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Uncle Sam is shocked, SHOCKED to find dark-web bazaars trading drugs, weapons, etc



Dear, dear all that dark web nonsense is a bit complicated to get some Jamaican woodbine's, haven't they been on Instagram?

ISPs: Get ready to slurp streams from Murdoch's fat pipe


if it makes you feel better

buy a vpn and spend a week downloading fox content. should give you a nice fuzzy glow

Victoria and Albert museum in narrow escape from Napalm Death


Re: Eh?

Research shows that the music noise level in the audience by the mixer position at pop concerts is typically 100 dB(A)

The Who – 126 dB at 32 m from speakers 1976

Manowar achieved Lp of 139 dB during sound check 2008

The band my ears perceived to be the loudest were the Chemical Bros @ Brixton academy in 95/96

ITV catches up with TVCatchup



Pirates 1 - 0 ITV

HYPERSONIC METEOR smashes into Russia, injuring hundreds


Cue the orb

(earth orbit two) "Earth (Gaia)" (A. Paterson/K. Weston) – 9:48


Schoolgirl's Hello Kitty catonaut soars to 93,000ft


two words

Fookin awesome

Reefer madness blasts pot machine maker's stock sky high


Re: Legalise the damn stuff

"Finally, there's the bad weed - the super skunk varieties that seem so prevalent now - that's completely out of control. The weed is so strong in a psychoactive way, it puts the user at risk of schizophrenia - extreme mood swings."

no no no no no. You have been listening the jacqui and theresa too much. let me explain. Yes cannabis is "bit stronger" than it was 30 years ago. maybe 2-4% this is due to selective breeding over the last generation. What has happened in the UK is that we have switched from smoking cheap bush weed with seeds in it, to sinsemilla (without seed) which is nothing more than un pollinated female flowers. When the female plant is pollinated it switches production from psychoactive compounds to seeds thus reducing the end products potency. FYI Skunk is a brand name not a type of cannabis. it has been picked up by the press and governbent to trick otherwise intelligent people like yourself into believing the prohibitionist lie. try mentioning skunk or schizophrenia to any of the US pro cannabis lobbyist and they will laugh you out of meeting.

know your cannabis


I wonder how......

these machines will turn a profit esp in colorado. With it now being legal to grow 6 plants per person. in roughly 8-10 weeks the state will be awash with high quality top shelf canna. the like of which must people in the uk have little experience of. Add the fact that they are legally allowed to give away upto an oz to adults over 21 the price of yes-i-cannabis will drop through the floor.

Crims will not be able to sell 1gram of wet underipe contaminated canna hooch for extortionate prices. happy days. at last voters are realising the cannabis prohibition is not beneficial to society.

Hunt vows: 'UK will have fastest broadband in Europe by 2015'


Re: It could be the fastest.

couldn't agree more.

Seems the home office is also going for the double championship win of having the most snooped internet in the west as well as the fastest. but it certainly wont be the BEST

slow hand clap

SurfTheChannel Brit movie pirate gets 4 YEARS' PORRIDGE



we've now got a whole generation of kids who have never purchased a cd/dvd/bluray in their little lives and aren't about to start.

The genie is out of the bottle and the entertainment industry has sour grapes because their obscene profits aren't quite as obscene as before. so they are using their considerable cash to let trolls sue half of america and buy new laws from greedy self serving politicians

while this is going on they won't be getting MY hard earn't cash to help fund it. infact they won't ever again. just out of principle. After all, we all bought CD's to replace our tapes. now they want us to buy our DVD's again with the added bonus of a few more pixels. fuck off

Ten monster tellies to suit all budgets

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I've just been through the whole new tv hunt. I'm surpised at all the 1024x768 sets especially in curry's et al. Was also dubious about such a low resolution and sky's less than HD 3d transmissions.

Finally settled for a Panny TX-P42UT50B for £499. It came today. Full 1080p, the 3d is very good. overall very impressed.

BSkyB blocks The Pirate Bay for millions of Brits


fox/murdoch invested billions?

in a shitty silverlight, drm'd, standard definition webplayer. Anytime+? how do you like your dolby 2.0? puh-lease.

When they bill these services and sell them like they add value to the product and the alternative is free, of better quality and easier to watch/listen it is difficult to see where the money went.

