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NFC breathes new life into tombstones

Simon Riley


Or you could just have important stuff like your name and the relevant dates carved onto the tombstone.

Mind you if the chip could say "Eff off Time team, Baldrick eff off!" maybe they're onto a winner.

iPhone ego clash costs Flash at Virgin America

Simon Riley

Happy side effect of this foolish wazzing contest

While I do think that Apple are being dicks over Flash (and showing the sort of control-freakery that means I'll never own any Apple kit more elaborate than an MP3 player) a large site ditching Flash in favour of (gasp) HTML can only be a good thing.

Flash: good for games, good for video, catastrophic for any "serious" webbery.

All IMO of course...

Google borgs online photo editor

Simon Riley

Oh dear

I liked Picnik. Now I fear G**gle will own any photo it touches.

Back to the GIMP then...

Microsoft erases Windows 8 optimism

Simon Riley


Sounds a lot like the promises made for Longhorn. Look how well that turned out!

Women face 'glass cliff' after breaking glass ceiling

Simon Riley

Politics AND business?

Is the "politics and business" from the study or something El Reg has added?

The study covers Tory candidate selections and is even called "Politics and the Glass Cliff". Someone's overextrapolating.

Defra tenders for sheep tracking database

Simon Riley

Big Brother...

...is watching ewe

DEFRA loses tapes - and plot

Simon Riley


With every Act it seem UK Govt wants more of our data. With every week it seems they lose it! If I didn't expect Cameron to be even worse I'd want these bastards out toot-chuffin-sweet

Microsoft harries XP-loving biz customers on to Windows 7

Simon Riley

Vista Service Pack

If they'd have been a bit more honest and called this a Vista Service Pack they'd have no trouble finding early adopters.

Music downloads greener than buying CDs

Simon Riley


Bah. It all sounds better on vinyl

Exotic star's 'violent ejections' during companion's visits

Simon Riley

Henri Boffin

I can't tell you how happy reading that there's a boffin called Boffin has made me.

Electric car powers across land, ice and water

Simon Riley

Crap drivers on ice

I like the icy wheel idea except... Tilting the panels one way is good to get it moving but how about turning? And stopping?

It's more pie in the sky nonsense. It's fun but how about covering these leccy cars when they're in/near production, rather than the glut of GCSE Design and Technology level stuff we've seen lately?

MPs grill BBC heads over Manuelgate

Simon Riley

Nothing better to do?

The economy's going down the toilet and they're spunking their time away on "celebrity offends other celebrity"? God almighty!

El Reg seeks top net neologism

Simon Riley

No IT angle but...

Arse antlers has to be my favourite new phrase of the last few years.

Without typo-squatters, how far would Google fall?

Simon Riley

Nothing new

As long as 10 years ago I read the advice to register common mis-spellings of your site's URL (e.g. atomz.com used to have atomx.com registered although checking now I see they allowed that one to lapse)

Cisco.com suffers lower case t breakdown

Simon Riley

Downrigh Bizarre

I'm no exper bu his srikes me as downrigh bizarre. Somehing I've never experienced in en years of working on the Inerne.

I'll get me coa

David Blaine does a Benito Mussolini

Simon Riley

It bears repeating: a complete arse!

OK I'm repeating what's been said above but the man's a complete arse!