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Chinese Green Dam pilfers open source too



You seem to be confusing melamine with food. We don't feed babies with melamine here..

Jacqui drops central snooping database


Oooh! Great!

While ISP's may be less likely to leave the logs on the train, I wonder when the first cases appear of corrupt ISP employees attempting to blackmail customers.

But look on the bright side -- we may all get to find out what Jacqui's other half has been beating off to, now that pay-per-view's off limits.

Spy chiefs size up net snoop gear


On a hiding to nothing

"3 million emails a month. 500 are genuine, the rest are spam. If GCHQ/MI5 want to trawl through that lot let alone store it then good luck to them."

Seems to me that the real criminals/terrorists could use that to their advantage. What better place to do a bit of steganography?

Brussels to sue UK over Phorm failures



"Being just an observer from across the pond, it seems the UK is becomming subservient to the EU. "

Yes, we discovered it's probably better than being subservient to the US. We couldn't boot Bush out, either.

Software generated attendance letter about dead pupil

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@Damien Thorn

Which bits of "Megan's name had been taken off the school roll when she died and removed from the main school database" and "Capita had acknowledged that there is a problem with part of its software and is working to remedy it, because they realised that it could affect other schools" are particularly difficult to understand?


Not reasonable to blame it on human error

The school has over 800 pupils. Why would anyone expect an admin assistant to recognise a particular name, especially since the school had done the right thing and taken her off the roll?

In any case, the pay offered to school admin assistants is barely enough to attract someone who can breathe, let alone someone who can think. It's probably because all the funding is going to Crapita.

If the school erred in any way it was in having any faith at all in the system that the LEA foisted on them


I'm not at all surprised

This doesn't come as a surprise. My wife has the misfortune to have to work with SIMS as a member of teaching staff at a local secondary school. If you think <insert least favourite software> is bad you should try SIMS. It raises the concept of 'user hostile' to entirely new levels.

If SIMS is in anyway representative of software used in government, there's no hope. Mine's the one with the passport and one-way tickets to, well, anywhere will do.

Pink Floyd's Gilmour backs McKinnon protest gig


Just follow their lead...

I really can't see what the problem is here. The British government should take its lead from its transatlantic cousins. The US has unilaterally abrogated several international treaties in recent years, so what's to stop us from doing the same ?

IBM rejiggers x64 servers, blades



I always thought 'jiggered' was a euphemism for 'b*gg*red'. Why IBM would wish to repeat this particular activity with their servers is beyond me. Perhaps you meant 'rejigs'?