1 in 6 Windows PCs naked as a jaybird online


Adobe mcaffee

what I don't expect is adobe to have an opt out only option to install some cut down macafee on their reader download page. I've lost count of the number of times I've removed this pos

Creatives spin copyright licence that sticks to web


Re: bless

possibly the only forum in the world where you get called out for freetarding and then called out again for using mega corp inc. cant win!



They're still making us jump through too many hoops. Let's take skygo for example. For the £100 subscription we get the privilege of having 2, lets count em 2 devices. You can change devices once per month. Great. So I decided to swap my PC for ipad. It wouldn't let me add the ipad because it's jailbroken. OK fair enough except the other device i use is a jailbroken iphone and that works just peachy thank you very much. Attempting to add my PC back also failed because I went over the limit of devices by just showing the license server the ipad. A quick email to sky gets the result of a standard letter saying devices could only be changed once a month. Another email to sky explaining about hoops, DRM and downloading the TV instead because its easier finally gets the account reset. So then after installing the app on the PC and downloading last weeks F1 show I press play and whats this SD only ffs. NOT GOOD ENOUGH

Ten... two-bay Nas boxes


re: green power

the number of fucks about the NAS's green credentials given = 0


DIY is the only way

Old acer power f6 with an intel dual core 1.86 chip and 2 gig of ram. With 4x2TB drives on a RAID5 giving 5.46TB. All sitting on ubuntu server etc etc.

Nicked the whole lot from work. total cost 0

Aliens Blu-ray disc set


Re: Remastering

A lot to do with film stock apparently, which is why all but a few technicolour prints of star wars are still viable today. Did they have access to the negative master or was the scan from one of the many master copies i wonder?

Reminds me of my days mastering audio. We would have to bake certain 1/4" vintage reels overnight as the magnetic surface oxidises over time and then dumps itself onto the tape heads when you try to do a copy.

Windows XP support ends two years from now



we installed a suite of 30 win 7 machines which promptly renamed the users documents folders back on the servers to "my documents" and would drop said users to the folder above on the next logon, It was a nightmare. using fog with win7 is proving a challenge too. dreading this upgrade.

Council to chuck £28m wad at schools' ICT supplier



Ha we've just had the ipad meeting. Apparently kids in primary schools are using them and they need to continue that experience. Or maybe we should have an open wi-fi network and the kids can use their own devices? oh decisions decisions. Each one more laughable than the last.

And yeah some kids should be using BBC's but programming is just an aspect of modern computing and frankly programming (any language) is not for many.

Megaupload honcho sprung from slammer (for now)


Skip, skip skipping my bail...

Skipping my bail my darling

I hope he flee's and sets up shop elsewhere. megaupload2 anyone?

Ten... IPTV set-top boxes


nothing here that cannot be done in xbmc. Infact right now I have 11 HD streaming channels via rtmp on a single addon. iplayer, itv player ,demand5, tvcatchup 4od too. thats a lot of streaming. Add it to XBMC's awesome library sauce. stick it all on a sub £200 nettop and hand the mrs the remote.

Windows 8 to get self-healing 'Storage Spaces'

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Try freenas. You can build array's quickly using whatever disks you have lying around. the only drawback is that you cannot turn a 4 disk array into a 5 disk one at a later date. You can however, replace existing disks in pool with larger ones. Not quite a drobo but considerably cheaper.

Go Daddy boycott threat for backing hated anti-piracy law


+1 - buyer beware. If you want a $10 Rolex that loses a hour a day what's the fucking problem? Rolex haven't lost a sale it's not like you could afford one. ffs. I bet the directors of big corps. all sit around patting each other on the back telling each other how strong their brands identity is. Yet they get all pissy about counterfeit goods being bought by poor plebs who can only aspire to the lifestyle they sell. bullshit

2011's Best... DVRs and Media Streamers


Yep ION2 based XBMC

just reiterating what others have said

Usenet, icefilms, navi-x, fastpasstvms, hulu, iplayer, 40d, tvcatchup, mflow, 8tracks, sports devil, video devil. Skinning, complex library views, fanart, extrafant, posters, weather, hey you can even run firefox and all your old emulators - seriously, there are set top boxes? don't make me laugh.

New human-brain chip can be adjusted for cannabis effect


mmmm endocannabinoids

Another good source of endocannabinoids is breast milk. Seeing as we have receptors in our brains specifically for these endocannabinoids it seems strange that the government is so hell bent on denying us what could potentially one of the most symbiotic plants for us to use.

