twice, right? Buy FREE ... buy FOREVER


Tangerine Dream?

Hip-hop will have sampled them, don't worry about that.

LastPass got hacked: Change your master password NOW


Cloudy password manager, what could go wrong?


Password Safe is good.

Win, Mac, App Store and Android too.

BlackBerry ponders putting Android on future mobes

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Google Play working on my Passport here...

...thanks to Cobalt232 over on Crackberry.

Logged into my Google account, but not Play SERVICES, Location Services, etc.

Older version of Chrome, latest Google Maps logged in with Favorites etc.

In app purchases working etc etc.

Vanilla Android + hub on a Blackberry device, oh yes please.

Busy BlackBerry wheels out BB10 and QNX updates


@ bazza: No.

Keyboard volume does not equal dial keypad volume.

Only way to mute dial keypad volume is to mute system volume.

FREAKing hell: ALL Windows versions vulnerable to SSL snoop


How long has this been going on?

@ Rampant Spaniel:


Tesla S P85+: Smiling all the way to the next charging point



Friends of my father actually own a Model S. My old man - a lifelong Petrolhead who has owned some tasty metal - 2 and 4 wheels - in his time, having ridden in the S thinks it's "F******g stupendous". Stupid fast, amazing handling. The charging thing will happen.

Google+ GOING, GOING ... ? Newbie Gmailers no longer forced into mandatory ID slurp



Bring that back and I'll happily deactivate + in Apps.

Apple Watch will CONQUER smartwatch world – analysts


@Mechanical wind up watches

Takes 30 seconds maximum. And one always has the "charger" to hand...

Can it be true? That I hold here, in my mortal hand, a nugget of PUREST ... BLACK?


And the answer is...

... none. None more black.

Amazon's not-actually-3D Fire: Bezos' cash register in YOUR pocket


Re: This is Apple Corp's Game.

It's to do with the method.

I do think the reverse is true: Amazon have just eaten Apple's lunch here.

Gr8, it's the new M8! Ideal for that celebrity funeral selfie


Another shiny HTC, another poor camera

What is there to get excited about here?

This One has a poor camera for 2014 by all accounts.

My Desire HD has a poor camera, my just-finishing-contract One X has an only-just-good-enough camera.

No rush to upgrade on the first day. It's rooted, running CM and network unlocked so I'll pop a PAYG sim in there and sit on my hands until something interesting (Android, Nok 1020-esq camera) hits the market.

Are we there yet?

HTC staring down the barrel of a US sales ban after Nokia's patent coup

Black Helicopters

Re: AC Re: Lots of prior art

Unfortunately not: any invention/process/patent developed whilst in the employ of the M.O.D. remains the property of the M.O.D. - or at least it did when I was working for them during late 70s/early 80s.

Badger bloodbath brouhaha brings 'bodge' bumpkin bank burgle bluster


Re: Well done dickheads

I used the NFU to insure my Land Rover Defender for 6 years (IT worker, 15 years no claims and clean license for 22 years) until they increased my premium by 100% at renewal time.

Reason: everybody drives 4x4s these days...bye bye NFailU.

Google updates Chrome Flash plugin for security, stability


Flash crash...two versions of flash active?

Go to chrome://plugins and disable the flash version that *isn't* \PepperFlash\pepflashplayer.dll

Google emails Virgin Media subscribers ... about privacy


Just a database snafu...

...for branded email accounts hosted on the Google backend I suspect.

This morning:

"Dear Google user,

We’re getting rid of over 60 different privacy policies across Google and replacing them with one that’s a lot shorter and easier to read. Our new policy covers multiple products and features, reflecting our desire to create one beautifully simple and intuitive experience across Google." etc

I've only just realised whilst cutting and pasting into this that it was sent to my ntlworld address (and subsequently fetched into my GAFYD-hosted address).

The horror.

Apple shifts Lossless Audio Codec to open source


Nero's free encoder..

Already does an excellent job generating either AAC lossy or ALAC lossless files.

Smart move by Apple though.

Google+ opens up to enterprises and apps


Can't login with the Android Google+ app either...

That is all.

Apple gets patent for ‘unlock gesture’


April 1st already?

Oh, wait...

In other news, XDA (2002), unlock code anyone..?

Ballmer disses Android as cheap and complex


Anyone mention Zune?

The deluded Monkeyman talked that fail up too.

“The biggest advantage we have over Android is that you don’t need to be a computer scientist to use a Windows Phone,” he said.

500,000 Android activations worldwide every day - that's a lot of computer scientists.


BT and F1 legend punt miracle diet in Twitter hijack


Fake Mansell in spamvertisement shocka

@mansell_Nigel is the real Nigel. The Lion tweets, finally.

