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Senators push for restrictions on laptop searches

Dan Gray


If you really have data to hide you could just check in your laptop (in a nice padded bag). It will go in the hold, and it will never be searched. You just have to hope it comes out the other side - I probably wouldn't risk it on a flight with connections.

Encryption is risky, if they find it that gives the cause to detain you and hold onto your laptop untill you give them access. The same goes for removing hard drives etc.

EFF reveals vastly expanded search policy at US borders

Dan Gray

Encription is not the way to go

Simon is pretty much on the mark. If you encrypt your data, and they do decide to check it, they can hold you until you unencrypt it for them - which is very likely considering the suspicision any kind of encryption will draw.

Solution? Put your laptop in your checked-in luggage, which they don't check. Alternatively do what Simon said and take a factory reset laptop, with a portable hard drive containing all of your data in your luggage.

The whole thing makes no sense. You can carry whatever data you want in your checked in luggage, but what ever you take on board can be held, scanned, rifled through, ripped, and analysed. It's almost as if they are afraid of what you might do with the data on the plane?