Remember kids vape that weed, there's no need to smoke it,cause frankly that's not very good for you.

UK CB radio crowd celebrates three decades of legality

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I had one in my early teens and would spend the night on it picking pieces off the 80's checked wallpaper in my room.

Even went of a date with a girl from croydon. I think i took her on a tour of my paper round.

good times

ISPs end PM's web smut block dream


tress that cure cancer

that'll be cannabis

Final insult for Full Tilt as Channel Islands kill its licence


Scamming ******

Really, a poker site run by poker pro's, seriously now did anyone actually think it was legit? Just check out 2+2 those monkey's will side bet on paint drying. FTP a microcosm of the banks perhaps?

Brit ISPs shift toward rapid pirate website blocking


Last one out....... etc

well with the new tools being provided by the likes of newzbin2 it really makes no difference in the short term. The bigger picture could well result in the entertainment industry having a say in citizens use of encryption that is not signed by them or their GIMP the british government.

Mines the shoes with sandpaper soles cause this is a slippery slope we're on

Star Wars: The Complete Saga Blu-ray disc set


Won't be seeing my cash

Until he releases the OT remastered @ 8k.

If you wanna see a good HD "Special edition" then I suggest you check adywans edition or if you'd prefer something a bit closer to the original then Id go for Harmy's de-specialised Edition. However if your hardcore I'd go with Puggo's Grande. Which is a painstaking telecine transfer from two16mm prints. Complete with mouse poo fused to the celluloid and its awesome mono aural soundtrack.

Why modern music sounds rubbish



"Setting Sun by the Chemical Brothers was one of many frustrating records in the mid-late 90s, because it was so technically 'perfect' that it had no dynamic range. It starts off quietly and builds up until the very loud drums and bass kick in - Except it doesn't. The solo acoustic guitar loop at the start is almost as 'powerful' acoustically as when everything is playing. There kick when the big drums and bass finally drop is simply unrewarding straight off the CD. I'm sure whoever mastered that one thought they were the god of all sound engineers as they watched all the bars remain level right across the spectrum on their fancy colour screens, and read the digital noise level indicators etc, but what popped out of that desk was a McVities biscuit, devoid of any organic element."

I happened to work on this "back in the day". I say worked on it. I did the PQ encoding on the final prod masters as well as various 1610/dat clones and cassette dupes @ chop em out in ladbroke grove. Classic record ruined by the compression.

Diary of a not-spot: Vulture hack vows, I will never pay BT again!



If i run an external cat5 I cheat and pop a set of 10/100/1000 media convertors between the cable coming in and the switch.

Brute force and ignorance

Google TV box flop costs Logitech $34m



acer revo 3700



that is all

Murdoch muscles BBC out of Formula One driving seat

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That'll show murdoch

........What a tough line our government have taken with him. Just let him buy the rights to F1 off of our state owned media. Bet the poor man can't sleep at night.

Personally I wish the BBC had pulled out altogther. Fans will be double dipped having to pay the licence fee subscription and a sky sport sub on top. I'd rather my license fee monies be used for new episodes of cash in the attic and bargin (rhymes with) hunt. y'know quality award winning content. Rather than for half the races and a highlights package.

The reality is F1 is driven by sponsers. These sponsers invest based on footprint and volumes of viewers. Will sky pick many subscribers up off the back of this? or will it just be a bonus for the footy fans? If numbers drop significantly on the beeb then there really is a chance advertisers will eventually start pulling out. That can't be good for F!.

NOTW hack-hackage: Inside the personal data press mess


It would appear the PCC isnt that independent

There has recently been a sustained letter writing campaign to the PCC regarding cannabis in the media. clear-uk have been tirelesly complaing on what seems to be a daily basis only to be presented with a brickwall from the PCC. it has now come to light that they have been forwarding documents to the publications to which the complaints have been made to help them rebuff said complaints

story here


Cameron backs public inquiry into NotW hacking claims


and they are going to let......

this prat (murdoch) buy out BskyB. c'mon lads get over and sign the avaaz.org petition before the slimy prick owns all the media and then our governbent.

Oh and cameron. Same shit different day. usual conlib policy of ignoring the issue untill it bites them in the arse.

