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Street View spycar prowls Inverness

Paris Hilton

what goes around

Hehehe, funny really how Reg reports the sightings then readers turn on Reg to blur it's images, next we'll have someone suggesting that missives sent to Reg should be blurred or encrypted to disguise out any kind of human factor. What seems to be missed out here is how security, privacy invasion and like constructs are affecting us since our revered bunch of controllers took office. A deeply unhealthy obsessive and dark country we have when it comes to people control.

Paris because she knows a lot about control.

Virgin Media network collapses nationwide



It's great to see how the net keeps all these e-males away from their spouses thus keeping the birth rate down... until the network goes tits up of course causing another form of tits-up! Virgin BB 8 megs here, nice 3.1kbps connection but the real pipe is more like 12 in practice - roll on my 12th and final payment date.

Virgin Media pins hopes on the broadband donkey

Thumb Down


My old one meg service worked really well. Then the change to 8 megs where really 3.1 was the highest achievable speed.

For all the talk about plans, visions and uniqueness and such, we really want a service that works in line with what is publicised and advertised and Virgin doesn't do what it says on the tin - it really is this simple.

It really isn't sufficient to rub hands when they've locked us into a contract for a year or more and think that that is it.

Waitrose sell great food, their broadband is tasty too...

Orange speaks out with new voice


Minority changes majority

Well, yes, agree with a number of posts. Seems that the plum Orange voice (Corrie Corfield, Radio 4 newsreader?) is old hat, so in comes dumbed down voice that speaks without moving it's jaw by the sounds of things. Maybe soon we'll press 6 to vote for X Factor :o)

PC superstore suffers breakdown over Linux notebook



From experience (including reading this thread this morning) there is a serious issue of intelligence when getting involved with PC World, maybe it's just a Curry's with a purple front (though I have found Currys cheaper), but being perceptive, listening to customers (when they are only trained to hear them) and various other communication/intelligence shortcomings are all what makes a shopping experience with them what it is.

Tikka - go see http://www.consumerdirect.gov.uk/ and call them or email them, very useful service this but be totally sure of your facts before contacting the Consumer guys.

Orange dismantles Bristol Tower of Doom


to the point!

Try taking a quality navigating compass to work; if it's a question of realising the amount of various forms of electromagnetic radiation we're exposed to, introduce your compass to the office photocopier (along with the smell of toner!); the kettle; your PC screen; the CCTV monitors, all manner of stuff. Also, isn't radiation used for the treatment of cancer? Discuss.

TimeUK mounts $22m Evesham bail-out


Real Tragedy

Really tragic to see this happen as a customer of Eveshams for about 6 years - 2 PC's and a notebook in that time - but just to say two things - (1) the staff helped keep the quality in the brand and (2) instead of 'fighting' for redundancies individual consider a class action - much more 'poke' that way!


Vodafone's new pricing model excludes VoIP and P2P


Images off!

I use Orange PAYG web access, I seem to get pretty good value for money at this level switching images off in the phone - loads 'loads' faster as well. £1 gives a days access, actually pegged at 25 megs, ideal for laptop/Palm use again without graphics where feasible.

Wipe your arse less, suggests Sheryl Crow


One square

Well maybe she's missed the point here.

Could it be that her ideas for saving the planet are best confined to being written on one square of bogroll?

And of course it's our duty to flush it away afterwards.


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