That is all.

Apple changed shape of Galaxy Tab in court filing


You're holding the photo wrong.


Steve Jobs.


sent from my iPad

Moto cold shoulders upgrade-hungry Xoom users



And the Dext (Uk's Cliq) too.

MotoROFL lied and stated in public (CEO @ trade fair, Facebook status update, Twitter feed etc) all handsets on 1.5 would receive an update to <gasp> 2.0, but then announced the Dext (but not the US Cliq iteration of the same handset funnily enough...) would be stuck on 1.5, sorry about that.

F**k Moto, I'd rather suck the shit out of my dog's arse for a £10 bet than ever buy a Moto product again.

Panasonic preps outdoor Android slate

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RDP over PocketCloud

Looks interesting.

Iranian pimp plates arse up Afghan car sales


PEN15 ftw

Now THAT's a pimp plate.

As previously owned by Steve "motogp" Parrish a while back.

Toxic Plankton feeds on Android Market for two months


@Android OS nupdates

OTA updates for the Desire HD are carrier-dependent, here in the UK at least.

Unbranded DHDs worldwide got the update first.

How Google taped up its email outage wounds

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16 minutes: 22:48 - 23:04


Google brings 2-factor authentication to Gmail



It's a pretty useful option to have IMO, and not desperately painful to implement.

Just wondering what service google have in the pipeline that requires mandatory 2-factor auth?

Israel and US fingered for Stuxnet attack on Iran



Iran will not be allowed to continue developing its nuclear program under any circumstances.

Stuxnet + the assassination of the two nuclear scientists has set the program back years.

The alternative - military strike on the facilities right now - guarantees considerable loss of life right now and massive instability in the region right now.

Google morphs Gmail into Microsoft backup service


Exchange task sync?

Thought not, just like Google Apps Sync for Outlook then (which stores tasks in the local GASfO user's pst file).

Otherwise, it's an interesting idea.

Orange customers squeezed out of Facebook


Still not working over Orange 3G

Fine over Wifi (obviously).

Time to give Orange a call.

Virgin Media to warn malware-infected customers


Old news

Years ago ntl were blocking compromised cable connections [PCs] and redirecting web page requests to an information and resource page.

I found this out on a Monday morning, after a friend had left his laptop plugged into my router overnight on the Saturday...

The Wrath of Jobs' latest victim: Motorola

Paris Hilton

Think of the kittens


Raumfeld multi-room wireless music system


Foobar 2000 => Airfoil => Airport Extreme =>

WiFi network => Airport Express => spdif => DAC of one's choice.

Control it either via VNC on your "lounge laptop" or via foo_httpcontrol foobar plugin/smartphone browser.

Streamed lossless over the network too.

Apple denies iPhone 4 antenna glitch, blames inaccurate signal bars


Just when you thought Jobs was beyond parody...

...he authorises the release of an "update" to bias out the signal strength meter.

The anandtech piece explains that the meter does in fact offer a non-linear user experience in areas with patchy coverage, but the aerial design/reception issue does actually exist.

Therefore the "update" lives in that neat little crevice between fact and FUD, most impressive indeed.

Since the iPod Mk 1 was released, Apple have demonstrated a pretty impressive climb towards the summit of industrial design - until today.

This is not the beginning of the end for Apple's image, but certainly the end of the beginning.

Jobs tells iPhone users to get a grip

Paris Hilton

April 1st already?


Paris, because she knows how to hold one.

Google slots nested labels, sneak peek experiments into Gmail


Search doesn't search Trash by default.

Actually, it does:

"Deleted messages match your search. View them or go to Bin to delete forever."

Police arrest MD of dowsing-rod 'bomb detector' firm



And there was I thinking that "Audiophiles" had the market cornered in magic crystal/green pen/snake oil gullibility.

I'd LOL long and hard if lives weren't at stake.

Motorola's latest Android 'andset demo'd


Face up, keyboard down

Wet table, warranty claim?


Apple snuffs iPhone app for too much Appleness


Serves Rogue Amoeba right...

For making a Windows app (Airfoil) which allows me to ditch iTunes and stream FLAC over wifi from my Airport Extreme to 3* Airport Expresses - from Foobar2000...

Motorola Dext Android smartphone


@ lemme guess

No, built by Motorola.

I've had one of these for a couple of weeks - it's a really very nice bit of kit indeed.

Vodafone Access Gateway 3G



"no discount on calls made over your femtocell, and data usage counts against your fair-use cap in the usual way"

At the LEAST, data routed through the femtocell should be exempt from the "f-u too" cap, upstream data backhaul isn't my problem.