If we don't stop this no-one will!

avaaz.org (do it, now)

BT wary of rights holders' site-blocking proposal


Chipping away.....

All your internets are belong to MPA

Not long now kids. 5-10 years and the internet will be a husk of its former self. Nothing more than an out of town shopping center with a few handy goverment websites to help you perform your duties as a citizen.

Government approved blogs, SSL cert's etc, welcome to the new world order.

Of couse we can always watch Sky anytime+ with its lovely lower than SD broadcast quality and dolby stereo sound as part of a £60 p/m package that only works in one room. Or we could visit lovefilm and stream a similar sized catalogue for Just £9.99 per month. Lets add a spotify premimum for £9.99. Oh but wait a minute theres loads of my fav albums with the good tracks missing. Better get another provider that covers the rest of the catalogue at a similar price. shit there isnt one. Or we could download any song we like for £0.99 new or old it doesnt matter, it's 99p. Of course we could go to a small theatre gig to see a band. The specials are coming to my town soon. Oh look £40 notes. What about the cinema. you want 3d right and imax right? £20 EACH. TVcatchup? Shit quality. iplayer 30days, itv LMFAO silverrlight piss off, chan4 fair play but it dont work on my mediacenter

How about this. Get your fucking shit sorted. integrate you cataloges and stop being so fucking greedy. Then maybe I'll come back.

in the meantime its Usenet, SSL, SABNzbd, sickbeard, couch potato, nzbdotsu and of course XBMC.

Flame on, for my shocking freetard attitude.

Has UK gov lost the census to Lulzsec?

Paris Hilton

as someone else pointed out

why the fuck isnt this data on a closed network.


paris: cause even she knows how to shut the front door

LulzSec disavows alleged Census hack


And this is what happens.......

When you outsource data from everyone in the country to fucking lockheed martin.

.gov.uk FTW

Brit CompSci student faces extradition to US over link site



Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke. It's a link site ffs. Nothing to see here, move along.

All your internetz belong to the MPAA

Face it, the internet we have grown to love over the last 20 yrs is over. Welcome to 2.0 if it aint on our list you're a terroist.

LucasArts Day of the Tentacle

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Scummvm + XBMC

That is all

Pirate-bothering ACS:Law lawyer goes bankrupt


At last +1

Being a former Tape op then Mastering engineer back when there was a music industry I couldnt agree more.

They are getting all pissy cause the master tapes are out there while for years you lapped up their x6 speed pre-recorded cassettes @ premium prices by the bucketload while they sat in their A&R offices snorting the GDP of bolivia.

If you buy into this entertainment industry woe is I then your more than a mug than they are.

Mines on PCM-1630 U-Matic tape

Unique imagery of Shuttle docked to ISS released

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Saw these yesterday, they are looking just as impressive this morning.

To be there must be so humbling

Being one of the shuttle generation I remember watching the first landing in primary school so its kinda sad to know the program is over.

Currently listening to an early Orb track - Peace in the middle east with that awesome sea of tranquility sample!

BBC to serve Wimbledon finals in 3D

Paris Hilton

Debbie Does Dallas

Would be much better! only need to watch for 10 mins, job done, no headache!

Paris cause she'd love one night in 3D

PlayStation Network breach will cost Sony $171m

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Fanbois flame on!

New PlayStation Network hack hijacks user accounts

Paris Hilton


As someone said, it's like watching a trainwreck in slo-mo.

How anyone would even consider going back on the PSN beggar's belief. Hell, I wouldnt even plug a sony telly into my network, not that i;d ever own a Sony product other than the 20yr old PLII pre-amp that sits under my monitor.

Paris cause she is obviously in charge of security at the struggling multi-national

Home Office appoints Brokenshire as security minister


Not that c**t

that is all

Spotify's music manager makeover - does it work?


Still better than itunes

Spotify absolutly rocks my HTC hero (old school, i know). Streaming leaves a little to be desired when travelling by anything other than foot, but thats what playlists are for. But I just love digging around and finding new things to listen to.

As someone pointed out tho the dissapearing songs are becoming a bit of a pain, esp for my beloved Orbs adventures beyond the ultraworld.

No xbmc support either. So mflow for the lounge.

All that said its still the killer app on my phone

Did PlayStation Network hackers plan supercomputer botnet?




All your consoles are belong to us