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OpenSocial, OpenID, and Google Gears: Three technologies for history's dustbin

Paul Lindner

Rants for the Dustbin

A few weeks into your reg gig and the rants are getting pretty thin indeed...

* OpenSocial -Yes, it's started with JavaScript web apps, as intended.. and we all know how much you hate Javascript. In version 0.8 you'll find a decent REST interface that allows you to build cool mobile and desktop apps. OpenSocial 0.8 is also the basis for Portable Contacts, which will make life a ton better for people sick and tired of dealing with vCard/hCard warts. (Full disclosure we use OpenSocial at hi5 in a big way)

* OpenID is progressing and yes, lots of the web UIs suck. Check out http://www.idselector.com/ to see where things are headed. Oh and rattling off a hodgepodge of authentication/authorization standards and technology makes you sound stupid. Mentioning Kerberos in a paragraph complaining about the complexity of OpenID is asinine.

* And the whine about Gears is lame too. Did you forget that Gears makes offline apps possible and influenced the HTML5 in a very good way? Oh and Gears has been around what? A year? When Flash was a year old we were using IE4 and NS3 and Windows 98 was just around the corner.. And don't bother looking for threads in Flash.. They don't exist..

anyway, hope the next rant is better...


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