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Stargazers spy elusive binary black hole system


Sky News strikes again...

Eamonn Holmes... YOU ARE A NOB!!!

That picture was shown this morning on Sky News, and Nobhead Holmes asks...

"Is that a real picture, or an artists impression?"


And what was the response from the brain-dead bimbo next to him?

"I think it's a real picture"

I mean... FFS... How dense do you have to be to present on Sky News? How insightful would they be on issues of the day, more serious news items and the current banking cluster-f*ck if they're making such stupid comments as this?

SACK THE TOSSER, AND HIS BINT, AND EMPLOY SOME SERIOUS JOURNALISTS. I don't pay my Sky subscription for this shit.

And just in case there's any doubt on my feelings towards the irish pseudo-journalist, let me clarify...


Google faces post-Fleetwood Mac comedown



Well, I was going to say I reckon you're the first human in history to fail the Turing test, then you come out with an accurate and succinct explanation of the 'Ice/Cabbage' yankism...

You truly are full of surprises.

Mine's the one with :O on the back.

UK.gov resilience website feedback page falls over


Nothing to do with resilience...

And everything to do with either bad application configuration or (more likely, considering the questionnaire is presented to the user before the error occurs) bad application programming. Considering for a moment that resilience is the provision of standby or failover capability in the event of server or site failure, bad configurations and/or programming is not something that would be considered. Moreover if the application was badly written, that same application would be made available at any resilience/disaster recovery site and would present exactly the same issues. So, as you see, nothing whatsoever to do with resilience and thereby cancelling out any sense of irony the author feels.

Lame Mac Trojan limps into view

Jobs Halo

Mac PCs???

You should probably get that updated to 'Macs' before The Lord Our Jobs reads it and smites you down with his Almighty Wrath and sets a Plague of Locusts upon Reg HQ. You'll never hear a Mac saying "I'm a PC"... Cuz it ain't.

US spec-ops get robot whispercopter kill fleet this month

Black Helicopters


How long before these choppers, the hovery whirlybirds and other unmanned semi-autonomous vehicles turn against us, spawning a need by US and UK govts to commission the creation of a clone army who will eventually (after about 3 episodes) be embroiled in a battle of galactic proportions - lets call it the Drone Wars. And maybe that war would be fought on a weekly basis, and reported on the Sky Movie channel (even though it's not a movie!).

Maybe a galaxy far far away isn't so far far away after all...

PlusNet customer invited to opt-in to BT's Phorm trial


@BT Bunch of Tossers

As a former employee, I have to take issue with what you're saying about PN. When they were bought by BT, nothing much changed. A few faces at the top, that's about it. They most certainly did not, however, turn "into a bunch of muppets". If anything, the drive and focus increased in the post BT buyout days. I can honestly say I've never worked alongside such a dedicated and talented bunch of people in my life, and I don't expect I ever will again.

You clearly don't know much about your history, as Force9 WAS Plusnet - not bought by Plusnet. F9 was their first brand.

As for the problem in question, it appears to me (from reading the community site, specifically the forum post where the customer posted their issue) it would appear that it's a BT screwup, not a PN one. From what I know about the BT Webwise trial (which is only what I've read in the tech-press, not from when I worked at PN), BT configure their network devices to intercept certain segments of customers going through their network. Other segments are configured to bypass the Phorm kit. My assumption would be that BT, instead of excluding this customer and configuring the bypass, configured her for the Phorm trial. Their bad, and they fixed it. I wouldn't go as far as to say any traffic going through BT Retail is fair game for snooping, but I would concede that they do appear to be using the BT Retail network for the trial. Which of course makes sense - it's their network.

And to the Comms guys who will doubtless be reading this comment - hey guys, hows it goin :D

Ancient galaxies pose for the camera


Dr Boffin

A perfect example of Nominative Determinism if ever I heard one


LHC downed until after Xmas - Boo


Economy 7

Actually, after a Radio 4 interview this morning, Dr Brian Cox (yes, him of D-Ream notoriety) has said that there was never any intention to be smashing little bits of almost-nothingness together until next year anyway, and that they were always going to shutdown the LHC over the winter anyway. It turns out that CERN have as much trouble funding their power bills just the same as the rest of us, so they don't do science during the winter months, when electricity costs more! All they wanted from Santa was a working platform, it won't actually to be until the new year that they'll be using it send the earth up its own poop-shute.


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